It was raining in Forks, as it always had been. Edward wished that he could have taken it for some kind of omen, but he couldn't. It was just unavoidable.

His footsteps didn't make any sounds, nor would they ever.

The single red rose in his hands was a bright burst of color in contrast to the rather bland cemetery.

Bella doesn't deserve this.

She waited for you, all her life and this is how you repay her? Asshole.

She loved you Edward. You need to give her at least on last chance.

Do what is best for Bella for once. Not for yourself.

His family's words burned in his mind. He had deserved every on of their contempt looks. Their scathing words.

He had done the unforgivable.

He would never be forgiven, not by the one he loved the most.

Pity had become almost become a constant companion of his own. Regret needs no mention. The rain gently fell, soaking him.

Did he care? Obviously not.

His slow trudge became as he neared the small white stone slab that had been laid gently down on top of her gentle mahogany head. Edward dared not look at it in full, for he knew as well as anyone that it wasn't the bang that ripped through the soul, but the wait.

The grass was green. The rain was ceasing, but not fully. The drizzle irritated him out of his mind, why wouldn't it just stop?

Finally, he let his eyes land on the white stone.

Even he couldn't control his breathing. No matter what creature he had been.

It's simplicity shocked him, but there was an underlying tone of infinite complexity.

How could you capture what one was on a piece of stone? Yet humans did it, almost every hour of the waking day.

The white tone to the rock made it glow softly, its radiance soft and not at all over powering. A small carving peaked out from behind on the stone, on the top right. A small angel looked at him, the smallest of smiles gracing its lips.


Edward did not bother to read the words yet, for he was on his knees. The dry sobs escaped from his throat, without the companions of tears. Time was not his companion either, for it passed with the slowest lurches.

Greif overpowered him.

Without bothering to read anything, he stood up.

He ran with the wind, until he couldn't find anymore wind.

When Edward came back, he was prepared for everything.

His heart would never accept that she was truly gone, but his sensible mind would.

Her stone's beauty would never fail to awe him, and his regret would never fail to kill him every single moment of his eternity.

The words on the stone simply stated,

Bella Marie Swan


Loved by all, and loved every one of us.

Her undying love and forgiveness shall live,

In us all.

His mind repeated these words over and over. Every so softly, he traced these letters. The silence was broken, by the sound of the caressing wind on his cheek, ruffling his hair.

He stepped closer, and his shoe hit something. Looking down curiously, he saw that it was a plastic container. In side were two pieces of paper. The first words he read were..

Dear Edward,

I find it funny that I only work up the courage to write to you only when lying in the hospital, waiting for my time to go into the next abyss….

. For giving me your love. Thank you.


He devoured the words hungrily, like a child having just unlocked the key to reading. His dead heart, already broken, shattered to millions of pieces. The lump in his throat stubbornly stayed there. He cleared it, and did the only thing that he could think of.

"Hello Bella. I got your letter."

For a moment he could say nothing else, that dratted wind took away his thoughts.

"I will say this loud and clear. So that God himself can hear me. My love for you is the strongest substance in the world. Only it was awarded to a fool who never would know what the hell to do with it. God, Bella, I should have never let you out of my sight. I should have cherished your smile a thousand times more than I did. I should have….."

Edward stopped.

Bella stood in front him. The same Bella that he had left almost eighty something years ago. He couldn't even remember when. Her hair swayed gently in the wind.


Her voice rang out loud and clear.

"You must listen to me. You cannot stop living your life in the way I had tried not to. I will always live on right in here."

Her finger grazed his chest, and its warm touch sent a healing warmth throughout his body. He couldn't bring himself to say a single word.

"I love you, Edward."

She was gone with the wind right then, disappeared as abruptly as she had come.

Edward stood there for another five minutes. Then his feet slowly carried him away, his mind at war with itself.

What would he believe? What should he believe?

As he made his way out of the cemetery, he passed a small young woman dressed in black. When he passed her, there was that moment when their eyes met.

Those warm brown eyes that would haunt him forever.

He froze, staring down at her.

She smiled ever so slightly, just the almost imperceptible upturn of the lips.

And winked.


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