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"Hey"- Human speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey'- Demon though

Let's begin

It had been fifteen years since Shinigami brought Naruto to Shibusen, and he worked hard to get where he is now. Five years after he came here, he began his training in the ways of the Meister. Over the course of those years, he met and became acquainted with Shinigami's son, Death the Kid, who was one when Naruto arrived, and they almost immediately developed a brotherhood, almost always calling each other nii-san, onii-san in Kid's case since he saw Naruto as his older brother, for obvious reasons. It seemed he was born with his odd obsession with symmetry, as the minute he could walk, he went around the entire house trying to fix everything he found to be asymmetrical. It was incredibly funny just to see him try. Once Kid was eight, Naruto eleven, they began their Meister training.

In between those seven years, Naruto had trained rigorously in the shinobi arts under Kurama. His first technique was the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Once he could perform it satisfactorily, he found that when a clone dispelled, all it's knowledge returned to him. The first time this happened, he went crazy at the implications of this bit of information, as it would allow him to train a year within a few days, a decade in a few weeks. The possibilities were endless. Once he learned this technique, Kurama started him in chakra exercises and physical conditioning, finding some chakra weights in the scrolls left by his father. As he ran with the weights on, he could train until he was used to the weight, then channel chakra into them, increasing the weight, and continue this into infinity. Negating the chakra channeled into them, he was much faster, and a bit more resilient; other times, he would train in chakra exercises: tree and water walking, leaf floating, kunai and senbon balancing, and even chakra strings. Once he could read perfectly, a problem that arose due to his life in Konoha and the village stunted his intellectual growth, he took out a book on sealing, again left by his father, and started studying in the art of fuinjutsu. He took the the art like a fish to water, which amused Kurama, who commented that were he anyone else, it'd be as difficult as an ant trying to move a boulder, and that his father was a sealing master. With renewed determination to be as great as his father, Naruto studied in fuinjutsu, and quickly rose in mastery of seals. He soon found his chakra weights were obsolete, as he found chakra weight seals, which took their place and got rid of the added bulk on his body from the weights. He continued in fuinjutsu as he trained in all other aspects, including senjutsu. The first step was to find a summoning clan, which he did thanks to Kurama, who signed him to the Kitsune clan, so Naruto had fox summons. Befriending all the kinds of foxes there were, tiny to gigantic, one to eight tails, Naruto was friends with all, and even friendly rivals to a few; he even had a fanclub of the vixens that could turn into humans. He continued senjutsu training by learning all the combination techniques with various foxes, including the lone techniques derived from then, and he began his actual Fox Sage training when he was ten. It was months of hard work, but Naruto had officially become a Kitsune Sennin at the age of 13. He even mastered the techniques left by his father, which including the two that made him a 'flee on sight' entry in the Bingo Book of Iwagakure and the Kiiroi Senko and the hero of the Third Great Shinobi War, Rasengan and Hiraishin. For the couple of years after he learned Rasengan, Naruto could only accomplish the technique with the aid of a Kage Bunshin, but further chakra exercising allowed him to create one in each hand in a second. The Hiraishin, on the other hand, was a beast to learn; the complexity of the seals and the need to personalize them to the user hampered the progress, but once he turned fifteen, he had officially been able to perform it. He then moved on to the mastery his father achieved, created a seal in his hand of pure chakra and planting it on his opponent and teleporting behind them without the use of the special kunai. Within a year, he had officially mastered the Hiraishin. Over the course of training in that particular technique, he had even managed to bring up the Rasengan to the level his father wished to achieve, before his untimely end: add an element to the technique. With the elemental training under Kurama, Naruto had achieved such within a year of learning the Rasengan, starting first with wind. It created four blades of pure wind and chakra around the central sphere, and the damage it inflicted was insane, but the repercussions made it a last-resort move; the needles the blades made also affected his hand, stabbing the central nuclei of his arm. If he used it too liberally, he could lose function in that hand. He attempted to remedy this with further training in the technique, of course using Kage Bunshin, so as not to further the damage while he tried to heal it; that just didn't make sense, now did it? So far, he didn't achieve such, and the only way to remedy it would be to send his clones to use the jutsu, but he still felt the sting of the effects; thankfully, the damage was only superficial. His nuclei were safe.

Boy that sounded weird.

Anyway, he moved on to fire, water, earth, and lightning. He had created one for each, but let's leave those for a surprise.

He mastered the various forms Kurama could take, from bladed weapons to magical devices, like the Casters Kid used from the Thompson Sister's, to even the musical instruments. While he could make music his weapon, he reserved it for private moments, like when he watched the sun set, he would play the violin or flute. He even played the piano during Kid's birthdays. He started in his Soul Resonance training, and acquired quite a few forms under his belt.

