Chapter Six. JackBunny readers... Sh*ts hitting the fan now.

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3.) PLOT: Jack takes a tumble and Bunnymund is left to take responsibility. Jack can't seem to remember anything about himself, but the way he feels for the hare shines bright. In the darkness lives a forgotten soul that will take innocence for its own.

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Fever Rush Love Lust

It's dark and I don't remember how long I've been walking. I hear him calling to me. I eventually come across a broken bed frame with a deep and dark hole beneath it. I hear him calling my name once more.


"I don't hesitate as I leap into the darkness. As I reach the bottom I find a chill in the air as my only greeting. Soft laughter echoing about the dark lair. I feel fear creeping up my spine as I walk through the abandon place. His voice growing louder as I near my destination. I reach double doors. The reach high into the darkness. They're are creaked and a soft white light flickers like a candle within. I breathe deeply and push the doors open fully. Jack rests upon a large bed in the center of the cold and poorly light room. Candles with flame of blue are scattered around the floor.

He's sitting up with sheets wrapped around his lithe pale body. He sits up and reaches out to me with both hands. The sheet he held to his chest falls easily, revealing more of that snow kissed skin. I feel my body heat up at the sight. His calls my name softly once more.


I find myself making my way to the edge of the bed. My mind is blank, but filled with thoughts of the winter spirit. His smile is inviting and his eyes are clouded in a way I haven't seen from another in centuries. Before I know it I'm over the boy. Our lips pressed together. My hands moving down to his hips and I'm enjoying the feel of his cool body temperature. Soon the sheet is gone and I can see him clearly. His hands are dancing cross my chest. I bend down and nip at his neck, which in turn he reveals more of to me. My hands are on his thighs and I'm slowly pulling them open.

"Take me...Aster...make me ours...please.."

I hear his pleas and fill my self at his entrance. He's still smiling as he lets his hands slip to my hardening length. He pulls me gently to his opening and his lips are at my ear. Whispering naughty pleas for me to take him. About how he knows I want him and I do. I feel myself slam into him suddenly and instead of a scream I head a soft moan. He begs for more of me and I feel him thrust back on me.

"Please Aster...corrupt me."

I freeze and realize what's happening. I feel like I've been in a trance. Where were we? Why were we doing this? Hadn't the boy lost all his memories? Hadn't I just taking him to my Warren for the night? As these questions fill my head I notice the candles slowly going out and Jack's grip on me tightens. His nails digging into my shoulders. I bring my eyes to his face and full myself from his grasp. As my back slams into the doors behind me I snap around and find the doors that I had opened were now shut. I tried to open them to find them locked tight.

Laughter fills the room lowly. I turn back to Jack and cringe. His eyes are completely colored black. A ring of blue is all that's left of those eyes, but the blackness is spreading. Pouring from his eyes and slowly covering the snow white skin of his face. His smile is wide, but empty.

"Aster? I thought you wanted to play with me?" His voice is quiet and fills my body with fear. Soon I realize the room is filling with darkness and behind Jack a shadow appears. Yellow eyes shine brightly in the shadow. His eyes. My own widen and before I can make another move...

I snap awake with a jolt. My breathing is tense and strong. I could feel sweat covering my fur. It was just a...nightmare. Suddenly a cold presence beside me snaps me fully aware of my surroundings. I turn to Jack who was sleeping peacefully beside me. My eyes go wide. He's not moving. He would appear asleep if his eyes weren't locked on me. His own eyes wider than my own. Locked in a state of fear. His breathing low, but quick, as if he was gasping. His left eye was black with a rim of blue. Like in my nightmare, though it was only one eye. The blackness wasn't pouring from his eyes either, but was enough to let me realize that something wasn't right and whatever was going on had to do with Pitch Black.

I instantly jumped from my bed and scooped up Jack, gently yet firmly. I thumped my foot and jumped. I had to tell the others.

I had arrived at about four a.m. and apparently interrupted a VERY interesting and VERY private time between North and Tooth. It would have been very funny if not for the reason of my interruption. North came into the living room area of his work area in a bit of a fury, but one look at the boy in my arms silenced anything the large man had to say. Jack was instantly taken from my arms and brought to the infirmary.

While a Yeti looked over the boy North turned to me. He asked what had happened. At first I resisted the urge to tell him about the dream, but after sparing a second glance to Jack I immediately informed the other Guardians. Tooth remind silent and North simply nodded. The over-sized elf made his way to Jack's bedside.

Jack's eyes were still wide. The black still only remained in his left eye. His breathing was still low, but he was no longer gasping. His body seemed to be slowly calming down, but none of us still didn't know what was wrong with the boy. The only thing we knew was that this was Pitch's fault.

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