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A/N: It's Dru… I've never done Dru before…

The Sun and Moon are dancing again, because all they ever do is Dance.

The first time she watched it, she was standing face to face with a young man in the mews of London, and she instantly knew: she knew exactly how it all would turn out.

She made him hers, for a little while, and she danced with him, but in the back of her mind there was always the Sun, waiting for the chance to steal him away.

One hundred years later, they came to the Sun's home, and the Moon met the Sun for the first time. They began the Dance that very night.

A year or so later, in Brazil, she knows it's time and she doesn't fight it. She tells the Moon about dancing with the Sunshine, but she isn't sure he understands. He's angry and upset, and she smiles at him because he doesn't want to leave her yet, but he must and so she mustn't keep him.

He leaves at last and for a moment she revels, then tips her head back to stare at the black sky above. The Sun and the Moon have their proper partners now. She's done her part.

Daddy asks her about the Moon when she comes to his city and she smiles at him, a secretive smile, because all these years she's kept this from him and now she finally gets to share.

She tells him of the Sun and Moon and the eternal Dance they do. He doesn't understand either at first, but then she places her hand on his arm and leans in to confide a secret to him. They never belonged to us. We kept them for a while, but we were keeping them for each other.

Now he understands and he's angry, but she doesn't care. She loves the Moon, but the Moon is the Sun's, always has been. She's always known it, right from the first moment in a London alley.

The Stars watch the Dance of the Moon and the Sun and they spin by themselves in one place and laugh.

A/N: I love Dru. Weirdly enough, since she's pretty disturbing (and not in a fun way). But I do.