This ToothxJack is slowly making it to the top of my OTP (OneTruePairing) list. I am beginning to like this. :'D Though I kind of made it a dramatic pairing. Pardon my need for a romance drama story. *shot*

CJ was holding his cherub in a warm, soft blanket. He held it close to his chest, wrapping his arms around it. The cherub was about the size of a large baby. When cherubs got sick, they become strongly attached to whatever is taking care of them. Almost always, that's CJ. He was pacing back and forth, telling the small cherub soothing words. The sound of a thousand wingbeats per second came into the archer's earshot.

Toothiana was here.

"I don't mean to bother you any more than I really am, Charming, but I have something to talk to you about," she called out as she flitted from place to place. She always knew where he lived but never bothered to actually visit. She was looking around the grand palace, where cherubs were everywhere.

The winged man's lips formed a tight line. He looked at the fairy and mustered a smile. "What did you want to talk about?" he asked as a cloud chair formed behind CJ. He sat down in it. With one hand, he motioned to the area beside him as another cloud chair formed. "Take a seat, please."

Toothiana smiled reluctantly as she sat down in the chair. Where she expected unrealistic softness, she found an actual sturdy and comfortable seat. She brushed off her feathers then took a deep breath. "Jack said you two got into a little... dispute," she began. She waited for a response from CJ. She got one.

"You see this cherub? She's sick and constantly needs to be watched. Jack Frost froze her. I just did what I thought was justice," he stated. CJ started rocking the cherub back and forth, hearing it whimper softly. Another fun fact about these creatures: they only become vocal when they're horribly ill.

"He said you also tried taking his emotions away."

A sigh. It was heavy and full. It was regretful and hesitant. "That was an overreaction in my part. I just thought how much easier it'd be for him, for everyone if he were to have no emotions." CJ shrugged, acting as if that was justifiable explanation.

"Jack wouldn't be Jack if he didn't have emotions, Charming. What was really going through your head?" the feathered fairy looked at the archer curiously. CJ looked down at his cherub, avoiding eye contact with Tooth. A replicate of the previous sigh escaped his lips.

"There are protocols I have to fulfill. There's a book that has the world's soul mates written in it. Those are the people I must make fall in love at some point in their lives. I found it the moment I became Cupid. Now, Jack Frost's name is in there. But his soul mate changes depending on his abundance of emotions. The less emotion he has... the least likely his soul mate is going to be you."

Toothiana gasped, her hands covering her mouth. Her beautiful, violet eyes blinked disbelievingly. With the way Jack made it sound, CJ was being rash and downright mean. Hearing this, she wanted to hug him. CJ was only doing what she requested. Toothiana looked down, her hands clasping in her lap.

"Charming, I don't feel anything change. I still think of him so often. So many times, I'll find myself in Burgess just to try and strike up a conversation with him. You have no idea how addicting his presence is to me. And badly I crash afterwards. Being here is even uncomfortable because Jack isn't here... Charming, what has that cherub shot me with?" she was rambling, talking as fast as a hummingbird. CJ sighed and bit his lip.

"It might've been the strongest love potion we have. Other than my true love serum. The antidote needs a special ingredient... one we don't have access to anymore," the boy sighed, suddenly deflated. He had hopes that he could help Toothiana in such a dire time for her. But those symptoms, they were all to familiar. "We need a feather from a flying elephant."

Tooth's eyes widened. "Charming, there hasn't been a flying elephant since... well, since the mountains were young! Before I even became the Tooth Fairy," she said, sounding worried. Her hands went to her hands, anxiety approaching her. "No, no, no, no, no. You can't make the antidote to my love potion. That's bad. That's really, really bad. How am I supposed to concentrate at the Tooth Palace? I managed to miss two children last night. Two. Children! Because I was thinking of Jack's teeth while I was counting the number of children. I was off by two. I need to be completely focused and energized and I just can't be that when I'm in love with Jack."

"You're in what with me?"

CJ's eyes widened. He was too busy trying to come up with a plan of some sort to realize that the winter spirit had entered his palace. Tooth was too busy being a paranoid Tooth to even notice CJ. The silver-haired boy's eyes were wide with shock. He couldn't believe what he just heard.

"Now, I know you don't want this. If it makes you feel better, I'm working on fixing this," the pink-eyed spirit tried to reason to Jack Frost. He only shook his head then point his staff threateningly at CJ.

"That's why the cherub was on my tail! Listen here, pal. I may not know a lot about love and how it works but I can assure you, there is no way you're making me fall into it," Jack exclaimed before flying off. Tooth was too stunned to even register what Jack or CJ had said.

"He... He heard me... He heard me say that." Those were the only words that came out of her mouth for a while. A fussy cherub was hard to put down but Cupid managed. He went to the fairy. He noticed that she wasn't flying anymore. Her small feet stood on the firm cloud that was the foundation of the palace. That was never good, especially when it came to a fairy such as Toothiana.

"Tooth, please. It'll be alright. We'll find a way to fix this. Wouldn't want to upset your infamous reputation," CJ said, trying to cheer Toothiana up. It didn't work. She was still stunned. Her violet eyes were slowly losing their sweet sparkle. She was suddenly filling herself with anxiety.

Jack didn't want to fall in love. But she loved him. Even though it was because of a cherub, she found that her heart belonged to him. It was no longer hers. She couldn't decide what to do with it. Until she met Jack again, her heart could be considered as both dead and alive. Dead because he just might be figuring out a way to crush her heart and alive to finally consider igniting the small (and slightly awkward) spark between them. She wanted Prince Charming to help her but then she didn't. She knew that was only arrow talk but still. There was a part of her that didn't want Charming to fix it.

That wasn't her heart. Her heart was her centre. The memories of the children of the world. And she decided that these feelings will be suppressed while Charming found out a way to make her feel better. She'd avoid Jack at all costs. Not that it'd be hard now. Jack just finished hearing the words he never wanted to hear.

CJ got straight to work. Once Toothiana was in the right state of mind, she thanked him for putting her situation top priority. She left as night began to fall in Japan. Tooth collecting was beginning again. And as a promise to herself, she promised to be in the field from now on. That'd definitely take her mind off Jack Frost.