Imprisoned Heart


Chapter One: Hunting the Hunters: Part One


Maisie was sitting on the bed, staring at the floor in thought. The new information she dug out was good... She was getting close, she could tell.

Only a while longer, and she would meet the two she heard so little about. She looked at her hands, and eyed the photos in her hands. One had her mother and brother, and the other had her two half brothers.

She nodded slowly. Yes, this was good. Maisie bit her lip, and fell backwards onto the soft bed, gripping the sheets as she ignored the figure laying beside her.

The two photos lay forgotten on the floor beside the King size bed, as she cried out softly.


The next day, Maisie was on the bus, staring out the window, watching as dark clouds slowly passed by. She tightly held onto her bag which held her arrows and other things, as the wooden bow rest beside her, in the next seat.

With her new found money, she had bought a ticket, and was heading to the next town over. She didn't feel like walking all the way, so she had earned enough money to last her a week or two, if spent good.

Her eyes fluttered closed, as she leaned back in her seat, breathing slowly as she listened to the soft rumble of the engine.

She hadn't noticed she had drifted into sleep, until someone shook her shoulder gently. Her eyes snapped open tiredly, as her gaze focused on an older woman who had her hand on her shoulder.

"Young lady, this is the last stop." The woman smiled, as she turned away to exit the bus with her belongings.

Maisie made a noise in her throat, clearing it after as she stood up tiredly. A yawn escaped her lips as she gripped the bow after swinging the bag over her shoulder. She hopped out of the bus, thanking the driver as she passed by people, ignoring them as she continued on her way.

She had walked more further into town, and spotted a motel. It was dark and dingy, cheap and affordable, and most likely infested with rats and roaches.

God, she loved her life.

Maisie had got the room for a couple nights, and she headed to her assigned room. She shoved the key into the key hole, and turned it. The door opened easily, and she entered, putting her bag down beside the desk as she closed the door behind her.

Maisie made her way to the bathroom. She paused, and turned around and went through her bag, and pulled out a random small knife. She twirled it in her hand, as she walked inside the bathroom.

The young woman started the shower, as she placed the knife gently on the shelf beside the tub, and started to strip down.

Once naked, she climbed into the steaming water, and immediately turned it down, so the temperature was in the middle, not hot or cold. She released as sigh, as she started to clean the dirt and whatnot off with the provided soap.

After her relatively long shower, she dried off and wrapped the fluffy towel around her frame and put another towel to keep the water on her hair from dripping everywhere. Maisie was about to leave the warm bathroom, but froze, and cocked her head to the side. Her head turned, and she swore quietly, her knife gone from it's place on the shelf.

"What the fuck, man," She muttered, and walked up to the door. She held her breath, and grasped the handle, pulling the door open slowly.

She saw nothing in her room, but noticed that something was off. She bit her lip, as she strolled out.

Suddenly, she was pushed down and fell onto the bed. She turned and grabbed at whatever pushed her, about to punch said thing. She froze, and dropped her fist, letting her head fall back onto the bed, an obvious glare on her face.

"Sarah, like, the hell?" Maisie blinked, as her glare disappeared. A look of minor confusion replaced it, as she stared up at the girl atop of her. Well... yeah, girl.

Sarah smiled cheekily, as she moved off of Maisie, and sat beside her. "Hey! heard that you moved again, so I came to find you." Sarah said, as she looked around the motel room.

"Give me my knife back, you sneaky bitch." Maisie smirked, holding her hand out.

Sarah huffed. "Meanie." She mumbled, glaring at the wall as she handed the small knife over to Maisie's open palm.

"That's what I thought." Maisie mumbled airily, as she played with the knife, shifting it between her fingers, careful of the sharp edge. "So, Sa-.. rah..." Maisie trailed off, staring at the open space where Sarah previously was, a dull look on her face. "I hate it when you do that!" Maisie called, knowing Sarah could hear her very well. "Fine, run on home to Heaven. Geez." Maisie muttered, as she let her head hit the pillow, her arms resting on her stomach as she stared at the ceiling. 'I guess I could finish my research tomorrow...' She thought, her eyes closing as she tried to hide another yawn.

