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"The Night My Life Began"


I never fit in with the kids I went to school with. I always stayed to myself; that was until a certain brown haired, brown-eyed girl pushed her way into my world. She was what brought me out of my shell and gave me the best friendship in the world.

We had been friends since the moment I showed up in Miss Gillespie's kindergarten class. She found me on the playground and become my savior. James, the resident bully, had stolen my lunch, again. We had only being going to school for two days. During both of those days, he had taken my lunch; I was hungry, sad, and scared to death. Isabella stepped in and put him and his pals in their place, pretty quickly I might add. She wasn't scared of them or anybody for that matter, and she shared her lunch that day with me. From that moment on, I knew there was something special about her.

We also befriended Jake; another boy in class that Bella wouldn't let the bullies pick on. It seemed to be her thing; rescuing all of us strays. I felt sorry for Jake too when James started picking on him. It took a couple of days just listening to them pick on him about his skin, his hair, or the fact that his clothes where rags. Bella told me that she knew his family and they were friends with her father. She told me they were poor and didn't have much. I knew right away that she wouldn't stop until Jake was with us and under her protection.

We were a tight nit group all through elementary school, and I thought that once middle school came around that things would change, but they didn't. Bella wouldn't allow it, and I didn't want to break apart from her. She would say that we didn't change much that year, but what she doesn't know is that at the end of middle school, I was infatuated with her. She was beautiful and so kind. She would give you the shirt off her back, if that were what it would take to make someone happy. That's what made her friendship one to treasure. I never wanted to break that bond. The way she would turn guys down, when they asked if they could be her boyfriend, made me feel like I didn't have a chance with her. I didn't want to jeopardize our friendship; so I remained silent. Having her friendship was more important than my want for a relationship.

Once we hit high school, the girls really flocked to me, and being that I couldn't have Bella, I wasted time with others. The girls at school really didn't hold my interest and once I became involved in sports, all the girls cared about was what I could potentially bring them. Popularity was the big one; every girl I went out with was instantly popular for a while. Once I was done with them, they slipped back into the back of the society. I never quite understood how it all worked, but that is what seemed to happen.

So many times, I had to fight with different boys about Bella. If it wasn't the boys, it was the girls with their derogatory comments about her. Couldn't they see what she was; couldn't they understand that she was more. That's the main reasons a lot of my relationships went bust. They wouldn't shut their mouths long enough to get to know her, and I couldn't be in a relationship if they didn't like her. She would always be in my life, no matter what. I was protective of her, and wouldn't let anyone tell me otherwise.

By the time we were seniors, Bella had filled out a little more. She would probably claim that she didn't, but let me tell you, she did. She went from being a stick to having curves in all the right places; many times I would masturbate to images of her. They were endless too; her with me in the shower, her writhing under me. God, I could go on and on, but the thing is, she doesn't know. She doesn't realize that I was standing right in front of her, just waiting for the first indication that she wanted something more.

When high school was finished, we all found ourselves headed to the same school. Jake and I had formed a rather tight bond; we liked a lot of the same things. So him coming with us was a no brainer in my opinion. Plus, Bella and I had helped him make it through. It was only fair that we see this to the end, and Jake would be the first in his family to not only graduate from high school, but also college potentially.

When Bella came to me with the idea for all of us to live together, not wanting to get stuck in the dorms with other catty girls, or so she put it, I couldn't resist the temptation of being in the same house as her all the time. It was like a dream come true, well almost. We split money between the three of us and were able to rent a three-bedroom house downtown.

She thinks her father was cool with the idea of letting his baby girl live with two boys. I laughed when I heard her tell people that; if she only knew how her father really acted. He made Jake and I meet him at the local diner. He gave us a stern talking to. I can remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

"Sit boys." We have barely made it into the diner when he motioned us over.

"I am well aware that you guys have been friends with Bella for years, but let me tell you one thing. I don't want to hear that something happened to her. She is my pride and joy, and I expect you to behave like gentlemen. Respect her boundaries, keep others from corrupting her, protect her, and for the love of God, do not allow her to get pregnant." I watched as his forehead crinkled in the middle showing his worry.

