Author's Note: sorry it took so long to update, but I was working on a family tree project for school, and I had no time to write or type at all. And not to mention I had some major writers block for this story. But I finally found my inspiration and thus a new chapter was made! Enjoy ;)

Sam's P.O.V.

My head was pounding and I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. I groaned, and sat up. What happened last night? That's when I remembered going down stairs to get something to eat, and seeing the full moon. I groaned again. When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see that I wasn't in my room. I was in Alfie and Jerome's room, and I could see Joy sleeping in the bed across from me.

"Joy… Joy wake up," I exclaimed, tossing a pillow at her. She sat up, and looked around her. Her eyes landed on me, and she smiled.

"Well I see you're awake and finally back to normal," Joy stated.

"Yeah I…" Normal, oh no, "Ugh you by chance didn't happen to see anything strange last night did you?" I asked.

"Well you mean besides you being a mermaid, and flinging a ball of ice at Fabian cause' you thought he called you fat," Joy replied.

"Oh no did I hurt him, wait does everyone know?" I asked.

"No to both questions, only the Sibuna's know," Joy answered. Well that's better than the entire house knowing, and I'm glad I didn't hurt anyone.

"Ugh I hate the full moon," I grumbled.

"Huh you seemed to love it last night," Joy stated. I glared at her for a second.

"Yeah cause I was moon struck," I replied. Suddenly my stomach growled and I realized I never got to eat my food.

"I need something to eat," I mumbled, standing up and walking out into the hallway. I walked down the hallway and into the living room. When I walked in I saw Jerome and Alfie lying on the couch asleep. I smirked.

"Good morning campers," I exclaimed, walking past the couch. Jerome jumped about five feet in the air, and Alfie rolled off the couch. I heard Alfie grunt as he hit the floor. I chuckled, and walked into the kitchen.

"Sam you're back to normal," Jerome exclaimed, following me into the kitchen.

"Yup no tail," I replied, opening the fridge. I grabbed an apple, and bite into it.

"So besides trying to maim Fabian did I do anything else?" I asked.

"Ugh not really, the temperature of the room dropped drastically," Alfie replied from the living room. I sighed.

"So why didn't you tell us about it?" Jerome asked.

"Hey you didn't want me telling my friends about Sibuna and I respected that. But Cleo, Rikki, Emma, and I all made a pact long before I met you guys that we wouldn't tell anyone about us being mermaids unless they found out about it first," I answered, taking another bite of my apple.

"Alfie sort of explained it but exactly how did you become a mermaid?" Jerome asked.

"Well I went to this island called Mako Island, and there was this cave under a volcano on the island with a pool in it. We called it the moon pool, well anyway I went for a swim in the pool just as the full moon passed over the top of the volcano, and all of a sudden the water started to bubble and these golden like water bubbles rose up from the pool. It was over in a few seconds, and the next day I found that I could turn into a mermaid when I touch water," I explained.

"Wow that's just amazing," Jerome muttered. I nodded my head, and finished my apple.

"Yeah it's pretty cool, but we had a little trouble one time when we all had to pretend to be sick cause it was raining, they brought in a bunch of people to look at us cause they all thought we were like dyeing or something it was horrible, especially after we said that we were just pretending to be sick to get out of a test at school," I stated, groaning as the memory of that horrible day came to my mind.

"I knew you weren't really sick, how did you do that trick with the fever?" Jerome asked.

"Simple I pulled a Rikki," I replied, shrugging my shoulders and walking into the living room.

"Ah Sam we don't know what that means," Alfie said.

"Oh yeah right sorry, I used my heating ability to raise the temperature of my body," I answered, sitting down on the couch.

"Wow that's awesome," Eddie exclaimed, sitting down next to me. I looked over at him, and I could see the rest of the Sibuna's crowded around the couch.

"Yeah it's pretty cool," I said.

"So what's it like being a mermaid?" Amber asked.

"Well it's amazing, you can swim so fast, faster than a dolphin. You can dive down really deep, and see things most people don't get to see," I replied, thinking back to the time when I'd challenged Rikki to a contest to see who could dive deeper.

"Wow that's sounds so amazing," Nina exclaimed, looking off into space dreamily. I nodded my head.

"Yeah it is I really miss swimming with Rikki, Emma, and Cleo," I mumbled, smiling sadly.

