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"Hey"- Human speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Demon speech/Jutsu

'Hey'- Demon thought

Let's begin.

The Kyuubi approached his home. His wife died of blood loss and stress from the birth and releasing of said demon. His only plan would cost him his life. His son would grow up alone.

Worse. Monday. Ever.

Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime of Konohagakure no Sato, stood atop his boss summon, Gamabunta of the Toad clan, and stared down the demon that was attacking his home. He planned to use the Shiki Fujin to seal the Kyuubi away inside his son, the only person he could trust with the responsibility, as well as the fact that only a newborn's undeveloped chakra coils had a shadow of a chance to hold in such foul chakra.

Resting his child down at his feet on Gamabunta's head, he began the long string of seals. Upon reaching the last one, his soul appeared behind him, tied up in black tendrils connected to the Shinigami he summoned. When he looked back, he was shocked to find he didn't summon the Shinigami he expected, a white specter with a dagger between its black teeth; no, he summoned a tall black figure with half a skull for a face and nothing else noticable about it. Shrugging it off as a thing of the gods, he willed his request to Shinigami-sama.

The god of death reached through Minato and began the process of tearing the Kyuubi's soul out of its body, cutting it in half to seal it away along with his summoner's soul, and sealing the other half within the vessel of choice, a newborn child. When he did so, a spiral seal formed on the baby's stomach, and he started to cry. Retracting his limb and finally swallowing the soul of his summoner, Shinigami-sama faded from this world, but stayed in the heavens to watch over the boy, for he felt his life will not be what he wishes it could be.

He watched as the Sandaime, Sarutobi Hiruzen, elicited the dead Minato into the morgue and his name on the Memorial Stone, took the child, and informed the Council the boy shall not be told of his family and shall live in an orphanage, as none of the shinobi clans would adopt him. He felt slightly enraged that these people could not see the child for who he was, not what he was.

As the years passed by, his rage grew as he saw the child beaten, attacked, neglected, hated, glared out, put down, and other sorts of infuriating things. Deciding for himself, he went down to earth.

(Naruto: 5 years of age)

The blonde jinchuriki was now passed out in an alley as a mob of civilians rained blows of hated and rage on his still form, spouting off madness of him being a demon and killer.

As they rained their attacks upon him, they suddenly froze as a flood of inhuman killing intent as a shadow rocketed from the sky and slammed into the ground, oddly making no sound. As it grew out of the black 'stain' it formed on the ground, it formed the top half of a skull where the face should be, the sockets, though empty, filled with hate and rage. With no warning, he sucked their souls right out of their bodies, turning them into shriveled husks on the ground as he turned around to face the blood child, bubbling red chakra leaking from his body, closing the wounds at an accelerated pace. Revealing his skeletal hands from his dark figure, Shinigami-sama picked the boy up and walked towards a mirror set in the alley to be thrown away, sinking into it as if it were water, taking the child away from these narrow-minded fools. He would not ask for permission to take the boy from Hiruzen; the elderly man would refuse, saying Naruto should stay in Konoha to make friends. These narrow-minded fools will corrupt the new generation, forcing them to hate him as well. He felt remorse for indirectly breaking the hearts of the Ichiraku family, who he knew would miss the boy dearly, but decided it was for the best. The boy would grow up in Shibusen and become a meister, and he had an idea on who would be his weapon, as he stared into the large red soul that surrounded the boy's, nine fox tails swaying behind it as it had the demonic visage of a smirking fox.


Shinigami-sama appeared in his chamber in the DWMA, carrying the now fully healed Naruto in his bony hands, and teleported to his mansion where he his son, Death the Kid, was sleeping in his own bed, the five-year old sleeping peacefully.

He brought him to the guest room and laid him down on the bed and awaited for him to awaken. He did not have to wait long, only about two minutes, as Naruto sat up with a groan as he held his head and yawned.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked seemingly no one, as his eyes took a while to become accustomed to the light in the room. When he set his eyes on the skull face of the Shinigami and glanced at the bony hands, his heart almost stopped and he wanted to scream in fear. Oh god, the villagers had finally killed him and the Shinigami had come to take his soul for whatever terrible thing he did that made them hate him.

"Calm down, Naruto-kun, I'm not here to take your soul. I've saved you from those villagers and have decided you shall live with me." Shinigami explained, his deep baritone slightly scaring Naruto more.

"I-I'm living with the god of death?!" Naruto yelled incredulously.