"She is all that I have left in this world, and as much as I wouldn't mind a grandchild or two, she is still too young. I can't request that she not do… stuff," I watched Charlie go pale there for a moment. He straightened up, gained his composure, and then continued to lecture us about his baby girl. I didn't know what to think or how we would be able to keep her from getting pregnant, but I just assumed she would be cautious about things. Ugghh...I didn't want to think about her having sex with someone else.

After our meeting, Jake and I devised a plan to run off all the boys we could. We had been doing it for years. It wouldn't be any different than high school, or so we thought. It seems that not everyone would listen to our warnings about being with her. We had made an agreement between the three of us to keep condoms around the house, just in case. If Bella bought some, she would divide with us, and in the same token, if we bought, we shared with her. Sometime during our college career, I finally noticed a pack of birth control in the trash can, and breathed a sigh of relief; at least she was taking the appropriate steps in protecting herself.

I dreaded the nights she would bring guys home. The first time it happened, I wasn't prepared for the onslaught of emotions that coursed through me. I could hear the bed thumping against the wall, and if that wasn't enough, I could hear her moaning and screaming out. A couple of thoughts went through my mind. First, I wanted to kill the motherfucker who was in there with her. I had to stop myself from rushing in on them. Secondly, her sounds were making me hard, which didn't sit well at the time. I finally had to give in and close my eyes, imagining it was me doing those things to her. When I would see her coming home with men, I later learned that putting my ear buds in was a better option. I wasn't exactly innocent in all things either, and there came a point in my life that I needed more than my hand to make it through some of her rough sessions in her room. I would often drag willing girls home, and fuck them senseless. I was a man for crying out loud and I had needs too.

I always picked the girls that I had no chance of falling for. They were all the opposite of Bella. Bella's boobs were real, not fake, her hair was brown, not blonde, and she was smart and funny. The majority of girls I dated where none of those things; most of the time they were shallow and stupid.

The night that our relationship changed was the night we graduated from college. We had been to a big party down at the Alpha Delta Phi house. Rosalie, my regular hook-up, wasn't around, and I couldn't figure out why. She was always the go to girl when I needed a release. Instead, I found myself sitting at home with my friends. I watched Jake head toward the refrigerator, Bella headed toward the couch, and I went straight to the liquor cabinet we had. Jake walked in with six beers in his hands and I was carrying the bottle of Mezcal tequila. I had grabbed three shot glasses when I went to the liquor cabinet. Once in the living room, I opened the bottle and poured three shots. Jake handed me a beer, I was buzzing already and it probably wasn't a good idea to be mixing all that alcohol, but we were finished with school.

"Rosalie wasn't at the party tonight. I wonder what happened to her," I mumbled.

"I saw her; she was all over Emmett McCarty. Sorry man, another bimbo lost to Emmett." I wasn't aware that I had said that aloud, other than her replying and clapping me on the back.

"She was talking to that shit head?" Jacob asked.

"Yep," Bella replied shrugging her shoulders and taking the shot of tequila. She headed into the kitchen and when she returned, she had the salt shaker and a lemon.

"Man, I tell you what, I can't wait to get that rabbit restored. I have to save a little more money to get that thing on the road," Jake stated then took his shot. I refilled the shots again, having drunk mine.

"The Volvo will need to be looked at. Do you have to time to check the oil and everything before we head home?" I asked Jake. We were headed home for a couple of months, and then we would decide if it was time to split up the three musketeers. Bella sat down on the couch, and placed some salt on her wrist. I watched as her tongue dart out and licked the salt from her wrist. She drank the shot, making noises as she did, and I squirmed in my seat.

"So, who are you dating now, Bella?" Jake asked snickering. I snickered with him, while pouring new rounds. Bella sure did pick them; Marcus was nothing, but a bum if you ask me. I don't even know what she saw in him anyway.

"Nobody, Marcus turned out to be a major dick." She shrugged her shoulders and snickered at the comment.

