Hello, it's KikaLee here again. Here to inform you that this is my second RotG fanfic, and some of it may refer to my first RotG fanfic. It's not finished yet. But if you want to take a look at it, please do. Storyteller: Guardian of Faith; that's what it's called. Anyway, please join me on the story of the bringer of love, who goes by either Cupid, Prince Charming, or CJ Creare. It talks about how his love sprouts fear, how his power creates weakness, how his passion can both be lively and deadly. Especially how magic can either create or destroy.

Most girls despise him. They blame him for the arrows shot into their hearts. It's not his fault, really. He can't control most of his cherubs. They're mischievous creatures and do what they please. It's not up to him who they chose to fall in love. However, if you believe with all your heart, he'd take matters into his own hands and make sure you are happy for the rest of your life.

He likes to go by the name of Christopher James Creare. He has been for the last few hundred years. He can transform to any age he wants. However, he mostly has the same looks no matter what age he appears to be. He has perfectly coiffed chocolate brown hair. A sculpted but soft face. A strong but not too strong build. He was the perfect height. The only strange thing about him was his pink eyes. Other than that, he's perfect. Appearance wise, that is.

The world knows him as Cupid, the bringer of love. With his magical arrows that make people head over heels for someone. Once you're shot with one of his arrows, there's no going back. You're in love. To the people who believe, to the people who don't, they know him with the same name.

However, to the spirits of the world, he goes by a different name. North, Bunnymund, Toothiana, Jack Frost and Sandy all refer to him as Prince Charming. Other spirits as well. Storyteller, the Grand Elf, and the majority of the mythical creatures refer to him as that, as well. Much to his dismay.

Normally, he doesn't involve himself with the Guardians. The Man in the Moon never chose him as something. Maybe he did but CJ never heard from him. Not in 10, 000 years. He's got himself believing that the Man in the Moon wants nothing to do with him... so CJ will have nothing to do with him or his Guardians. But there's been an urgent call.

A call from a damsel in distress. She's been shot by one of his cherubs' arrows. She'd very much like it removed. However, playing with Cupid's Arrows is dangerous business. Not to mention dealing with the cherub who shot it in the first place. After all, sometimes cherubs do have good intentions.

Toothiana wants to stop thinking about Jack everywhere she goes. She wants to stop thinking about his sparkling teeth, his handsome demeanour and most of all, his reckless personality. She wants to go back to the days where the guy she thought most about was Bunnymund. She wants to be there for him like she used to be. But she doesn't want to hurt anybody. It wasn't a revenge plot. It's a I-want-to-get-better plot. This new love for Jack is making her lose her feathers. Her old feelings for Bunnymund, whatever they may be, left her content and doing her job efficiently.

"So you want me to... what, exactly?" CJ asked with an exasperated tone. "I can't simply just take love back. Do you know how long it takes me to make love in the first place?"

"Listen, I know you're very busy, Charming, but you have to help me," Toothiana said desperately, "I wouldn't have come to you if I had another choice. Please, Charming."

A sigh came from the pink-eyed man. He looked about 18, an age he liked to look often. "I'll try. But there's always the possibility that the love has seeded into your system and has become a part of you. After that, it'll take a heartbreak for you to stop loving Jack."

"I'll do whatever it takes. I need to pay full attention to my job. To collecting the memories of childhood. I can't do that with Jack inside my brain. I'll be forever in your debt, Charming," Toothina said, clasping her hands together. She was begging him. CJ looked away, clearly uncomfortable.

"I said I'll try, Tooth. I'll do it for you. Now, please, don't beg anymore," he told her, looking quite sympathetic. It wasn't the first time his cherubs have messed with immortal spirits. It wasn't his first time trying to undo the mess they made.

When he left the Tooth Palace, he started flying up. Up and up and up. CJ's home was in the clouds. A palace made out of clouds to be exact. It was painted by the sunset, and decorated by ocean waves. So it was a pretty romantic castle. Not that he was proud of that fact. Once inside, he felt the familiar buzz of 14 thousand cherubs bustling. They were making love potions, confidence serums, rivalry concoctions, and friendship mixtures. But then again, it didn't feel like 14 thousand. He ran a hand through his hair and drew out a deep breath. There was 13, 999 cherubs here and he knew where one was.

Trying to make Jack Frost fall in love with Toothiana.