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A couple hours later, and Connor and Kaldur were walking into the living room thoroughly and utterly exhausted. It did not matter that they were super heroes. If you had to clean up a mess that looked like Kesha and Katy Perry had a 'war of the most colorful', you'd be exhausted too.

They were just glad that Meagan didn't decide to become a cruel woman and turn their music on as well.

But then they saw what Meagan had done and decided that, yes, she was a very cruel... Cruel woman.

"Oh, hey guys! Done already?" She asked from her seated position where she was-you guessed it-girlyfying their recently babied teammate. Yes, Dick did indeed have girly pink bows in his hair, a couple of Barbie hair clips, pigtails, and blush. But, for a reason they could not even begin to fathom, he was letting her.

Wait-... mischievous, shit-eating grin... Yes? Yes. Alright, carry on Dick Grayson.

"Thankfully." Kaldur sighed. And no, he was not going to tell her that he remembered he had water powers and only just remembered after their first hour and a half of cleaning. No. No one needed to know that.

"...um... What are you doing?" Superboy finally asked.

She gave him a blinding smile "I'm giving him a makeover! Doesn't he look adorable?" She squealed.

Now there were many things It was. Inhumane? Yes. Demeaning? You betcha. Unnatural? Just a little. Adorable?... Gosh dang it, yes it was.

He just settled for a shrug.

As this was happening, the baby bird had made his escape and into the safety of Kaldur who, thank God, understood and settled him onto his lap, taking off the abominations and cleaning up his face.

"Hey, where'd he go?" Meagan asked, finally noticing the baby was no longer with her. She finally saw him with Kaldur and groaned when she saw he had taking his hair out and cleaned up his face. "Kaldur! I was almost finished." She pouted.

"I am sorry, but he did not appear to like it." Kaldur said, internally smirking in victory when Dick nodded his head and snuggled into his chest.

She huffed and put her hands in her lap dejectedly. Her eyes widened when she felt something strange. Looking down, she understood why. She shot up, taking in the the colorfull explosion of all her eyeshadow on her light pink skirt and even some of her shirt.

All three boys fell into a heap of laughter soon after.

After only 5 minutes later their laughter died down and all that was left was a flustered Martian. Connor wiped nonexistent tears from his eyes. Oh, that so showed her.

"Hey, Meagan? Why do you have green makeup? Since, ya know... You're green?" Connor asked, taking notice that she did, indeed, have green makeup on her.

Meagan blushed. "It's eyeshadow. I use it sometimes when we're out in civvies."

"Oh." he simply said. Wait... Oh, he had a perfect idea.

"Hey, Meagan," he got her attention and couldn't help but let a smirk slide onto his face. "When do Artemis and Wally get here?"

She scrunched up her eyebrows in thought. "4, I think. Why?" She got a little worried when his smirk turned a little more sinister.

He cast a look over at Dick who was busy playing with Kaldur. "Give me your eyeshadow."

Artemis B-07 Kid Flash-b03

"All I'm saying," came the voice of Wally. "is that it's impossible for mermaids to be real!"

"Uh, have you not seen the video?! It frickin slapped the submarine! We even have a fish boy on our team!" Artemis asked, annoyed.

"Okay, yes. we do have a fish boy, but i don't remember him saying anything about mermaids. It was probably a sea spider or something."

There was a pause. "The hell did you just say?"

"... Fiddlesticks."

Artemis walked in, face masked with horror. Wally looked like he was about to get slapped real hard, real fast. Both froze in shock, though, at what they saw.

"Hey, guys! How was school?" Meagan cheerfully asked, sitting down on the couch with Connor who happened to be holding her hand. Now that didn't shock them, but what was in Connors lap and currently grinning at them did indeed. It just so happened to be a baby. And that wouldn't even had shocked them that much. But this baby had green skin. And black hair & blue eyes.

Meagan- green skin. Connor- blue & black eyes. Meagan. Connor...


Meagan took notice at their states and smiled even wider. "Oh, how could I forget! Artemis, Wally this is Richard!"

Both cast side glances at each other, fearing for what would undoubtedly come next. Wally winced, "Uh, Meagan... Why do you have a baby?"

Connor came in, bluntly replying, "He's ours."