She shot up, and looked around. "Forgot to change." She muttered to herself, as she got her bag and pulled a tank top out, and a change of panties. She pulled both on in her sleepy state, and collapsed onto the bed, and almost immediately fell asleep.


When Maisie awoke the next day, she rubbed her eyes, and stifled a yawn. She slowly sat up, and slowly pulled a skirt on, and allowed herself to stretch. She sighed peacefully when she heard her tired bones crack, and she stood to walk into the small kitchen area.

Only then, she realized that she had no food in there. "Damn." She sighed, and walked to the small desk by the corner. She looked through her bag, and pulled out a few bills.

About to leave, she stopped, catching herself in the mirror. ". . ." Her eye twitched, as she stared at her hair. It stuck up at odd angles, and was very tangled and messy.

Biting her lip, Maisie was tempted to brush her crow's nest, but dropped the idea once her stomach growled. She hadn't eaten in a couple days, so she was getting hungrier by the minute.

She left in search of a cheap restaurant or fast food place after locking her door. She had placed a couple of her throwing knives inside her knee high boots, so she was good for now, hopefully.

Maisie walked a couple blocks down, and finally arrived at a cheap looking diner. She entered, and sat near the front, her stomach making demands with loud noises.

A waitress walked up, holding the little notepad. "Hello, fine morning, isn't it?" She asked, smiling sweetly. Maisie cocked her brow, and turned to glance out the window. It was dark and cloudy, and might start raining.

"Yeah, perfect weather. Now, can I have a lot of pancakes and coffee and- hmm, that should be good for now." Maisie nodded, waving the waitress away casually. She ignored the glare, and the stomp of the woman's shoes as she stalked into the kitchen.

Maisie eyed the clouds, and turned away to sip at the coffee the waitress poured before stomping away.

"Blah." She frowned, and pushed the cup away. She made a face, and stirred some cream and sugar into the coffee before taking another sip.

Once her food arrived, she had shoved it down her throat and chugged her coffee, not realizing how hungry she truly was. After she finished, she paid and then left the diner, and headed back to her room at the motel.

Once she arrived, she had made a b-line straight for the desk, and pulled the small laptop out of her bag, and sat down, putting the laptop on the desk. She pulled her chair closer, and flipped open the top and pressed on the power button.

A couple minutes later, her laptop finally finished rebooting, and she had pulled up a few files.

Her tongue flicked to the corner of her mouth, as she read a few things over, before reaching for her bag without tearing her eyes away from the screen. She pulled a photo out, the one from a couple days ago. Her eyes traced to the two figures, and her eyes darkened.

"Hunting the Hunters." She stated, and put the small photo down beside her laptop, as she pulled up another file, titled Family.

Her fingers danced across the keyboard as she filled in the information as necessary.


Another day had passed, and Maisie was on the road again. This time, she was hitch hiking, which proved to be very dangerous.

She cast a glance at the man beside her. He was staring at the road, but every now and then he would glance over at her with a lecherous look in his cruel eyes. Maisie only ignored it, as she clutched her bag and bow close to her, refusing to let sleep take her.

The last time she fell asleep while in a car with a stranger, she ended up in a basement, tied to a pipe, dangling from a ceiling. A demon was trying to kill her, but, she managed to turn the tables, and killed it instead.

Yes. Maisie knew what her brothers did was tricky business, and she could die easily. But, hey, she's survived until now. So,...

"So. Where did you say you were heading, again?" The man's voice interrupted her thoughts, as she turned to stare at him.

"Atherton," She said simply, and directed her attention some where other than the leering man beside her. She knew they were getting close, because it wasn't as far as her previous destination was before... So she could hold out until then.


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