Last but not least was his youkai training. To put it simply, he mastered Kurama's chakra. All nine tails. From raw training in his willpower over the various levels of youkai, to Kurama's consent that rocketed the progress forward, Naruto achieved total control over all Kurama's chakra. As a side effect, he was now a hanyou; Kurama mentioned he would stop aging once he was 19. What a coincidence, he's 19 now!

After all was said and done and he began aiding Kid in his Meister training, Shinigami believed he was the strongest man alive, second only to himself. Naruto was awed by such a declaration; to be second in strength to the god of death was the highest honor a person could achieve through pure hard work. He hugged his dark figure of a father, and a few tears leaked from his eyes, thanking Shinigami as his help brought up Naruto to half of the power he has, the other being the shinobi arts, naturally.

Now he stood outside, his stuff packed into a storage scroll, as he would leave home to make Kurama a Death Scythe. He learned of the strong weapon from Shinigami, and at first, vowed to make the kitsune a weapon worthy of his father to wield, only to be denied as Shinigami explained he could not take Kurama from him, since their souls were connected. But, at the behest of Shinigami, Naruto would make Kurama his own Death Scythe, the only other person to wield such a weapon apart from the death god.

Seeing him off was Shinigami, Kid, and his partners, the Thompson Sister's, Liz and Patty.

"You sure you want to go, Naruto-kun?" Patty asked, her tone sad. When they first met, the twins were immediately smitten by Naruto, even though he was eleven at the time. A year ago, Naruto had turned eighteen, and the twins professed their affection to the boy, in silent hope he would reject them. When he offered that he couldn't love both of them, as that would be unfair, they agreed to 'share' him, a fact that reddened the boy's face at first. At his nod, they cheered and shared their first kiss; quite a passionate one it was.

The sisters were sad to see their boyfriend go, but understand that he wanted to go out and see the world. They only wished they could join him, but knew they couldn't leave Kid.

"I have to, Patty-chan. I need to make Kurama a Death Scythe worthy of tou-san, and I want to see the world. All I've seen is the mansion and the DWMA when I went on a 'field trip.' I'm going there to make Kurama a Death Scythe, and maybe make some friends. But please don't be sad; I'm sure I'll see you both soon." Naruto offered, his voice a tone or two deeper from his first arrival. He smiled at the look in Liz and Patty's faces at the sound of his voice; they called it 'smooth and sexy.'

Grabbing Patty by her waist, Naruto brought her into a passionate kiss goodbye, letting her wrap her arms around his shoulders and lengthen the kiss just a bit longer, seeing as it would be their last for a while. Letting her go, he repeated the process with Liz, resting his hand on her ample ass on her jeans, eliciting a quiet moan in the kiss and a blush on her cheeks. He smirked as he slithered his tongue into her open mouth, relishing the taste he would miss for quite a while. Letting her go, he hugged Kid. "I'll see you soon, nii-san." Naruto promised.

"See ya, onii-san." Kid said back, his voice choked just barely as he fought back tears.

Turning to Shinigami, Naruto hugged his adoptive father, letting some tears fall. "Bye tou-san. Thank you for... everything." He choked out as he fought the sobs threatening to break through.

"But Naruto-kun, you'll see me at the school." Shinigami corrected.

"I know. I just wanted to thank you for all you did; taking me from that hell of my old home, taking me in to your family, teaching me everything you can. Just... thank you." Naruto explained.

"It was the least I could do, Naruto-kun. I just wish I could bring back your father, but the ceremony sealed him forever. I'm sorry." He apologized.

Naruto shook his head. "It's not your fault, tou-san. He did it to save Konoha, to save his home. Even if he was the cause of those four years of hell, I still look up to him as the hero he was and wanted me to be." Here he sighed. "Well... here I go." Naruto said with finality as he turned around, his white cloak with orange flames and 'Sho Kiiroi Senko' on the back fluttering in the wind of his movements. He wore a sleeveless black muscleshirt, a silver necklace of the same skull Kid wore on his necktie and rings around his neck, black bands on his sides, mimicking ribs, short fishnet sleeves stopping at his elbows, black jeans with a chain hooked through the belt loops, black steel-toed boots with the kanji for 'Death' on the toes. "Bye everyone..." Naruto waved goodbye, not wanting them to see his tears, and began walking away, only to be impeded by a series of yells and three weights latching on to him. Looking over his shoulder, Naruto found the Thompson Sister's hooked on his arms and Kid wrapped around his legs, all crying. He chuckled somberly and kawarimi'd out of their grasp, leaving them all clutching a log. "Please don't make it harder than it needs to be." Naruto begged and branch hopped away, frowning that he had to leave.

He looked at the horizon and could see the very tip of the DWMA in the distance, the crazed, laughing sun setting over the hills.