"Yeah, we knew he wouldn't last long," I stated. "When are you going to go for guys, I don't know, a little more in your range?" That was another thing about Marcus. He was thirty-five, and I couldn't imagine taking him home to Charlie. Charlie would put a bullet in his ass; I just knew it. Then, he would put one in Jake and me for not being able to run him off. Jake and I tried to run him off; we wouldn't let him borrow money. We even made derogatory comments about him robbing the cradle and called him old man just to get under his skin.

"What do you mean more in my range?" She cocked that cute little eyebrow at me, and this was Bella's bitch brow. Like she didn't know he was older. Hell we were only twenty-two for crying out loud. He had thirteen years on her. He wanted to get married and have kids with Bella. Yeah, that sounds good and great, but the fucker needed a job instead of worrying about knocking Bella up. Hell, Bella was against marriage because of her parents.

"You know someone who is on the same page about marriage as you. Someone who doesn't want to settle down, or let's not forget the one you dragged back to the apartment last month. Who was that again?" I tap my chin thinking. I couldn't figure out who; she had started dragging back too many if you ask me.

"John, Frank, no...What was his name? Steve...no...," I rambled out different names. I looked over at Jake; he was now tapping his chin. Bella just sat back laughing like everything was extremely funny to her.

"Embry," I shouted. "Yeah, he was a humdinger, wasn't he?" I said while cocking my eyebrow at her. Yeah, honey I can do that too, and don't sit there and act like this is all funny because it wasn't.

"Let's see; not only did he think he was going to shack up here, but borrowing money. Not only was he borrowing money from you, but he tried to get money from us too. He needed to find a job instead of bumming money." Jake replied

Embry, another bum Bella picked up, wasn't much better than Marcus. Actually, they were about the same in my eyes with the exception of age. Embry was a baby who wanted us to do everything for him, while he sat back and did nothing.

"What about you guys?" Bella looked at both of us; she levelled those eyes at me again.

"Let's see, Edward. First, there was Jessica, the blonde bimbo with fake tits, that thought you were her fiancée. Who was determined to have your spawn, and wanted the white picket fence. Why didn't you stay with her? She was everything you wanted. Then there was Heidi; oh yes, Heidi, the little twit." Oh, God...Jessica, everything Bella said was true. She was a psycho who thought I had already proposed and had the house picked out that we would live in. Then Heidi, she was dumber than a box of rocks, but she was a means to an end.

Jake was laughing at this point, as if he had done any better than I had.

"She thought you were having something on the side with me, and all but demanded that you leave here." I almost forgot that night at the club. Heidi was drunk and talking shit. She was convinced Bella and I were sleeping together. How I wished that shit were true, but it wasn't. What started the whole notion was Heidi had walked into the shower one day when I was in there. I was masturbating to images of Bella once again. I didn't realize she was standing at the sink until I finished and opened my eyes. She heard me moan out Bella's name and assumed. The bad thing about the club was she walked up calling Bella a whore, first mistake. The second mistake was when she slapped her across the face. Bella looked over to me, and told me to hold her shit; I knew what was coming next. I didn't intervene. I knew better than to get in the middle of a cat fight. Well, it wasn't a cat fight, but you understand two girls going at it, and one I have a thing for. When Heidi's friend joined in, I needed a bag of popcorn to enjoy that shit. I was really hoping they would pull out a ring of mud and water, replace their t-shirt to white ones, and then let them go. I promised the manager he would have made more money that night if he would have. We were all banned from that club, and I couldn't stop laughing at Heidi. I guess that's what you get for sneaking up on somebody in the shower, and biting off more than you can chew. 'Know your limits', was and still is my motto.

"I don't know what you are laughing at Jacob," I sneered at him. "Like your little conquests have been any better. Let's see; there was bitchy Leah." She was a bitch and a half. You couldn't breathe around that girl, I wondered if she suffered from PMDD or something. Potentially bipolar... then there was another fight, in the middle of the supermarket. I didn't have chance to see that one. I was in class, but Bella sported a black eye for a while after that incident.

"Then there was..." I paused, God why couldn't I remember any of their names. I wondered if Jake even remembered their names.

"Tanya," Bella stated and I nodded "Yeah, Tanya."

