Imprisoned Heart


Chapter Eight: Home for the Holiday's {Special}


Snow gently fell from the sky, giving the outside World a nice blanket of snow covering the ground, roof tops, tree's, and anything else in the open. It almost sparkled the way the sunlight hit it.

Outside, were three people, more specifically, Dean and Sam Winchester, along with a Maisie Milligan.

Dean sat on a snow covered bench, glaring with his arms crossed. "You two are just so- ugh." He rolled his eyes, ignoring the fact that it was cold and he could see his breath escape his lips in a non-haunting way.

Sam only grinned, crouched in the snow as he formed a snowball with his bare hands. "Oh, come on, Dean. Have some fun." Sam said, putting the icy ball of snow to the side in a pile.

"Yeah, I do, with woman." Dean replied, smirking at the very thought. "Why would I out here in the cold when I could go to a nice warm strip club or something?"

"God, Dean, stop thinking with your smaller head." It was Maisie's turn to roll her eyes. She was currently in the midst of building a nicely curled snow fort, which looked like half of a igloo.

"Shut it." Came Dean's reply.

Maisie only stuck her tongue out, and pushed more snow to one corner.

Sam chuckled and he stood, stretching. "Oh, wow," He commented when his back cracked. "Maybe we're getting to old for this." He blinked, rolling his arm around in a circular motion.

"You are." Maisie snorted, standing up easily and throwing a snow ball at Sam. It broke from the contact when it hit his shoulder.

"You wanna go?" Sam grinned, brushing his bangs from face. "It's already on." Maisie replied, giggling as she took cover behind her small fort and began to hurriedly make snow balls.

Dean only grumbled to himself as he sunk lower in the snow covered bench with his arms crossed. "I hate Canada." He complained quietly, huffing.


The three were back in their motel room, sitting idly and watching the bright colors come from the TV.

"Mase, didn't you say you found a job for us?" Sam asked, flipping through various channels which seemed to be playing only Christmas movies.

"Nope." Maisie replied, staring at the ceiling.
"I thought that was the whole reason we came here." Dean muttered, his eye twitching. Maisie smirked at him, playing with the loose end of her shirt.

"Can I ask you guys something?" She asked a few moments later, filling the silence.

"Yeah, sure." Sam said, turning away from the TV. Dean grumbled a reply, but stared at her questioningly.

"Why do you dress like some greaser, Dean, but without the greased hair? And Sam, why do you dress like a cowboy minus the hat?" She asked innocently, not a hint of amusement on her face.

"Why do you dress like a girl?" Came Dean's smart reply with a frown. Maisie snorted. "I'm being serious, and FYI, I am a girl." She motioned to her chest, laughing in a mocking way.

"Oh, really, you're just so flat." Dean smiled, his fingers drumming on the desk he sat at.

"Okay, at least I have a fucking bigger dick than you do." Maisie said with an equal irritated smile, her hands in her lap.

"Yeah? Wel-"

"Guys, come on." Sam rolled his eyes.

"You're tall." Both Dean and Maisie snapped, glaring at Sam. Sam blinked, looking taken aback by there out burst. "Uhh," He never got to finish, because they continued to throw more insults at each other.

"Never mind..." Sam just mumbled to himself, raising his hands in the air in defeat, collapsing back onto the couch to watch some corny Christmas movie. 'Sucks that there is only Christmas movies on at Christmas Eve...' Sam thought to himself, eventually dozing off.


Dean and Maisie both quieted down after they realized that Sam had indeed fallen asleep. They shared a look before smirking at each other.

"Okay, lets get this over with." Dean said, standing up and reaching for the car keys. Maisie nodded silently, grabbing for her jacket.

They both left the motel room quietly and made their way to the Impala. Maisie happily slide into the shot gun seat, pleased that she got to sit in the front for once. Dean obviously got in the driver seat, and started up the car and drove from the motel's small parking lot.

The Winchester and Milligan soon enough arrived to a local mall about ten minutes away from the motel. They exited the Impala, and entered the nicely decorated mall.

"So, if you could give any name to your Impala, what would it be? And don't say Sharen." Maisie asked, a slight warning tone in her voice. "Why Sharen?" Dean made a face.

"I dunno, just don't." She replied with a casual shrug.
"Oh, I don't know." Dean blinked. "Maybe Mary..." He muttered, suddenly remembering his mother. Maisie stared from the corner of her eyes, and just nodded. "That's a nice name." She commented, eyes looking over the various signs inside the mall.

"Yeah..." Dean agreed, seemingly staring into the abyss. "Anyways, past aside, what are we getting?" He asked.

"Well, a make shift tree, uhm, ornaments and candy canes. And other stuff." Maisie said, looking at a small crumpled piece of paper she grabbed from her pocket. Her eyes roamed over the words. "Alright, Walmart should have everything we need." She stated, looking for a sign that pointed the direction of Walmart.


Dean let a loud groan out, tossing his head back in annoyance. "Are we done yet?" He asked, obviously frustrated.

"Not yet." Maisie rolled her eyes, her hands gently gripping the cart as she pushed it along. Dean was walking beside it, his hand laying on the side, half pulling it with him. "God, how does Sam put up with you?"