(One month later)

Naruto sat in his seat, his head resting on his desk, snoring, being mimicking by a white-haired youth in a black and yellow jacket, both boys on either side of a pale-blonde girl, her hair done in two pigtails, in a black shirt-cloak, red and black plaid skirt, white gloves, and somewhat large shoes, as she read her book, a vein throbbing on her forehead at the snoring in stereo around her. Snapping her book closed, she shut her eyes. "Makaaaaaaa... CHOP!" She yelled, slamming the book in the heads of the two sleeping boys, the white hair boy yelled and clutching his head, a small fountain of blood shooting out, bitching at the girl for such an 'uncool' thing, but Naruto was unphased, sleeping still.

Maka eyed him curiously, subconsciously used to this reaction, but it still vexed her to no end, she leaned in to Naruto's sleeping face, and poked his head with her book. Her only warning was the smirk on his face as he lunged forward, seizing her lips with his own as he wrapped his arms around her waist. She was shocked at first and squeaked in the kiss, but relaxed, resting her arms on his shoulders as she fell into the kiss, dropping her book behind him as he eyes closed.

Soul chuckled at Naruto's method of shutting her up once she got violent, witnessing it every time she did so. He bumped fists with Naruto behind Maka, watching as some random teacher walked in.

"Attention students." He said. When everyone quieted down to listen to him, he cleared his throat at the couple still making out. When they didn't respond, a vein popped on his forehead, and he threw a book he pulled out of... nowhere, only for it to be caught by the boy in the makeout session. He watched as they parted, the girl's face red as she panted lightly. "Do you mind? We were in the middle of something." Naruto deadpanned, throwing the book back, hitting the teacher right in his forehead, the class erupting in laughter at both his response and his actions.

When the teacher got back up, an X of bandages on his forehead, somehow, he glared at Naruto. "As I was saying..." He ground out. "There will be no class today; Sid is dead." He said and simply left, leaving the class in its ominous silence.

Ten seconds later, the class erupted in hushed whispers about all kinds of rumors; some saying he was a zombie, other's saying he was stabbed in the head and went around as some undead body with a hole in his forehead, and some absolutely ludicrous.

"Wonder what happened." Naruto queried.

Maka was a wreck; their teacher just died and people were going around spreading rumors! And some of these rumors did nothing to allay her worries. She only calmed down once Naruto seized her in an embrace. When the blonde enrolled in the school a month ago, he was a complete enigma to her; even now, she didn't know who his partner was, who his family was, but she didn't care. She had a rather childish crush on his the minute he arrived, but as the month went by, it blossomed into admiration for the boy. He was a hard worker, and took no shortcuts; something she admired. When she let slip her feelings for the boy, she was surprised to find he admired her as well, and they blossomed into a couple. She was a tad angry when he told her he already had two girlfriends, but was shocked, and subconsciously aroused, when he mentioned they were willing to share. She didn't talk to him for a full day when he first told her, but they were just fine since then. He wouldn't tell her who they were, only saying she'd meet them soon enough, so she let the subject drop.

She leaned into his embrace, closing her eyes to listen to his heartbeat.

"Awww, that's so cute, Naruto-kun!" A familiar voice reached the boy's ears. Turning his head a bit, he saw Tsubaki behind him, her hands woven together as she squealed at the cute scene before her. He chuckled. "Why thank you Tsubaki-chan." Naruto joked. Suddenly stopping, Tsubaki blushed as she realized she let slip some part of her under her calm, nice act. She really was a sweet girl, but she had all kinds of feelings under the surface, like her adoration for all things adorable, such as the moments Naruto and Maka shared. She had a crush on the boy as well, but she was far too meek to come forward with her feelings, and thought she had no chance when she learned he was with Maka, so she resigned herself to being his friend.

"Hey, hey, hey! How dare you make a bigger show of yourself than me?!" Another voice yelled. Turning his head to other way, Naruto saw his best friend and rival, Black Star. His spiky mop of teal hair and toothy grin gave him away. "Hey, Black Star. I don't do it on purpose, i swear." Naruto faux-defended. It would have been more believable if he didn't wear his foxy grin.

"Whatever! You do it on purpose and you know it!" Black Star pointed an accusing finger at Naruto. "I challenge you!" He yelled.

Naruto sighed. "Again? This is the eleventh time this week. Fine." He resigned himself. Turning to the girl in his arms. "Maka-chan, wake up, Black Star's being an idiot again." Naruto whispered, shaking her lightly as she seemed to fall asleep.

She moaned lightly. "Tell him to go away... my pillow's too comfortable..." she said, turning in his arms to use his tone chest as a pillow.

Naruto chuckled and lifted her face up lightly with his hand under her chin and seized her lips with his, kissing her softly, just enough to wake up her. She did so with another moan as he eyes fluttered open and she rubbed her left eye cutely, yawning as he leaned back. "Oh fine..." she huffed, pursing her lower lip as Naruto chuckled and released her of his arms.

