There is no much changes since the takeover… the only thing that has changed are the policies and direction. We will be launching new lines of books and rebranding is in order. The general staff meeting is at 2 today and there is lunch served before the meeting. I decided to wear my black wrap dress and a white scarf around my neck. As I walk into the multipurpose hall, which usually we have our soft launch of book and meeting, I saw most of the staffs were there. I look for Cam…. Ahh there she is.

I join her and few other editors and mostly the questions were to me… what I was doing the last one month on leave. At two, we were all sitting waiting for the meeting to start. The meeting started with Mr Barney giving us a farewell speech and wishing us luck with the new management. Another woman looks very manly takes the podium and gives an insight of GEH and the restructure exercise. One news that catches my attention is, during restructuring we might be reposition.. Depending on our qualifications… so the new position will be something based on our qualification… more opportunity. when that happens, we will be based at GEH. Damn.. I hope I will not be on the list. Finally she calls upon the CEO of GEH, Mr Christian Grey.

Oh my… he is very handsome. His eyes are mesmerizing. There is an instant attraction towards him. Is he the one? His voice is cauterizing… his eyes finds mine and I felt the spark…

You will find him soon… he will come to you… those words came to my mind… After the meeting was over, all of us head back to our seats and Mr CEO will be doing a ground tour and we will be introduced to him..How is he going to remember everyone? Finally he is at my department… I guess I will be the last one to be introduced because I sit at the end of the office close to the chief editor's cabin.

'This is Anastasia Steele'

I look up from the manuscript that I am working on to meet his gaze..there is a spark in his eyes and a beautiful smile on his hot lips. I raise and give a firm handshake acknowledging him… there is a current when our hands touched.

'Nice to meet you Mr Grey.'

'Like wise Ms Steele' a gentle squeeze and he left me. What was that?

They then walk into the Chief Editors office for a short discussion. I am frozen at my seat as I can't get Christian's eyes out of my mind. He looks dark and dangerous but there is something about him that pulls my attention to him. It is definitely not his looks… I have never fallen for looks.. what isit?

'Babe.. I am moving to Seattle' Kate announces the moment I enter the apartment. I am still engrossed with Christian that I did not register what she said.


'Huh! Ana!'


'I said I am moving to Seattle!'

Now I register what she is saying.


'You did not attend any interview.'

'The team is here buying over a company so they arranged the interview today morning!' Kate is beaming, Great… she is going to work under Christian directly… umphh!

'Yeah… they bought over Barney Publications. The full takeover was announced today after lunch.'

Kate started jumping around blabbering about working for the Christian is a golden opportunity and sort…

'When are you starting?'

'I have to give 2 weeks notice.. then I am visiting my parents.. then I am starting. First if next month.'


'You can stay here…'

'Geee I thought you are going to throw me out..' I tease her and she gives a heartfelt laugh…

There is a circular waiting when I arrive at work. After reading, I am hoping I am on the list and can move to Seattle with Kate. The next two days will be the company restructuring and we have to be prepared to be transferred by first of next month. We will be called for discussion if selected. About mid morning, Cam calls my extension..

'Hey Ana..'


'I am transferred GEH at Seattle.. doing media communications…'


'Yeah..finally I am going to stay away from my parents…'


Great.. another friend of mine is also going to Seattle…guess soon I am going to be all alone at Jersey.

Around late afternoon, I am called to the MD office which is now the new owner's office.

'Good afternoon, Mr Grey'

'Good afternoon Ms Steele… have a seat.'

Sitting in a closed room with Christian Grey is nerve wrecking. I am so anxious.

'Ms Steele. I have your work report here from your boss and he has given a very good impression..'

I just smile…

'Due to your outstanding job, I am transferring you to Grey Publishing at Seattle.'

Huh! Me… to Seattle?

'May I know what position I will be handling there?'

'Commissioning Editor.'

What happen to the existing one? Why me?

'I sacked one of the CE. I need you to replace him.'

'I see.'

'Do you have a problem transferring to Seattle?'

'Umm No Mr Grey…'

'Do you have a boyfriend that you need to ask permission?'

What the hell!

'No Mr Grey… I don't have a boyfriend.'

He smiles contentedly as if I have given him an answer that he has been hoping for.

'Very well then. Report to work at my office on first of next month and from GEH you will be directed to Grey Publishing.'

'Thank you Mr Grey'

'Your benefits are in this letter. If you have any issues to discuss, see me tomorrow.'

'Very well Mr Grey.'

'Kate.. you are stuck with me…'


I can see the confusion in Kate's face..

'I am transferred to Grey Publishing in Seattle.'

'Hah.. that is great! When do you start?'

'Same as you… good…SEATTLE..HERE WE COME!' Kate yells. I walk to my room to read the contract.

'What the hell!'