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Aku Aku and Jojo arrived to their home nation. Everyone cheered for him as he won a gruesome battle. 'So, you survived the battle. Congratulations. You won for yourself.' Cortex said. Jojo had an expressionless face. But, much to his surprise, Lucy kissed him in the lips. He fainted because he wasn't ready for that kiss. Everyone giggled.

'Well, what do we do know?' Crash questioned. Jojo responded 'I don't know, but it's over. Their charades are over. All that's left is me and you guys. But, before we leave and do something, I would like to say something. Being the rookie is not cool. And being pro I am is not going to be good either. But, you guys gave me a moment to remember. Thank you.' Everybody clapped their hands.

And they went on their separate ways for the next 7 days. Those people did I lot of stuff alone without their friends. But, one day, Crash invited everyone for the end of the year party. Most of them accepted. But most of them declined.

Around 9:00 PM, December 31 2012, many people came to the party. Cortex made a special appearance by wearing a tuxedo. It is unexpected to see Cortex a tuxedo. Crash was the DJ. Jojo entered the fray and shook hands with his peeps.

'Alright, alright, alright, everyone's here?' Crash said. Everyone said 'YES!' But Crash responded 'I can't hear you.' And everyone shouted 'YES!' 'Great, great. Cortex gave me a song request for me to sing, and N. Gin to dance. So, let's get this party started!' Crash responded

When the song started playing, everyone heard the song 'We Speak No Americano(full version)' by Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP.

Uka Uka made magic and dressed N. Gin like an Italian. He made magic by also giving uber dance moves.

'Here we go' Crash said

'This is awesome (N. Gin gives 2 thumbs up)

Team Original Rules (Same thing on top)

This is the party of Team Original (N. Gin points at everyone)

Mega Mix likes to go bonanza (N. Gin dances crazy)

Cortex likes to take over the world (N. Gin laughs evilly)

But does his mother says: 'I Love You' (N. Gin makes a heart sign)

N. Gin is a cyborg (N. Gin points at himself)

I'm make people laugh (N. Gin laughs)

N. Tropy's a time traveler (N. Gin turns a fake clock)

Brio's a monster (N. Gin makes a bad face)

Coco's a smarty pants (N. Gin points at his head)

N. Trance's an egg (N. Gin pretends to break an egg)

Crunch's a model (N. Gin walks and shows off his muscles)

Tiny's strong (N. Gin shows his muscles.)

Rock and roll (N. Gin rolls his arms.)

Kong drinks soda (N. Gin drinks soda then throws it)

Rock and Roll (Same as the first)

Dingodile throws fire (N. Gin pretends to be Dingodile using a flame thrower)

Rock and Roll.' (Same as the first 2)

Both danced along the way. N. Gin did the dance move Sexy. And they danced and walked for some reason. Everyone clapped to them when the song finished. They bowed down. Then all of them had some fun dancing. They played games.

Crash said to everyone 'Listen up! I know tonight is about New Year's Eve and right now, half an hour left until we have a new year, 2013. Just think, our lives will be changed from now on. Maybe we will be hired to do a new game, We don't know, but we will have to change our lives in real life. We can't betray on each other in real life. But in hired jobs or stuff, you can.' Everyone clapped for the speech.

28 minutes later

'Here we go.120 seconds left!' Crash said. Everyone was there except Cortex. Crash ran to Cortex. He found him at Crash's house sitting on the couch, 'What's wrong?' Crash questioned. 'It is too hard to change personalities. To change lives is hard also. Try it for once with me. It doesn't work.' Cortex answered.

'Try for once YOURSELF. With no one. And you'll succeed. Set yourself goals. That's how I beat. Make a plan. That's another way of beat you.' Crash said as also left. Cortex thought about that for a really long time. He heard the fireworks blast but he still thought about what Crash said. He thought 'He's right. I could change.' And ran out the Bandicoot's house

Everyone said 'Happy New Year! Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!'

The End

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