Chapter 7

I know everyone has wanted an update on Angel and Buffy's first Christmas so here it is. I hope you all enjoy the latest chapter! :)

(Angel gets a call from Gunn about a young girl being missing while he is on his dinner date with Buffy)

Gunn: Look I know you are on your dinner date with Buffy. But there is a young girl missing and she was last seen by the old warehouse that all the vampires hang out. We want to know what we should do.

Angel: Yes Gunn thank you for calling me about this case and I'm sure Buffy won't be to upset about this case sense it has to do with a young girl being missing, I want you to get a hold of Wesley and do some research on what vampires are hanging out there and get back with me so we can plan our next step to get this young girl found before something happens to her.

Gunn: Great I will get with Wesley now and get started and again I'm sorry for calling on our date with Buffy.

Angel: It's no problem Gunn. Just keep me posted please.

Gunn: Okay boss talk to you soon. Enjoy the rest of your dinner.

Buffy: Is everything alright Angel?

Angel: No that was Gunn on the phone he said that a young girl went missing around the old warehouse that a gang of vampires hang out and I told him to get with Wesley and do some research to see what kind of vampires hang there so we can plan our next step on finding this young girl.

Buffy: Maybe we need to go as well so that way we can get this started. Because I won't be able to enjoy myself knowing there is a young girl missing. We can always do our date another night.

Angel: Are you sure Honey? Because Gunn and Wesley can handle this for one evening?

Buffy: Yes I'm sure because I can't image something happening to our little girl and us eating dinner and now helping to find this young girl.

Angel: Okay let's get the check and head back to the office.

(Back at the office Gunn and Wesley and Willow are doing research and Willow heard her cell ring)

Buffy: HI willow I just wanted to let you know that I and Angel are heading to the office if you want to bring Sera to the office and we can pick her up there?

Willow: I and Sera are at the office now because Wesley and Gunn needed my help with some research to find this young girl that is missing.

Buffy: Okay thanks we should be there in 10 minutes.

Willow: Okay see you than Bye.

Buffy: Bye

Willow: Wesley and Gunn that was Buffy on the phone and she and Angel are on their way here to help with the search for this girl that is missing.

Gunn and Wesley: Okay thanks for letting us know. There help will be great as well it might make it faster if we had everyone helping because right now I'm not sure what I'm looking for at this point.

(Angel and Buffy come walking into the office)

Angel and Buffy: Hi guys any luck on the search?

Wesley and Gunn and Willow: No not yet. We are coming up empty and it really sucks right now because the more we waste looking for research the longer this young girl has to live when she is around a lot of vampire.

Angel: Wesley if anyone can find out what kind of vampires is hanging there it would be you. Okay this is what we are going to do me and Buffy will go by the warehouse and see what the vampires look like than we can go from there to see what we can find out.

Wesley: Alright that sounds like a good idea to start off with.

Angel: Honey can you please check on our Sera and then go change so we can head out please?

Buffy: sure I can I'll be right back than we can go Angel.

Angel: Okay Wesley and Gunn and Willow we are out of here I will call you with any update. And please keep an ear out for Sera please?

Wesley: Sure thing Angel we can keep a listen out for Sera.

Angel: Thank you Wesley sees you in a few.

(Angel and Buffy leave the office)

So do you think Angel and Buffy will find out what kind of vampires have the young girl?