"Shh, my son is asleep and I don't want him to wake up, lest he start on another of his fits." Shinigami chastised; it seemed his son was born with some horrible need for everything to be symmetrical, and the addition of a third household member would cause him to go into another of his fits of the disorder.

"Y-you have a son?" Naruto questioned with the same tone, disbelieving that the god of death could have a child.

"Yes, Death the Kid. He is my pride and joy, given his faults." Shinigami answered, his tone filled with pride.

Naruto sweat dropped at the name of the god of death. Death the Kid? God of death? Really? "Why am I here?" Naruto asked somewhat calmly.

"Glad you calmed down. I've watched you, Naruto, and with each day my anger grew as I watched how you were treated. Today was the last straw when the villagers attacked you; I killed them and took you away. I would not ask permission of your Hokage to take you, for he would refuse, though I do regret for not doing something about that nice Ichiraku family." Shinigami answered, his tone filled with anger that defused into regret.

Naruto nodded, agreeing that the old man would punish those people but he knew that it would just happen again. He would miss Teuchi-oji-san and Ayame-nee-chan, but he felt a new life would be best. Due to his solitary life, Naruto had to grow up faster to survive. While he could not read or write that well, he had more knowledge than your average five-year old. "Thank you, Shinigam-sama, for this opportunity at a better life for me." Naruto got out of his bed and bowed to the god of death.

"No need for such titles and respect, Naruto-kun, just promise to start calling me Tou-san." Shinigami corrected jovially, his skull-face somehow closing the eye sockets in an eye smile as he waved off Naruto's behavior.

Naruto's head shot up at the prospect of growing up with a father as he shot forward and hugged Shinigami's... body (did he have legs, a waist?) and cried softly; he could finally have a family.

Shinigami patted Naruto on his head and let him cry into his cloak.

After a few minutes as Naruto sobbed quietly, he stepped back and wiped his eyes of the tears. "So what am I going to do, Shinigami-tou-san?" Naruto asked happily to his newly adoptive father.

"First I must explain my world, for it us much different from yours, Naruto-kun." Shinigami started. He then began an explanation about the Kishin, a creature that was once one of his dear friends, strange as he was, who soon fell into madness through fear and started scavenging human souls and soon ate his own partner weapon, a side note he explained to Naruto about Meisters and Weapons, as he became a monster of immeasurable power and he was forced to seal him away underneath his school, the DWMA, which he explained helped Meisters and Weapons learn to become stronger in their journey to scavenge Kishin eggs and a Witch's soul for their Weapon partner to become a Death Scythe, a weapon he would personally add to his armory as Lord Death. When Naruto asked, he explained that Naruto would be a Meister; again when he asked about who his partner was, he stiffened a bit, as he was treading dangerous territory. He then began a careful explanation about the truth of the night the Kyuubi attacked his village, explaining that the Yondaime actually sealed the demon with a child, Naruto. Deciding to get everything out of the way, he also revealed the names of his parents, Uzumaki Kushina, who Shinigami explained was a beautiful woman known as the Red Death of Uzushiogakure and a fuinjutsu master, on par with her husband... Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime that sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto.

He gave Naruto a moment to digest the information, and was surprised when he took it in stride. Asking about such, Naruto explained that it explained a lot of things: why there was no record of any male Uzumaki's when Naruto asked the old man, the fact he was the spitting image of the Yondaime, minus the whisker marks of course, and why he was chosen; if the Yondaime couldn't make the choice of using his own son, how could he ask another family to sacrifice their child?

Continuing his explanation, Shinigami said that Kyuubi would be his Weapon partner, alarming Naruto when he thought he was going to release the Kyuubi. He may not be that smart, but he knew if you released a being of hatred, it would start wrecking shit. He was confused when Shinigami said he didn't have to worry about the Kyuubi being completely evil. When he asked about that, he was merely told to wait, confusing him more. He then saw Shinigami reaching his bony hand towards him, but was alarmed to see it dived into his chest, drawing no blood but creating an odd sensation in his chest, and watched as he pulled out a red orb of light with a little wisp of the energy blowing in some non-existent breeze.

"Is that Kyuubi?" Naruto asked. He then noticed a thin line of the same energy connected to the soul that went into the seal on his stomach.

"Indeed. Now watch." Shinigami suggest and took his hand out from under the soul, letting it float in the air.