Tanya, the stripper down at the local gentlemen's club. As a topless dancer, she had money at least and a good body, but not too much with the brains. She was dumber than a box of rocks, should have known that one wasn't going to turn out well. I never dated strippers, dancers, or anything along those lines. If they were willing to show everything they had to others, then maybe they were doing other things as well. Which it just so happened, she was screwing several men at the club. Jake had a little STD scare. He checked out clean, but still it scared the shit out of him.

"Then there was Kate." I was doing well and could keep going on and on, Jake was a little more a womanizer than I was. I was in love with my best friend, so my conquests where a means to an end.

"That's enough...just know that I haven't found anyone that is good enough for me. I do have morals and taste," Bella said and I couldn't help but snicker. It would appear that Jake couldn't hold it back either. Did I mention earlier that I was drunk...because the next question just flew right out of my mouth.

"Why did you never consider one of us?" I asked Bella. I didn't even look up because I realized what I said after it was out. I wanted to know why she never came on to us. Did she not find one of us attractive? I knew she loved us, but was it like a brother or a lover? I just assumed brother, but never heard her say. I really wanted to know what she thought; that is probably one of the reasons I just blurted it out.

"I don't know." She shrugged. "Why did neither of you ever consider me?" She threw the question right back at us. I didn't know how she would feel.

"I don't know why. You have always been such a good friend," Jacob said while shrugging, I don't know how he felt about her. Now, I was wondering if he had every thought about her as more to him.

"I agree with Jake. I never really thought anything about it. You were here, and have been our friend for the majority of our lives. We have done everything together." I tried to follow Jake's lead, not really knowing where to stand at this moment. What if she had feelings for Jake and not me? I didn't want to show my cards. Yet, I wanted to make sure there was nothing between them.

"We've never kissed, and I don't see how we have done everything together," she stated and then looked sick for saying it, but she was right. I might not feel that way about her if we kissed. Who was I kidding?

"We could remedy that tonight," Jake said while licking his lips. Oh, shit I was half pissed and half interested, if she was interested that is.

"Yeah, that could be arranged." I licked my lips after my reply looking her right in the eyes as a challenge.

"Let's just finish the tequila and see where we stand," she replied. I think I automatically started drinking more tequila. Hey, if we could get to the bottom of the bottle at a quicker speed and see if she would kiss me, I was going to do my best. I refilled everyone's shot glass; praying that whatever happened tonight, I would remember in the morning.

We talked about our futures, what we wanted to do after college, and just passed the time. When I looked down at the bottle, it was almost empty, except for the last couple of swallows. Jake and I were arguing over who would finish the bottle off. I guess we were both a little eager to see about the kiss.

I saw something out of my peripheral vision. When I turned and saw Bella standing there in a bra, I about choked on the spit in my mouth, and a lump formed in my throat. She smirked at us, and things were quickly moving south of the border. I could feel my cock waking up. I watched as she unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them off her body. How I wanted to be the one to peel them off; kissing her body all over. I wasn't in my right mind at the moment. Once she was half naked, I knew all the blood drained from my brain and rested in my groin. I raised my hand biting my knuckles when I saw the blue lace thong with matching blue lace bra. Her creamy white skin, long legs, ample breasts, and her hair fell over her shoulders. God, if I get a chance to fuck her tonight, I hope my body cooperated. I don't know if it's my youth or what, but if I get drunk and have sex, it's a bitch to make me cum. So I'm hard for a long time. I have had a few girls complain when this happens. They have already met there end, and don't want to go anymore, but I have needs.

She walked over to the coffee table, slowly lowering herself on it. She grabbed the tequila, placing the lemons beside her, and grabbed the salt shaker. Oh hell, body shots. I think I might have just about cum right there. She sprinkled salt on her chest above her bra; she placed a lemon wedge in her mouth, and motioned us over.

I didn't move, but watched Jake as he poured a little tequila in her navel. She nodded at him; he leaned down drinking the tequila out of her navel. I watched as he ran his tongue up her body, between her breasts, and then he leans in for the kiss. I have to turn my head, I can't watch it anymore. She likes him. I just know it, and a part of my heart breaks at that moment.