Richard giggled, gripping Connors shirt and burying his face into his chest. "Dada." He said with the utmost adoring voice he could muster whilst trying not to laugh in the process.

There was a long pause as the world waited with baited breath

Then, all hell broke lose.

Artemis fell to the floor, wailing and waving her hands around like a lunatic, screaming things like, "Why!", "You're too young!", and "How the hell did you have a baby so fast?!", and, their favorite, "Why are aliens so fucking weird! Apparently they get it on and 5 seconds later, 'Plop!' Oh, look honey! It's a boy!"

Wally, meanwhile, had picked up a small tornado and things were flying whilst also waving his hands around like he just didn't care. Soon though, he had stopped and sped over to his phone that had fallen out of his pocket and dialed a number.

Curious, Connor asked what he was doing. This caused Artemis to quiet down a little and look over at her boyfriend, wiping away tears.

Wally turned his hard very slowly, looking him straight in the eye with the most serious face they had ever seen. His voice did not match a bit, though. "If people are getting paid for being 16 and pregnant, then by God are we gonna get paid for you being aliens, 16, and fucking parents in only the small amount of time we were gone!"

It was at this point that little Richard could not contain his giggles anymore and burst into loud, slightly insane, laughter.

This caused a catalyst to the other three and they as well fell into rib-aching laughter.

Wally and Artemis looked at them incredulously. "This is not a joke!" Wally screeched. "You're having babies at 16! 16! You don't even have your liscence!"

Kaldur looked at him with tears in his eyes, his face contorting in the weirdest ways tryin to contain to his laughter. "W-Wally... It's not- it's not-" he couldn't finish, flopping back onto the floor like a fish out of water(hehe),making strange chocking noises that they thought was laughter.

Meagan finished for him, though with great difficulty, "We w-were... W-we were just j-joking!"

Both stood there, mouth agape, not fully comprehending the fact they had been fooled by their alien and atlantien friends. Pretty soon though, they slumped against each other in relief, both thinking how they had just lost 5 years of their lives.

It took another 4 minutes to come off their laughter high, though there was the occasional giggle here or there.

"So who's the kid belong to if he's not yours?" Artemis questioned.

"Ba'man!" Dick clapped, beaming at the prospect of his daddy.

"Wait... Rob?" Wally asked, schocked. Dickie giggled, nodding his little head.

"Soo... Does this mean you guys know Rob's secret identity?" Wally asked, peering excitedly up from his seated position on the floor to the other three metas. They nodded and he squealed. (Manly of course)

He held his arms open expectantly. "Dickie-bro!" He shouted.

Connor gently placed him on the floor, watching amusedly as Robin crawled as quickly as he could into his psuedo big brother's arms, giggling his own little "Wawwy!"

"Dude, you're even smaller than you were before! I didn't think it was possible!" Wally joked, holding his little brother up by his arm pits. Dick though, did not find that as funny and pouted. All the other occupants in the room cooed at the adorable sight.

This continued on for another couple of hours. And by this, I mean Dick getting into trouble ("No! You can not climb up the drawers!"; "Dick get off of Wolf! Watch where you're going!" Crash!... "Speedster down."; "My hair is not a hiding place!"; "Oh my gosh, my cookies!"- wait. That last one wasn't Dick), playful jesting ("Awww, look at the cute little baby! Who's a cute little baby?! You are! Oh, yes you are!- OWW! Did you just bite me?!"), and, of course, more adorableness by, you guessed it, Richard John Grayson.

But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Batman-02 the zeta beam rattled off.

Dick swiveled his head around in pure shocked glee, whisper-shouting, "Da'dy!"

The Batman stalked into the room in all his dark glory, his gaze instantly turning to his little bird crawling towards him. He met him the rest of the way, needing his baby in his arms NOW.

Dick giggled at the unexpected rush of being in the air, then settled into the safety of his fathers arms. He sleepily snuggled into his chest, rubbing his eyes and yawning like a kitten.

The team watched the tender moment with small smiles on their faces.

Batman gave them a look of gratitude, quietly saying a 'thank you' and stalking out of the room with his precious ball of sunshine in his arms.

Wally gasped for breath, dramatically putting his hand to his heart, feeling the oppressing pressence of the older man lifting. "I can breath again!"

Artemis slapped him in the back of the head, "Shut up, Baywatch."