"Let's do this, Black Star." Naruto said.

Here, the teacher from before popped his head in again. "Oh, Naruto, Maka and Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki, report to Shinigami-sama's office." He said.

Black Star growled as Naruto sweat dropped as all mentioned stood up and made their way to the class mirror. Breathing on the mirror, she drew numbers. "42-42-564, when you need a call, knock on Death's door." Writing the numbers, the mirror shined with a white light, and the students and their weapons walked through, appearing in Shinigami's office.

"Maka-chaaaaan!" Shinigami's Death Scythe, Spirit, appeared, propelling himself through the air like a missile of fatherly love, only to be stopped by Maka's boot.

"Hello, Papa." Maka ground out.

Naruto seemed to be observing something. "Hmm... Pink today?" He commented, smirking at Maka's confused expression, only to realizing she still had her leg raised, her father somehow frozen in the air against her boot, and retrieved her leg, clutching hard on her skirt, her face turning bright red. She somehow turned into a slightly shorter chibi version of herself, banging on Naruto's chest, spouting off something about him being a pervert, only for her attacks to do nothing as he chuckled at her.

"Hey! Hi! Yo!" Shinigami piped as he appeared over the heap of pain that was Spirit, who moped about his daughter hating her still as he apologized to no one and drew small circle in the ground with his finger.

"Hello, Shinigami-sama." Everyone chorused and bowed.

"Hi, tou-san!" Naruto piped back, waving like a certain childish girl from his home.

Everyone there was shocked; this was the first they heard about his father being Shinigami-sama.

Shinigami chuckled at their faces. "Hello, Naruto-kun." He greeted, patting Naruto's head with his giant hand, Naruto somehow developing the chibified face of a kitten at the pat.

"So, what're we here for?" Naruto asked.

Looking to his left, he saw everyone just standing there, mouths agape. He sweat dropped. "Uh, guys? It's impolite to stare." He jokingly chastised.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US SHINIGAMI-SAMA WAS YOUR TOU-SAN?!" They all suddely yelled together, the wind of their combined yell's blowing Naruto's hair and cloak back.

"Uh... 'Cause you didn't ask?" Naruto offered.

Right when everyone was about to say something, they realized they didn't. Except Maka.

"Hey, I did!" She corrected.

"Well, I wanted to keep it a surprise for you, Maka-chan." Naruto explained.

Maka made a defintie 'o' with her lips at his answer.

"Maka-chan?" Shinigami questioned, stretching the affectionate suffix until his body was at a complete ninety degree angle at his waist, some exaggerated form of one tilting their head quizzically.

"Yeah. Did you tell Liz and Patty?" Naruto asked.

"I knew nothing of this development." Shinigami offered.

"I told you last time I came in for you checking up on me." Naruto deadpanned.

Here, Shinigami tilted his body the other way. "Oh. Must have forgot." He offered, making Naruto facefault.

"Oh great. They're gonna chew me out when they show up for me not telling them. I'll just sic them on you for not telling them." Naruto said offhandedly.

"I'd like to see them try." Shinigami said, brandishing his giant hand for his signature 'Shinigami Chop.' "Anyway, I've summoned you all for remedial lessons. You will receive these lessons from a special teacher. Go to the cemetery." He ordered.

"Whoa! Remedial lessons?! Not cool! Those are lessons for idiots!" Soul complained.

"Remedial lessons?" Maka repeated worrisomely. Those were only given when one's grades were very bad.

"Just another chance for me to shine!" Black Star assured, laughing triumphantly from atop one of the arches down the path to Shinigami's mirror.

Naruto merely shrugged.

What's the worse that could happen?

End Ch. 2

I know it may seem I'm overpowering Naruto, but think about it. He's nineteen, trained by both Kurama and Shinigami-sama from the age of four, and is trying his hardest from the get-go. He's gonna get strong. As for a few points, this will be a harem, already including Liz, Patty, and Maka. Tsubaki will be in, but that won't be for a while. I'm thinking of adding Medusa, FemChrona, Eruka, Mary, Blair, Arachne, and Mizune. Anyway, another tidbit, according to the challenge, Naruto's Soul Wavelength is the exact opposite of the Kishin's, so he won't be flipping his shit, and he might make some witches turn good. Who knows? As a sidenote, I haven't read a lot of Naruto fic's where he's created a Rasengan for a different element besides wind. I've seen one for Wood, kinda Water and Lightning, and kinda Ice. Well, I'll be doing the main five, so there. And I'll be creating some in my Ten Tailed Puppet Master fic since he'll have all elements and sub-elements. In case you haven't pieced it together (not dissing you guys, just making sure) Naruto is 3 years older than Kid. I think that's it.

Ja ne!