I finally chance a look in her direction to see her motioning me over. She was about to sprinkle salt on her breast, but I didn't want to lick were Jake had. It was bad enough that I would be drinking out of the same navel. I digress. I did want that kiss, God help me. I pushed her hands aside, grabbing the salt shaker, and proceeded to put the salt where I wanted it. I sprinkled salt right above the hem of her panties. I wanted to get as close as possible. I poured the tequila into her navel; she placed the lemon wedge in her mouth and waited. I got right to business and licked the line above her panties, lapping the tequila from her navel, and leaned down to get the lemon wedge out of her mouth. I squeezed lemon juice all over her mouth, leaning down and licked the sides of her mouth. I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth, and then kissed her. She moaned into mouth. I thought I could cum right on the spot. No one had ever made me feel that good with just a kiss before.

The kiss was like nothing else in this world and everything felt right. She whimpered into my mouth. I pulled away breathless from our kiss, looked into her eyes knowing that there was something more. I needed more; I saw movement out of the corner of my eye; Jake running his hand up and down her thighs. No words were exchanged between any of us, but the air was thick with arousal.

Bella got up from the coffee table and stood in the middle of the room. She was concentrating hard on something. Maybe she didn't know what to do with herself in this situation. She walked over to the dining room table and hopped on top of it. She motioned for us both to come to her, bending down I grabbed the last little bit of the tequila, the salt, and the lemon that was left. I made my way over to her and offered her the last little bit. She took the bottle and tipped it up. I watched as she fished the worm out of her mouth and broke it into threes, offering Jake and I our share of the worm. I knew that once we ate this worm, things were going to get interesting.

She motioned me closer to her. Unbuttoning my shirt, she hadn't swallowed the tequila in her mouth yet. She motioned Jake closer and placed the lemon in his mouth; she pulled my shirt out of the way, and pulled me up to lie in her lap. She sprinkled salt on my chest, and then she leaned down and licked the salt from my chest. I watched as she leaned over, taking the lemon from Jake's mouth, kissing him in the process. I closed my eyes not wanting to see her kissing Jake, but then I gave into the sensations of her hands running up and down my chest. I drew in a harsh breath when she got around the button of my jeans. I was heading down a slippery slope already; she started unfastening my jeans letting her hand slip inside of them, until she was rubbing my cock. I could barely hear her whimper when she touched me, making me harder. Just thinking of her hands on me and the sounds I could hear from her, made me groan.

I looked up to see that Jake was cupping her breasts in his hands. When he started to slide her bra to the side, I lifted up, and watched as her breasts came into view. I licked my lips with anticipation, God, I couldn't stop, and I wanted them. I've wanted to see them for years actually, but would only get little glimpses here and there. She hopped off the table then pulled her panties down and showed everything. I leaned in kissing her, rubbing her right breast and swallowed all of her breathy moans. God how I wanted her; that was the reason I went straight for the kill. I wasn't about to waste time and watch Jake have the first go. She pulled away from the kiss and we both looked down to see Jake's hand buried between her legs.

I could see her nipples harden, and I decided to keep working on her breasts. Watching how her body responded to the stimulation we were both giving her was erotic, sexy, and all Bella. She positioned her hands back on the table, trying to hang on to it while we work on her body. Bella finally pulled away from the table, making us stop, and headed toward the bedroom. At this point, I didn't know if I should follow or stand there. She looked back over her shoulder and nodded her head towards her room. I didn't have to be asked twice and at this moment, I knew that I would be sharing my best friend with Jake. Which I didn't really like, but if that was all that I get, I was not going to hold back. Jake and I had been in locker rooms together, and I knew the general things, so this shouldn't be too hard.

I watched her as she crawled onto the bed, showing us everything she had. When she perched up on all fours, I thought my knees would give out. She leaned back on her heels, motioning for us to strip for her. I quickly rid myself of my clothes not wanting to waste any time. I wanted to be in her, like yesterday, and was in a hurry to get to her. Once my pants hit the floor, Bella moved off the bed and walked over to us. She knelt down between us; I was so hard just looking at her body. God she was better than I could ever have imagined.

