Gonna do the disclaimer now, I don't own Etrian Odyssey, I just made up the fanfic and the characters of the guild.

Day 1, Month 1, Year 1

Joining the Team

Hey, this is gonna be my memory guide. In case I forgot. So, in case you don't know, I'm Virgo, a protector. With my trusty shield given to me by my parents, Gaea, and my trusty sword, Excalibur, I will go into the labyrinth. But I can't just jump in there, let me start here. I had woken up, and looked at my cabinet. I remembered, today was recruitment day! I jumped out of bed, and got all my armor on. I can't be late, not on this day. The bi-annual guild recruitment day was here, and I had to go to the building-thingy, you know, with the cat thing. I'm not good with the name of things. I ran there, and knocked on the door. The guild manager guild manager (redundant, yes) opened up, and told me to sit down on the chairs in the corner of the room, and to wait until my name was called. I sighed, and walked over there. I never get recruited, but this is going to be my lucky day! I basically sat there for an hour. People walked in and out, getting called up constantly. After what seemed like 12 hours, I noticed most of the same people were there. I looked over at them; a female alchemist, a male troubadour, and a female dark hunter. They noticed I was looking at them, and stared at me. I realized I had seen these people last time, and the time before that. They must be in the same situation I am. Trying to be nice, I asked them, "Oh hey, what are your names?"

"Gemini," the alchemist replied pointedly.

"Pisces," the troubadour chirped.

"Capricorn," the dark hunter barked. It was quite clear to me that these people each had their own very specific personalities; much like me.

"Virgo. Virgo? VIRGO!" the gmgm shouted. "This landsknecht, err…sorry Leo wants you in his guild. Says its gonna be all about the new members."

"Oh cool!" I shouted. I heard a grunt, and then looked at the people sitting next to me. "Hey…Leo. Do you think you could get these guys," I pointed at them, "into your guild?" They all looked up at me hopefully.

"Sure! I overheard all of your names, so I figured we should be called the Prophecy guild! Has a nice ring to it, does it not?" Leo replied. The group all smiled and walked up. "And I thought of a mantra, for our group. Its 'Seen in the stars, we will surpass our dreams!' What do you think?" I personally thought it was kinda cheesy, but I nodded. So did everyone else. "Now together everybody!" Leo shouted.

"Seen in the stars, we will surpass our dreams!" we cried.

"Okay, okay you guys," the gmgm said, "now if you want to become an official guild, you have to go see the Radha hall. Now shoo."

"Fine, fine," I replied, "lets go." This was the beginning of what I hoped would be a wonderful adventure into the labyrinth.