Okay, just to let you know, their is NO REAL PLOT IN THIS (IN FACT, I USED A TINY CLICHE SETTING). All it is is just attempted Rainbow Snowcone/Frostbite/Frost Fairy romantic fluff. :D

Jack had propped up his precious staff against the cave wall, so it avoided lying helplessly on the ground.

They where within a cave, one Jack had lightly frosted earlier in the morning, trapped within the ice crystal walls. The entrance to it had caved in, while they were exploring. Jack could easily handle the blocked area, but... That could wait a while longer. Tooth didn't mind, she loved how the light passing through the entrance danced across the walls, creating a rather luminous sight.

The light would reflect onto Tooth's feathers and cause them to shimmer, making colorful hues dot the ground.

She was so cute, blushing like crazy, it made Jack want to smile.

He was so amazing, so up close. She could see his glorious white teeth peeking from in between his lips.

**Major scene skip because writer is lazy**

He pulled her closer, lessening the little space that was once in between them into practically nothing. She was blushing, a deep rosy shade of pink had already nearly engulfed her face. One of Tooth's tiny hands was perched on the top of one of Jack's shoulders while the other was lying on the chest of his blue hoodie, while Jack himself had both arms wrapped around her waist. They were locked in a tight embrace, their faces merely inches away from each other. Tooth was radiating warmth, she was probably the hottest thing in the area. Literally.

Jack stared straight at her, while she kept her head turned, too embarrassed to say a thing. .Jack raised one of his pale hands, and lightly placed it on the side of her felt the nice coolness of his fingers and she liked it. Jack was the very essence of the cold, so was cold, yes, but just not cold, more like cool to her. He gently made her turn her head, and he discovered her eyes were wide with stun. Her pupils were dilated, and at the sight of him, her blush grew even deeper. She quickly averted her eyes for a second and came back to meet with his, all in a rushed hurry. She smiled a shy smile and fidgeted a slight bit, causing Jack to loosen his pull just a tad.

For a moment, they stared at each other, exploring one another's faces. They both secretly marveled at each other's radiance and their enhanced features that seemed to gleam.

Sparkling pink amethyst eyes met electric icy blue eyes, dark blue shades clashed with rainbow hues, and frost gave into the touch of warmth... All within that lingering moment.

Suddenly, they caused a fleeting range of feeling. A range of temperatures of hot and cold-warm and cool-all at once. He melted, and she shivered, when their lips collided, in a winter-spring kiss.

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Okay...My second try at fan fiction! BOO YAH.

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