She spit on her hand and I watched as she wrapped it around Jake's cock. Now, I wasn't happy about the events of this evening. I would have preferred it to be a solo show. However, I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I wanted her in ways she could never imagine. If this was the only way I was going to have her, I would take what I could get. I repeated this to myself over and over. I never wanted to share her with someone else, but my new mantra played in my head.

When her hands wrapped around Jake's cock, I knew I needed something; so I wrapped my hands around mine. She looked over at me winking, and then lowered her mouth to my awaiting cock. She sucked just the head in, swirling her tongue around the top and down the underside of my cock. I watched her work over my cock. When she turned her eyes in my direction looking up from under those lashes, I moaned out letting my head fall back. I knew my eyes must have rolled back in my head. God she was so good. She knew just what to do, and how to bring me to climax. I was getting there fast, which shocked me. I had never been ready to cum this fast before.

She pulled back and wrapped her little hand around my cock, stroking it up and down. I played with her right tit, trying to keep her stimulated too; I wasn't that naive to think that a girl sucking my cock would get her off. Make a girl horny maybe, but never get her off. They always needed a little more stimulation, and I was going to make sure she got it. God, I couldn't wait to bury myself in her wet heat. I tried to mainly watch her hands on my body instead of watching the things she did with Jake at the same time. I did notice that she didn't suck Jake off to the point of climax, and knew that we would at least see more, but I didn't like the fact that she wasn't giving me all her attention. She finally pulled back from the both of us and just sat there stroking us both, as we moaned above her. If she only knew how she literally had me by the balls. I wanted her now, and I couldn't wait any longer. I leaned down scooped her up and carried her to the bed. Jake didn't immediately follow us, and I was hoping he was heading to get condoms.

Once on the bed, I started kissing her everywhere I could get, to; her neck, down her stomach, until I reached her pussy, where I stalled. I wanted to see her perfect pussy looking back at me. It was so pink, warm, wet, inviting, and the smell… I dove in; I couldn't help myself any longer I licked from her entrance to her clit. She moaned above me. I slowly slipped a finger into her entrance, circling around while my tongue swirled around her clit. I didn't even notice Jake come into the room, until I saw him as I looked above Bella's pussy right into his eyes. He wasn't exactly happy with my presence, I could tell. I knew when Jake was mad, aggravated, pissed. Hell, he probably knew the same things about me too. I levelled my eyes at him in a challenge, and this became a competition. I wanted her, and I wasn't about to give him a chance to step in and shove me out of the way. I watched as Jake threw the condoms on the bed and lowered his mouth to her right nipple, and used his hands to play with her left.

Bella was going wild, thrusting her pussy in my face; I had to place my arm across her hips, trying to hold her down. She arched her back when I sucked hard on her clit, I watched her push out her chest, moaning, and writhing. She needed something more to get her off, and I wanted her to get off before anything else happened. I slipped two fingers into her entrance, pushing and pulling them in and out. I curled my fingers, locating the rough patch of skin inside of her. When she moaned out, I knew I had found her spot. Rubbing it vigorously until her leg shook with anticipation of a climax. When her walls started to contract, I bit on her clit. Listening to her moan and groan above me.

I bit on her clit again, just about the same time that Jake bit on her nipple. She came with a scream, and I lapped up everything she gave me. While she was coming down, I lightly rubbed my fingers through her pussy, letting her find herself before beginning again. Jake pulled her body up, lying under her body. This meant I would get first dibs on her pussy, and I couldn't wait. I had already been grinding my cock into the side of the bed, I need the friction. As Jake prepared himself and her body, she leaned forward onto my arms. Kissing her way down my body, lower her full lips to my cock, I was already stroking it, needing something more to satisfy my needs. She lifted back up when Jake pulled at her hips, and straddled his body.

