Edderly Impossible

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Didn't expect me to write for Ed, Edd, N' Eddy, did ya? Nope, ya didn't.

It was a normal, boring day in the Cul De Sac. The Eds were in Eddy's room, with Eddy trying to come up with a stupid scheme to sucker in the neighborhood kids, as usual...

"Have we done anything that would really rank in quarters?" Eddy asked, rubbing his hands together.

Edd rubbed the back of his head as he was reading a book of science, sitting on Eddy's purple bed. "I don't know, Eddy. All the sensible things have already been done."

"What about building a slide made of butter that soaks you up as your body turns yellow?" Ed chimed, munching on some butter toast he stuffed in his blue pants.

Eddy and Edd gave each other odd glances as they shook their heads at Ed.

"No, I appreciate the effort big guy," Eddy stated as he wrapped his right arm around Ed, before spinning him around like a treadle, "But we're going to need something more convincing. Something that we haven't tried before that we could use later in our life when we get older."

Edd rubbed the back of his head as he raised his finger. "How about cooking? That always seems to be the perfect thing to do."

Eddy sighed as he folded his arms. "Did you not remember that time when we made tacos?"

Edd rolled his eyes. "Well, you're the one who suggested to use crayons instead of actual spices."

Eddy sighed as he placed his right hand on his face, shaking his head. "Ugh... is there anything that could work in our favor?" As he paced back and forth, he slipped on a fallen bowling pin, falling on his back and injuring himself. Edd and Ed looked down at him, to see if Eddy was okay. Eddy raised half of his body up, shaking his head as a light bulb appeared over the top of his head. Eddy chuckled as he snapped his fingers. "Boys, I just got the foggiest of ideas..."