Day 5, Month 1, Year 1

Leader Leo

I got out of bed, blinking a few times. "Ugh," I grunted, tired. Now, if you read my last entry (which you should have person and/or diary whom I am talking to) that Capricorn scared the crabdoodles out of me, so I got no sleep. I still somehow messed up my hair…but that's not important. I put my armor on, shining it to make sure it was nice for meeting the leaders, a.k.a. the Radha. I walked out to the living room to find Pisces asleep, his guitar lying on his chest. I walked up behind him, loving pranks. Clapping twice, I shouted, "Time for work!"

"Wha…? Ah!" Pisces shouted, if that's the word for it, as he slipped off of the couch and fell on the floor. He stood up, picking up his guitar and laughing. "Silly goose!" he said, as he playfully punched my shoulder. I laughed, and opened the door to find Leo and Gemini waiting outside.

"Took you a while, prankster," Gemini said, stifling a laugh. Leo waved us on, running off in a random direction. Gemini smirked at me, sprinting off.

"Race ya?" I asked. Pisces nodded, sprinting. We were neck and neck when he started to play his guitar. I swear, I blinked for a second and he was gone. "That's cheating!" I shouted, laughing. I skidded to a stop and saw a large face-like symbol that let me know it was the Radha Hall. Everyone else was already inside, and Capricorn was holding open the door. I flinched as she reached toward her belt, giving me a malicious smile.

"You have five seconds," she said, holding up one hand with the other on her sword. I blinked, and front-flipped inside, gasping for air. A man with orange-yellow colored hair walked up, with glasses and brownish eyes. I could immediately tell he was pretentious.

"Um, guildmaster Leo, could you get your little child over there to not do front-flips in what is essentially town hall?" the man said. I hated him on the spot. Then, Gemini again stifled a laugh, Capricorn slapped me on the back of the head, Leo glared at me and Pisces walked over to me.

"What was that about?" Pisces asked, looking concerned. I glared at Capricorn before looking back at Pisces. "Oh, I understand. You're upset with the leader's daughter. Oops, I mean Capricorn." My mouth dropped open as Leo, still glaring, walked over. He grabbed my hand, dragging me outside.

"Why is he so serious?" I mouthed to Pisces, who shrugged. Upon reaching outside, he closed the door.

"What was that for?" he asked angrily. I shook my head.

"Cap…" I started, before realizing I was about to make a big mistake. "I can't stand boring entrances." It was a true statement in all fairness.

"Are you serious? Something as menial as that?" Leo said, his mouth twitching. He burst out laughing, "I'm sorry, I just wanted to appear serious in front of the Radha. That was actually hilarious." I laughed, relieved. He smiled. "Will you ever forgive me? How bout I tell you a secret?" I nodded. "I'm also a survivalist," he said, pulling out his sword and twisting the hilt. The blade split in two, with a string between them. He pulled out an arrow from who-knows-where and shot it straight up, and waited. He crouched and shot a second arrow, splicing the first one in half- and inch from my face.

"Amazing," I said, clapping. "And I already know it, don't tell anyone." He nodded, still chuckling.

"Yeah. Another secret; Gemini is my fiancé. And will you show me your secret?" he asked. I paled.

"What secret?" I asked, trying my poker face. I also completely ignored the fact that two teenagers were arranged to be married. I sighed. "Fine. Give me your bow. And don't move a muscle." He looked at me, confused, and handed me the bow. I picked up the spliced arrow and held it together, shooting it at him. Quickly pulling out my sword, I pressed the gem and Excalibur turned into a staff. I muttered a few words and the arrow burnt to dust before it hit him. Muttering a few more words, a small cut on his arm started to fade. After a last word, a nearby rabid squirrel, I think it was, eyes glazed over and fell. I pressed the gem once more, and Excalibur became a katana. Taking the Seigan stance, I used Raizuki and split a nearby rock in two, electricity shooting everywhere. Again I pressed the gem, and Excalibur became a whip. I flashed my arm and a small tornado was whipped up around me. I pressed the button one last time, and it became something I can only describe as a violin-blade. I played it for a few seconds, and it started to glow with a red-ish light. I sliced at the rock and it caught on fire.

"Oh…wow. Glad I picked you," Leo said. He turned around and walked towards the door. My eyes glittered.

"Please don't tell anybody," I said, and he nodded. We walked back in, and the man glared at me.

"Well," the man drawled, "in order to become a recognized guild you half to map out the first floor. Here's a map. Now leave my prescence." He tossed a map to Leo, and I frowned.

"Meet me at the Labyrinth tomorrow. This was the last stop!" Leo said, grabbing Gemini's hand and running off. Again, I blinked, and found myself alone.

"My dream's coming true!" I murmured, running home. Gotta go get some sleep, see you later memory guide!