As he entered her tight hole, I watched Bella's face winced, and bite her lower lip. I never understood how girls would allow us to do this when it hurt them. I vaguely wondered if this was Bella's first time with anal, but pushed it aside. She was sexually active and I highly doubt she hadn't tried it at least once. Bella was a little bit of a wild one in that department, or at least it sounded like it through the walls. She finally let go of her lip and leaned back into him.

"Oh, shit," Jake, stated, as he worked in more as her body moved. I knew it was tight. I groaned at the thought of how tight it could be, but waited for the pair to be ready to add me to the mix. When she reclined back and spread her legs open for me to see her pussy with Jake's cock in her ass, I wasn't about to waste any time. I rolled the condom onto my cock and moved closer to them. She looked down at her pussy, which turned me on even more. I lined myself up with her wet lips, trying to find the best position to get in.

"God, Edward hurry up. I have to thrust or something. She's too much for me," Jake grunted out behind her. I figured out the best way, lined everything up again, and shoved all the way in. We all moaned in unison for the pleasure we experienced. God, you could feel everything. I had never done something like this before. I had used a dildo, while fucking someone in the ass. I could feel that, but nothing this intense before. I pulled almost all the way out and shoved in again.

"God, Bella, you are so tight like this," I moaned while starting to thrust harder. Jake started moving too. Jake's hands wrapped around her body and played with her right nipple. She screamed out. I was out of my mind with pleasure that I leaned down and sucked her left nipple into my mouth. It was almost too much; the pleasure, the pushing, the pulling, the sounds of our moans and groans in the air, the smell of sex, and the slapping of skin. Thank God for my drunken body and its reaction; otherwise I could have cum two thrusts ago. I could feel Bella's walls fluttering against me and knew she was about to climax again. I reached down and rubbed circles on her clit. She screamed out again, I could feel her walls convulsing inside of her body. I wondered for a minute if she would be able to squirt. I rubbed harder, thrust harder because if she could, I wanted to make her do that, and with the sensation over load she was getting at this moment, I knew it would be possible. I shook like a leaf on a tree, and the squeezing she was doing was making it hard for me to get inside her, until she ejaculated. The force of it shoving me out of the way, it pushed my cock completely out of her body. God that was so hot to watch. I watched her face and knew that she had never experienced something like that before, and neither had I. I wanted to see her do that again. I was about to go again.

When Jake saw a chance to capitalize on the situation, he pulled her off him and spun her around. I was pissed. I guess he wanted to experience that for himself. Forcing me to fuck her ass. I wanted to, but once again, I wished he wasn't here. I watched him remove the condom from his cock before grabbing a new one. At least, he had learned something about protecting himself. If he hadn't changed, I was going to say something.

Once he was through, I watched as she sank down onto him. I had to turn my head at some point because I couldn't watch it. It hurt a little when she did. I heard her body moving back and forth. I repeated my mantra in my head, pulled off the old condom, and replaced it with a new one. I opened the bottle of lube applying a generous amount to my sheathed cock, and then placed a good amount in my hand. I got into position behind her; rubbed lube on her tight hole, then positioned the tip of my cock there. Waiting for her to slow down to accept my approach, once I just barely had the tip in, I thrust upwards. Causing her to wince again, I tried to soothe her by kissing her shoulder and reached around to play with her. It wasn't much longer, after thrusting, pushing, pulling, that everything was becoming overwhelming.

"I'm so close," Jake grunted out. "Me, too," I grunted. The thrusts became more erratic and out of control until she screamed out, I could feel her body climax again. Squeezing me between the thrusting, with the rubbing on the thin membrane, it didn't take long for me to succumb to my release.

I pulled out of her, tying the condom and throwing it into the trash. I moved to the far end, not being able to move to my room, at that moment. Bella climbed off Jake, and collapsed beside me in the middle of the bed. The bed shifted again, and I assumed that Jake was leaving. I was wrong though because then it shifted again, and when I opened my eyes, I saw Jake lying down on the other side of Bella. I felt someone tugging on the covers, so I reached down pulling them on my side to cover us all up. Once covered, Bella rolled over to spoon with Jake, which I hated, but once again repeated my mantra in my head. I gave up and rolled over to her body, and wedged in behind her. My lids where heavy and sleep overcame us all.

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