Done for Hetalia Kink Meme!

Prompt: England/America, you know in Zoo's they bring pandas together in hopes they will mate and get pregnant so they won't go into extinction? I would love that premise but instead of Pandas, England and America are Nagas brought together in a zoo.

Bonus: If Omegaverse included as well; England being the Alpha/ Alfred being the omega

CC101- I know it's bad to start a story while you have another going on but I loved this prompt! This story will be told with a mix of videos, journals, etc.

Disclaimer- I don't own Hetalia. Done for Hetalia Kink Meme.

Day 1: May 15, 2012

This is Kiku Honda recording for the International Zoo located near Washington D.C. in America. I have been specially recruited by the International Zoo for my assignment: to help keep the Naga population from lowering and ultimately stop the destruction of the species. The Naga population has drastically dropped since the late 1980's. Only some 2,000 Nagas are left in the entire world. Officially protected by the Naga Rights Act in 1975, nagas are considered to be half-human. Under that definition, anyone killing a naga will be tried for murder. However, by the same law, nagas are half-animal as well. Therefor, all nagas must live at a zoo, have no right to vote and are banned from society. The last reason is for the protection of humans and nagas alike.

Now, the job I have taken is not easy. I will try to record at least every two days as many factors go against my goal and I will be busy working out the flaws in my plans. Nagas are different from anyone animal I have had to deal with. They are not true animals and can be very human-like at times. Nagas have many emotions. Here are the factors for and against us:

First, in the Naga population, there are a large number of males and an unhealthy low amount of females. However, both naga males and females (with the exception of male Alphas) can give birth. Usually the baby count is anywhere between three to four nagalets. Another useful thing is a naga's heat can be triggered at any time, spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Second, Nagas have a unique set of positions in their society. The Alphas are dominate, the Betas the middle ground, and Omegas are the submissive ones. When it comes to breeding, it is best to have Omegas males or females try to give birth. Betas and Alphas seem to have trouble bringing the baby to term, males more than females. Trial and error has proven to breeders that the top three pairings in order from greatest profit are Alpha-Omegas, Beta-Beta, and Beta-Omega. A notable thing is that Alphas only mate with Omegas. Almost thankfully, Alphas are not rare yet not common, so there are enough Omegas for them.

Third, Nagas are social creatures. If the two hate each other, they will not mate. I learned this when I tried to set up an Albino Beta and a strong-willed Beta found in Hungary. The two always fought and didn't produce any children. Even in the middle of their heats, they refused to even go near each other.

Fourth, although nagas have three to five offspring, only the strong survive. Of those five, it is expected that only three of them will reach adulthood. The other two either die in their teens or as a newborn.

Tonight, my team which consist of myself, my cousin from China, Yao Wang, my other co-worker Katyusha Braginskya from Ukraine, and finally Feliks Lukasiewicz from Poland, have decided to select from hundreds of nagas, two nagas to try to produce more nagalets. We have chosen Arthur Kirkland, an Alpha naga from England, and Alfred F. Jones, an Omega naga from America. My team handpicked these two for their physical and mental capabilities as well as experience on Arthur's part. In previous breeding programs, Arthur has fathered over twenty nagalets from four mates in the past. We hope that by giving Arthur a young, healthy, and virgin Omega that there will be a large number of healthy and strong hatchlings. The following are files for each naga.

Name: Arthur Kirkland

Scale tone: Light green

Eye color: Green

Born: 23rd of April, 1993

Current Age: 19

Weight: 100 lbs.

Height: 4ft 5in

Health History: Perfect

Breeding Past: Fathered 21 children in past, of those a surprising amount of seventeen have lived.

Name: Alfred F. Jones

Scale tone- Light blue

Eye color: Blue

Born: 4th of July, 1997

Current Age: 15

Weight: 90 lbs.

Height: 4ft 1in

Heath History: Laser Surgery for eyes when nagalet

Breeding Past: Virgin

One last note before I end today's journal entry, tomorrow we shall talk to each naga and record each talk.