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Easy drug-bust.

That's what it was supposed to be, but then again? When was it ever easy?

Things were good in the beginning. Took out 30 armed men in only 20 minutes, only had 15 more to go.

That's when things went down hill.

Both were occupied with their own opponets, each taking on 7 armed men. Both were completely unaware of the head drug dealer, holding some big-ass gun that looked like it belonged in some Star Wars movie, grinning like a madman. Then he fired at an unsuspecting Robin, hitting him sqaure in the chest. After that things were mostly a blur.

Batman had heard the surprised yelp coming from his partner, and turned just in time to see the boy vanish. That was all it took for a monster to be unleashed inside him, and all of the men were quickly out cold, all sporting broken bones.

Batman, with barely concealed fear ran over to where the pile of his sons clothes were. He was in such fear he didn't even notice the slight movement that came from the bundle of clothes. He froze when he heard a little murmer, and saw movement come from under the bundle. He knelt down and pushed aside the clothes and when he pushed aside the cape he froze again.

There, where his once 14 year old son was, now lay a baby no older than 11 or 12 months old. He had no doubt that this was his son, the messy raven hair gave it all away believe it or not, and he knew that if he were awake he would see the shoking Sapphire blue eyes. And, well, why would there be a baby that wasn't him be in his clothes?

He was brought out of his musings when he heard the blaring sirens of the police. He quickly picked up the tiny form and the rest of his clothes and stowed away into the night to where the Batmobile awaited.

He almost put him in the passenger seat, but then had a crazy idea that would probably get him in trouble with Alfred later when he found out, because he was sure to find out, and hopped into the driver's seat with Robin securely craddled in his arms.

But when Robin snuggled closer to his chest with a sleepy little murmur he honestly couldn't care less.

Oh, how Alfred was going to love this.

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