"I have done what you asked, now what will you give me in return?" the wraith growled. He hated the Elder Gods. Why he had done their bidding surpassed even him. The water Goddess, Calista, narrowed her eyes at him.

"We do not need to give you anything in return." Rage burned through the hell-spawn.

"We had an agreement!" he roared. He shot a glare at Fujin, who had arranged this agreement in the first place. The Wind God sighed,

"We can grant you one wish, but it cannot be of evil intent."

The wraith thought about it for a moment. He scanned the faces of the Gods. Minho, the Fire God, who looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but here. Gaia, the Earth Mother, who was looking at him with almost a loving gaze. Fujin, the Wind God. Then lastly, his least favorite, Calista the Water God. He closed his eyes. If I could have anything, what would I want? The specter rubbed his chin in thought. What he really wanted was the permanent death of Sub Zero, who had somehow been resurrected after he had dragged him to the Netherealm and killed him. But nooo, that was 'evil'. Then, it came to him.

"I wish to be resurrected and become human, but keep my hellfire powers." He blurted. Gaia, who seemed to be the least conceited out of all the Elder Gods, smiled at him warmly.

"We figured you would say that." She commented. Then the bitch-god Calista spoke up.

"We can grant you this wish, but there is a price-"

"I do not care of the consequences, woman, I just want to be human." The man interrupted. Calista's steely gray eyes glared at him, and he suppressed a shiver.

"You will learn to respect women, Scorpion. But, it is as you wish." She said in a hard voice. Then her lips twitched upward in an amused smirk. Scorpion's eyes narrowed slightly. That woman was up to something, he knew it. The four Gods joined hands and formed a tight circle around the fiery ninja. They chanted something in low voices, and pain erupted from every part of his body. He fell to his knees and howled in pain. All of a sudden, it stopped, and his body started glowing an odd white light. He suddenly felt very faint and fell onto his side. Just before he passed out, he heard Gaia whisper,

"Good luck, Hanzo Hasashi."

When Scorpion finally woke, all he felt was cold seeping into his bones. He opened his eyes and sat up. There was snow everywhere, and even more was falling lightly, getting caught in his eyelashes. He looked down and saw that he was resting on a large flat rock. He squinted. The rock looked as if it was made of glass. He stood up and almost slipped on the incredibly smooth surface. He heard a crunch of snow behind him and whirled around towards the noise. His hair flew into his eyes, and a few strands got caught in his mouth. The ninja spat out his hair and frowned. He never remembered having such long hair. He swept his hair out of his face and gasped. Scorpion looked at his hands in horror. Instead of his normally large, calloused hands, they were dainty and soft. His gaze ran up his arm, and he gasped. His arms were lean and slightly muscular, but not even close to how they were before.

Scorpion looked down and screamed. As expected, a feminine screech filled the air. Scorpion trembled in shock and fury. Calista. He thought grimly. He looked around and spotted a river that was surprisingly, unfrozen. He walked over and crouched beside it, staring at his reflection. He tucked his straight, light brown hair behind his ear, away from his eyes, which he noticed were dark brown. Almost black, with golden flecks shining into the water like embers in a fire.

Scorpion reached up and brushed his cheeks with his fingertips.

Oh my gods." he whispered.

He, the mighty Scorpion, was a woman.

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