Naruto watched as it floated and slowly poked it, eliciting a dull sound as if he poked something squishy and it immediately shot around to his back and transformed into some odd red and orange harness that stuck to his back with a ridged spine down it. After it finished its dull shine, a fire burst from its surface and formed an upper torso of a human fox made of what Naruto recognized as some golden-yellow chakra, thick lines trailing down its spine with branching blocks representing the vertebrae and empty round eyes with black markings around them from the sides of the snout up its ears and two major lines branching off the 'spine' down the arms to the paws that then wrapped around them and formed a swirl on its palms. "'Sup, kit?" The Kyuubi greeted, resting his hand/paws on Naruto's shoulders and looking at him from over his right shoulder.

Naruto was silent in awe at just the sheer look of the Kyuubi; he looked like some spiritually superior god! "You're the Kyuubi?" He asked the figure coming out of his back.

"Yep. Now I'm sure you heard that I'm some evil entity that can corrupt the hearts of men to spread misery around. I just want to say: that's complete shit. I was sealed in your mother, and I was her friend, but the night of your birth, some man in a mask with a Sharingan extracted me and put me under some genjutsu that made me go berserk and attack your village. Then your father sealed me inside you, doing so killing him, and your mother died of blood loss. I'm sorry, kit, this is all really my fault." The Kyuubi apologized, shocking Naruto.

"...It's not your fault, Kyuubi. It was that man's fault. He seems to have wanted you for something, but thanks to Tou-san, his plans are ruined." Naruto smirked triumphantly, imagining the man banging his head against the wall once he founds out Naruto's gone with no trace.

The Kyuubi chuckled. "True enough, kit. And for all you've suffered, and managed to stay sane, you've gained my respect and the right to know my name. I'm Kurama." The newly named Kurama introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you, Kurama-san. I hope we get along great." Naruto greeted and hoped, giving his foxy grin he guessed he got from Kurama.

Kurama chuckled again. "Likewise, kit. And just because we're in this world that doesn't use chakra, doesn't mean you can abandon your shinobi arts. While you tou-san will train you in this Meister stuff, I'll be training you in ninjutsu, taijutsu, fuinjutsu, and senjutsu." Kurama said.

"Fuinjutsu? Senjutsu?" Naruto repeated, never hearing of either art.

"Sealing arts and sage arts. While I was inside Kushina, I was witness to your father training in the art from Jiraiya of the Sannin. And from what I know of nature chakra and the Rikudou Sennin that split the Juubi apart to make me and my brethren, I believe I can make you a true sage." Kurama offered with a smile.

"Cool! I'll be the strongest guy in the world!" Naruto said, jumping into the air with a whoop.

Shinigami watched this affair and chuckled to himself. He believed Naruto could truly do such a thing. "I can help you in this affair, Naruto-kun. I managed to procure the scrolls that were to be your inheiritence; they contain jutsu from your parents, so you can use those in your training. I'm sure they have some other jutsu and exercises you can use." Shinigami offered, getting a slack-jawed Naruto and a chuckling Kurama as an answer.

"Really Tou-san?!" Naruto asked with glee. He was vibrating with excitement when he received a nod.

"We can start your Meister training once we get Kid-kun a partner of his own, so you can spend the next three or four years training in your shinobi arts under Kurama-san." Shinigami commented.

Naruto nodded, slightly less enthusiastic that he would be able to start his Meister training for that long. Thinking it over, a question popped into his head. "Hey Kurama-sensei, what kind of weapon do you turn into?" Naruto asked; due to Shinigami-tou-san's explanation, he divined that Weapon partners took only one form, except apparently for the members of the supposed Star clan.

"I can turn into any weapon, and even instruments. I plan to shove some culture into your head along with the training. You will appreciate the finer things, which will soon include women." Kurama offered, ending with a perverted giggle and smirk.

Naruto made a face at the thought of girls. He was at the age where girls were 'icky', so he wasn't looking forward to that. "Hey, tou-san, when can I go to this DWMA you mentioned? It sounds cool." Naruto asked.

"You can join once we start your Meister training." Shinigami answered.

Naruto nodded; he could wait that long. He suddenly yawned and stretched, finally realizing how tired he was.

"I see you're tired. Go to sleep, Naruto-kun, I'll introduce you to Kid-kun in the morning. Good night." Shinigami offered and left the room as Naruto nodded and got back to bed, muttering a good night to Kurama and turned the light off, leaving him to sleep.

Shibusen was about to receive the shitstorm of the century, and his name was Uzumaki Naruto.

End Ch. 1

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