Chapter One. I am in a dark mood.

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3.) PLOT: Jack takes a tumble and Bunnymund is left to take responsibility. Jack can't seem to remember anything about himself, but the way he feels for the hare shines bright. In the darkness lives a forgotten soul that will take innocence for its own.

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It was a warm spring day in the Easter Bunny's Warren. The sun was high in the sky. Through out the spring made place laughter with an icy chill echoed softly. Fevered thumping from the feet of a hare mixed with the laugh and spread through the air.

"Oi mate! You should know better than to race a rabbit!"

"Oh, I was racing a rabbit? Could have sworn I was racing with a kangaroo!"

"Why you little! Wait till I get my paws on you!"

Jack Frost had gone to the Warren to prank on Bunnymund today. He had found the hare instructing several large groups of eggs. A devilish smirk spread about the winter guardians face as an idea popped into his head.

From his spot hidden a good feet out of Bunny's ear shot, Jack tapped his staff to the ground beside him. An icy path shot from the staff and flowed to the place the busy hare was barking orders. Once the ice made its way under Bunnymunds feet Jack quickly jumped from his hiding place shouting at the Easter Guardian.

The young frost spirit wanted to catch the others attention before Bunny could notice the ice beneath his feet. The moment the hare saw the winter spirit he turned to yell the boy off, but as he turned he slipped on the trap set by Frost and fell onto his face.

Jack burst into laughter at the sight before him. Suddenly his laughter was caught in his throat as large puff of violet smoke surrounded him. Before another second could pass, the winter spirit shot to the skies. Making his way just above the smoke when he felt a warm, furry paw grip his left ankle.

As the smoke cleared, Jack glanced to the owner of the hand now gripping his ankle. A smirk was plastered across a furry face. In one swift move, Jack found himself on his back with an over-sized rabbit staring at him.

"What do ya think yer doing here mate." I froze. My mind went blank, then filled with the memory of the dream I had last night. Dream. Ha, more like nightmare. I snapped from my daze as I felt Bunny's paw caressing my cheek. I stared into Emerald green eyes.

"Frostbite? You started shaking and zoned out on me, mate. Somethin' wrong?" Bunnymund's face was etched in concern. I smiled weakly and sat myself up. "I-I'm fine. Just a little out of it kangaroo." Even at his hated nickname, Bunny just stared at me slightly before looking back to his eggs.

Suddenly the Easter spirit found himself on his back with snow in his face. I hopped to my feet and started running from the hare as fast as I could. I couldn't hear what Bunny shouted at me, but I could hear him quickly coming up behind me. I let out a laugh and picked up my pace.

I had fallen asleep. Trying to run from a rabbit Bunnymund's size took a lot of work. We ended up catching our breath at the top of a hill deep in the Warren. I was having another Nightmare. Just as I felt like I could take no more I was being shaken awake. I snapped my eyes to emerald green.

"Ya were havin' a nightmare mate. You alright?" I was in Bunny's arms, my body still shaking from the dream. My face felt wet. I touched my cheek lightly. I had been crying. I was so embarrassed. I pushed back from Bunny, but he simply tightened his grip.

"Now calm down. It's alright. I got ya mate!" I ignored Bunnymund and pushed with all my might. The Guardian of Hope's grip seemed to slip, because in the next moment I found myself falling back down the hill and Bunny looking at me with a look of pure shock. Next thing I knew everything was going black and my head was throbbing.

(Bunnymund's P.O.V.)

I watched Jack roll down the hill we were just resting on. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Before I could react, Jack was smashing his head into one of my stone warrior eggs that had been perched near by. By the time I got to the winter spirit, he was unconscious with a deep color already forming on the front left side of his forehead. I winced at the bruise getting darker by the second.

I wasn't too sure what to do with the kid. It was rare I spent much time with children or even the other Guardians. A defeated sigh rolled from the Easter spirits furry lips. If Toothiana found out about this he was gonna be eating carrots with only gums.

Quickly, but gently, Bunnymund picked Jack up bridal style and headed to the main part of his Warren where his bed was. The large hare moved at a slow pace, making sure not to jostle the smaller Guardian too much.

Jack was nestled in Bunny's large nest like bed. We had watched the snow colored boy for over two hours and he had yet to wake. Becoming frantic the large hare thumped his foot a couple times and hopped in the tunnel he had opened. He needed to tell North and the others. Now.

"What?! Is he alright? Is anyone watching him? I can't believe you left him alone! What if he wakes up and runs off and then-" Toothiana was cut off from her mile a minute panic attack by North's large arm suddenly grasping her shoulder. He added a gentle pressure as she glanced up to him. His face holding a comforting look. The large Russian spirit of wonder turned back to his long time friend.

"Bunny, we know it was just an accident. No one is mad at you. We ALL," North glanced to Tooth then turned back to the hare, "know you did not mean for this to happen." Bunnymund nodded slightly and thumped the ground once more.

"Come on. I'll take ya to him." With that, the bunny vanished into his hole.

As they made their way through the tunnels, Bunny in the lead and first one to reenter is home right where he left. A sharp gasp caused the other three Guardians to quicken their pace. Bunny was bouncing about the room in a fevered pace.

"Bunny wha-" Tooth began.

"He was right here when I left him! He was still asleep and I was only gone for thirty minutes!"

"It's alright Bunny! Calm down. This is Jack we're talking about. He's probably out there waiting for you to come so he can prank you for the bump to the head." The Guardian of memories took the hare's hand in her own and lead them to the opening of the Warren.

As the group left the borrow, Bunnymund's ears shot straight up and twitched a bit before he shot off to his left. The large hare was moving at top speed. The others called after him, but received no reply and simply followed the Easter Guardian as best as they could.

The were closing in on the river of colors Bunny used to paint his eggs. The closer they got to the clearing, the more they could hear a faint laugh. The laughing turned into a childish giggle. Once they entered the clearing everyone froze. Tooth and Sandy dropped to the ground with a thump. North's eyes couldn't get wider, while Bunnymund's jaw hung open.

Before them was a very brightly colored Jack Frost. The young Guardian was chasing several eggs. It seemed as if he was trying to catch them. He was giggling loudly and every so often would stumble and fall, but the fall only seemed to cause more giggles to spill from the frost spirits lips.

"What in the bloody hell do ya think your doin'?" The brightly colored boy snapped his attention to the group just a few feet away.

"Bunny?" Jack smiled like a child that just received a Christmas present early. Suddenly the winter spirit was running full force toward the hare and, without warning, slammed himself against Bunnymund's furry chest.

Bunnymund froze. Glancing down at the rainbow colored boy hugging him, the Easter Guardian got a sinking feeling in his stomach. Something wasn't right with Jack.

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