"Hey come on now you got us," Alfie stated, patting me on the back. I looked over at him for a second then just shook my head. I yawned.

"I think I'm going to go take a nap I'm tired," I exclaimed, jumping up off the couch.

"But you just woke up," Fabian reminded me.

"Oh no, no, no, no that was moon struck sleeping, that was me sleeping in my mermaid form. It's not that restful," I replied, shaking my head. I yawned again. I walked out of the living room, and into the hallway. I walked up stairs and to my room where I flopped down on my bed, and promptly fell asleep…

I groaned and opened my eyes. I was lying on the floor in a room that I recognized, but couldn't remember where from.

"Sam you okay?" Jerome asked, bending down next to me. I nodded my head, and sat up.

"Ah what happened?" I asked. Suddenly a door to my right opened, and Rufus walked in. I groaned.

"Hello my dear," He exclaimed, smiling down at me.

"What do you want?" I asked, glaring at him.

"I want to live forever which you seem to be able to do," He answered.

"No I died remember," I reminded.

"Yes but you're still here, no matter what you always come back," Rufus stated.

"What happened to you, we… you, me, Sarah, and Victor used to be friends?" I asked.

"That was a long time ago," Rufus growled, walking over to a cabinet that I hadn't noticed before. He opened the cabinet, and pulled out a box that I recognized. It was just like the one that had the first bracelet in it.

"I've been holding onto this for some time now. I was originally holding onto it as a favor for Sarah's dad but it's going to come in handy now," He stated, opening the box and pulling out the bracelet. He walked back over to me, and grabbed my arm.

"Get off," I exclaimed, trying to pull away from him. But he had a tight grip on my arm.

"Get off her," Jerome shouted, jumping at him and tackling him to the ground. The bracelet flew out of Rufus's hand, and clanged against the ground.

"Sam go," Jerome shouted, while wrestling with Rufus. I quickly grabbed the bracelet, and raced towards the door. I grabbed the handle of the door, and tried to open it but it didn't budge. I heard a grunt behind me, and I looked back to see Jerome lying on the floor against the back wall.

"Jerome," I shouted, rushing over to him.

"I'm fine," He muttered, putting his hand to his head. Suddenly the bracelet was yanked out of my hand. I looked back to see Rufus standing behind me. There was blood running out of his nose, and I could see a cut on his lip. I smiled. Rufus grabbed my arm, and pulled me to my feet.

"This time no tricks or neither of you will make it out of here," He growled. He took the bracelet and slid it onto my wrist. I felt a warm sensation run through my arm, and through my body. The bracelet started to glow slightly, and my hand started to tingle. Then suddenly the glow stopped.

"Now where's the other bracelet?" Rufus asked.

"I… I uh… I'm not sure we never found it," I replied, shaking my head.

"How can you not know, I know you were there with Sarah's dad when he hid the bracelet," Rufus stated.

"I might have been but I don't remember, I barely remember anything to do with my past life other than the fact that the four of us were friends," I answered, glaring at him. He scowled, then stormed out. I turned back around to Jerome. He was sitting up now, and I smiled at him.

"Man you really must have hit him hard to give him a bloody nose," I stated, giving him a smile…

I sat up, and looked around me. I was lying on my bed, and the room was dark. I could see Amber, and Nina lying in their beds. Holly crap. I groaned, and got up out of bed. I quietly walked out of my room, and down to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass of water, and slowly drank it.

"Hey you okay?" Jerome asked, walking into the kitchen.

"Yeah, bad dream," I muttered, setting the glass down on the counter.

"Another memory?" He asked. I shook my head.

"No definitely not a memory," I replied.

"Okay well tell me about it," He stated, walking closer. I was about to tell him when I heard the door open out in the hallway.

"Isn't Victor in his office sleeping?" I asked, lowering my voice. Jerome nodded his head.

"And Trudy's visiting her cousin," Jerome added. I quietly walked into the living room, then into the hallway. I heard a thump behind me, and I looked back to see Jerome lying on the floor unconscious.

"Jerome," I exclaimed, running over to him. I bent down next to him, but before I could take a look at him something connected to the back of my head. I fell forward onto the floor, and the room seemed to spin for a minute as a figure bent down next to me. I looked over to see Rufus smiling down at me, before I blacked out…