"Uh, I think the question is how Sammy puts up with you." Dean shot back, chuckling darkly. "Cuuute. You call him Sammy." Maisie teased, smirking in victory. "What ever, powder puff." Dean replied, looking disinterested.

The two continued their shopping trip the day before Christmas, needing to get out of the semi busy store.

Carts bashed into each other, people fought for the same thing, little kids cried, adults scolded, yes, just another day in Walmart.


"Okay, hey, careful." Maisie sighed, reaching for the tape so she could tape up the ends of the wrapping paper. She peeled a piece off and ripped it off the side, placing it back on the stony ground.

"Why are we doing this outside?" Dean glared, the chilly weather stinging his warm skin, making his cheeks turn red.

"Because, I personally don't want to wake up Sam." Maisie said, rolling her eyes like it was the most obvious thing in the World. She gently placed the nicely wrapped box to the side, and grabbed another box.

Dean grumbled and complained under his breath, taping it not so neatly, and pushed it to the growing pile of gifts.

"Ahh, don't you love Christmas?" Maisie asked, turning her head from the picnic table to look at the cloudy sky.

"Well, dad never gave us a-... an 'awesome' Christmas." Dean muttered, remembering how their dad was rarely around. Though there were those few rare times when he was around...

Dean shook his head, wanting- no, needing- to forget those painful but glorious memories of his time spent with John and Sam when they were younger.

He looked up from his wrapping, eyeing the box Maisie was now putting to the side. "Why does yours look so nice and pretty?" He muttered, glancing to his horrible wrapping job.

"Because, I'm a girl. Well truthfully, I used to celebrate Christmas all the time with my mom and brother..." Maisie said, biting her lip as she looked around. "Okay, all done." She grinned, standing from the bench.

"Aw man," She groaned, stretching as she yawned. "Tired..." She complained. "And my butt hurts." She adde'd, stiffly making her way around the burgundy colored wooden table.

"Uhh, calm down there." Dean snorted, also standing from the picnic table. "Anyways, should I bring the tree in?" He asked, eyeing the small but decorated tree that leaned up against the wall of the dingy motel.

"Obviously." Maisie gave a little eye roll, stacking the gifts so she it would be easier to carry inside. She paused, waiting as Dean unlocked the door, and thought about the recent events. "Do you think Sam will like it? I know you said that he's a Grinch, but still." She barely managed to contain her giggles as she hefted the pile into her arms.

Dean looked to be in thought for a minute, but smiled, "He'll love it."


Next Day...

Sam groaned as he stretched, stifling a yawn as he did so. He reached up to rub at his eyes but paused when he heard rustling some where in the room. The Younger Winchester groggily sat up and looked around, almost as if he was in a haze.

He blinked once, then twice. His eyes finally focused on the bright lights in the room, and a three foot fake pine tree sitting in the corner, decorated with candy canes and various ornaments.

"Uh, guys...?" Sam trailed off, staring at the piles of good looking food and some horrid and nice looking gifts that lay on the ground beside the tree.

"Merry Christmas, Sam!" Both Dean and Maisie chimed, both with huge smiles on their faces.

"You guys did this?" He asked, feeling slightly shocked. Dean nodded, "Yup, so you better enjoy it." He said, patting Sam's head lightly, ruffling up his hair.

Sam pouted and pushed Dean's hand away, "Wow... Thanks." He murmured, a smile creeping it's way to his face. "It's better than our last Christmas, Dean." He chuckled, shaking his head.

"That's cause I'm here." Maisie said happily, her hands on her hips. Dean rolled his eyes, "Yes, you make everything better, powder puff." He added sarcastically.
"I sure as hell do." She nodded, smirking as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. Dean only shook his head, hiding his smirk, while Sam just grinned.

"Merry Christmas, guys." Sam smiled warmly.

"Okay, time to open presents!" Maisie singed out, pushing Sam from the bed and onto his feet. Dean followed closely behind, secretly admiring his (horrid) wrapping job on some of the gifts. He sat beside Sam who had plopped himself on the couch with another yawn, watching Maisie sit herself on the ground.

She grinned as she passed both Dean and Sam a gift each, waiting eagerly for them to start opening.

Sam paused, and smiled sheepishly, "Actually, I got you guys some stuff too." He said, pulling out a bag of things that were covered in news paper. "Both of your stuff is in there." He said, and turned back to the object in his hand.

The three had began to unwrap everything that was addressed to themselves, laughing occasionally at the weird gift.

"Wow, Dean," Maisie paused, staring at the small thing full of tampons. "I could really just shop for myself for woman things, but, thanks." She chuckled, shaking her head. Sam snorted and turned away, hiding his growing smirk.

"Hey, at least you didn't get a barbie this time." Sam said, remembering back to that one moment when he was young, and Dean stole presents from their 'neigh boors' down the street, unknowingly giving him girly gifts.

"Awh, still on about that, Sammy?" Dean's grin faltered, and he glanced down to his necklace that Sam had given him, even though it was for their father.

"Well, no matter where we are, or how we celebrate, I'm just glad that it's with family." Dean scoffed out, crossing his arms. Sam stared at him, shocked for a moment, but smiled and gave his brother a nod.

"Yeah, family." He agreed.


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