Dear Readers, I have resolved the issue and now.. here is the Next Life story. I have alot of information to share about next life and I hope it will be educational to all readers. Reviews are always welcomed.

I am here now… standing in front of a astrologer's room in a hindu temple in India. I need answers. I am Anastasia Steele and I am from New Jersey. I am currently working as an editor with Barney Publications. I have taken a month break from my job because I have been having dreams and flashes of things which I have never seen neither experienced. After a long research, I have ended up in India… Tamil Nadu, Tanjavour Destrict precisely.

Let me introduce myself. I was born in Portland and my dad died a day before I was born. So technically I don't know my dad. My mother remarried and I have been given my step dad's name… so I am Anastasia Rose Steele. My mother was drunk when she named me… She admitted that. When I was 15, I started to have flashes of images of me being in totally different environment… definitely not US. My dad got worried about me and took me to see a shrink. That dumb shrink was not able to help me. My condition started to worsen… but I guess you guys should be wondering what my mother is doing. She got married again and was living with her husband number 3 at Texas. When I started having dreams… and day dreams and images being flashed, the husband number three thought I am going mad and insisted that I am out of his house. My mom who was madly and blindly in love with him sent me to my step dad… Raymond Steele. I have lived with him ever since until I went to WSU. My problem started to get worse and my dad made me change shrinks.

While in my second semester at WSU, I met a girl from Malaysia. She was with me when I had the flash attack as how I call it. We were under a tree discussing about Pride and Prejudice. We were suppose to come up with a write up and we were in a team. Suddenly I started having images of myself, with a man whom I don't recognize and he is actually looking down at me. This is the first time I am getting flash attack about a man. Before this it was all on me being with a family whom I don't know. There is something about the man, the way he looked. It was more like love mixed with lust. After what it felt like hours, I came back to earth and Shanti looked at me in horror. She asked what is wrong with me and when I iterate to her about my issues, she just sat quietly and said she knows what is my problem.

'I think you are having flash back of your past life.'

'Huh… what do you mean past life?'

'I am a Hindu. We believe in past life. I have read and done research on this.'

'Tell me more.'

She explained to me and I just gape at her in horror. I begin to understand what is happening to me. With her help, after few years, we got together and now we are standing in front of this office.

'Shanti… are you sure about this?'

'Yes.. come.'

She drags me into a small office where an old man with white hair and white beard is sitting in meditation position. Shanti speaks to him in her language – tamil – and the old man started looking into my eyes. Thank god she is with me… else I won't understand what he is saying and he won't understand me either.

The old man hands me a white paper with an ink pad.

'Ana.. you have to give your thumb print. He will then look for the leaf which has your history.'

'Huh… you mean to say, my life history is written on a leaf?'

'I will explain later. Now.. thumb print. This will take time.'

I put my left thumbprint on the paper and the old man leaves the room leaving Shanti and me.

'The leaf contains information of your soul. Indians believe that your soul never dies. Your soul will be given new body every time the old body dies… so your soul will have many lives. In this life you are Anastasia… previously you might be someone else… and next life maybe someone else. This leaf has the story. They will read and interpret it for you.'

'Do you want to read yours?'

'Nah.. Lets see for you first. '

'But …how am I going to understand?'

'I am here to interpret for you darling! Unless you don't want me to know about your past life.'

'No No.. that is not what I meant. I need you here.'

'Here, they will record what they are telling you and give it to you in CD form. So after he speaks, I will interpret for you. So the CD will have the recordings of me talking in English. You can listen to it later on.'

'I see… fine… so now what we do?'

'We have to wait.'

I throw my view to the busy streets of Thanjavour district. People are constantly moving and they are so busy… In New York… people who are dressed in office attires are in move but here, people are dressed in their traditional costume. Shanti even insisted I wear a Punjabi suit because they don't allow ladies in dress or pants into the temple. Their custom.

Keeper or Goner? Should I continue?