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Chapter Four: Matthew Williams 1

Toris smiled as Alfred had a very successful meeting with Kiku. The Lithuanian really liked Alfred; they connected in a way Toris never knew was possible between a naga and a human. Even from the beginning, they understood that the other was a true friend. Alfred was Tori's first naga he had been assigned to when Alfred offically left his mother's nest (around five years old). Now that Alfred had a mate, Toris would have to admit he was a bit jealous. Arthur and Alfred would be locked away together for almost three months and then some extra if Alfred wanted Arthur to stay and raise the nagalets together.

Alfred glanced at his human friend, who was staring at the ground with sadness filling Toris's green eyes. "Toris? Are you okay?" The Omega lightly squeezed the hand that was currently residing in his own hand.

The human looked up, slightly out of it still. "Huh? Oh," he blushed. "Yes, I am fine. I am just thinking about the future. It may sound kind of cheesy, but I truly am happy for you, Alfred. Soon you will have some nagalets. I know that you have wanted nagalets since you were eight. I can still remember when you asked me about it. I told you that you had to wait. You were so upset with me, you did not talk to me for an entire week. In fact, you tried not to look at me as well. It only ended when the other Omegas told you the same thing." Toris gave the younger a huge smile he reminisced The duo turned left and then a quick right down the halls.

The blue-scaled naga's worry turned into joy and he smiled. "I remember that!" He gave himself a little hug, looking intently on the plain white ceiling. The sapphire orbs shined with "I feel as if I am in a wonderful dream! I don't think this day could get any better than it already is!"

"Umm..." The taller looked around. "Alfred, I have a few questions."

"Hmm?" Alfred came down from his daydream and glanced at his long time friend. It was unusual for a human, according to Alfred, but the taller was very hesitant about interrogating him about a wide range of topics. The America chuckled as he thought about what the question could possibly be. "Of course, Toris. Ask away!"

The brunette sighed in relief when his friend started to laugh. "How do you know that Arthur will be a good mate for you? You have never even met him before. I know that you are excited but how exactly do you know he will be a good mate? The International Zoo expects you to mate and have nagalets with a total stranger that we have hooked up for you. Because they think you would be a suitable mate. What makes you think Arthur will be a good father to the nagalets?"

Alfred let out a rather playful hiss. "That is easy!" He turned a left, the two moving closer to Alfred's enclosure. "You have told me before of what he looks like and other facts about my future mate. Just the sheer number of how many offspring he has tells any Omega that the Alpha has good genes and is fertile My mother told me that the number of nagalets that survives proves how good his genes are and how good of a father he will be to our nagalets. Combining those to facts, it is with relative ease that I can conclude that Arthur Kirkland will be a wonderful mate for me." Again the blue naga returned into lala land as he slithered down the hall.

"I see, thanks." They turned another left when Toris's eyes turned mischievous, thinking back to the former conversation. "Also, I think you are wrong, my friend. This day can get a whole lot better."

Alfred returned his attention to the Lithuanian with a look of complete disbelief. "I do not believe you Toris." He stopped at his enclosure door to turn fully towards the taller. "Nothing, and I mean nothing, could make this day better than it already is!"

The human opened the door with a cocky smirk on his usually innocent face, "Oh really?"

Peeping in, Alfred squeaked and hurried into the enclosure. "MATTIE!" The Omega screamed as he launched himself at his Alpha brother, Matthew Williams.

The red-scaled naga laughed as he caught his little brother, "Alfie!" Setting down the younger, Matthew gave him a look over. Matthew had not seen his little brother since they left their mother's nest. Both of them were five at the time, when most nagas left their mother. During the younger years, nagas grow extremely fast. When most nagas hit five years old, they are a good enough size to leave their mothers and enter into the care of their assigned caretakers. It is only about eight years though, their growth slows down severely. "I am happy to see you again, Alfred. You seem healthy." He changed his gaze to Toris. "Thank you for arranging this."

The human nodded, "Of course, anything for Alfred. You do not have to leave until tomorrow night. Okay, Matthew?" The older naga nodded in confirmation. "Well, I must be going. I do have other chores that need to be completed before I leave for home tonight." He shivered, "Feliks has cooking duty tonight. I want to get to our home before something happens. Last time he almost melted the pot." Toris shook his head in exasperation at the memory of getting a call from the firefighters.

Alfred quickly slithered to hug Toris. "Thank you so much." He released the taller. "You were right, my day could and did get a lot better." He turned his gaze back at the Alpha, his grin growing. "Thank you," he repeated to get his message across.

Toris chuckled, "You are welcome, Alfred. Think of this as a present from everyone here. We have high expectations for you." Then, he quietly waved to the Canadian naga. "Good bye," the brunette stated before slipping out of the door leading out of the enclosure.

With the human being gone, Alfred turned his full attention to his brother. "I missed you, Matthew. How have you been doing? Toris told me you were sent to Canada. Isn't it really cold there?" The tip of his tail twitched.

Matthew shrugged, "From what the humans tell me, yes. However my enclosure is always heated to a nice degree." He looked around the enclosure. "Do you have a heating rock?"

"Yes, it's right next to that tree that seems to be almost falling over."

"I see it," said Matthew as he slithered over to it and then curled around himself. "Join me. We have a lot to catch up on."

Alfred laughed again, he was so excited that the other was actually here. Matthew was the nest-mate he got along best with then he stayed with his mother. The others were okay. His mother, like most Omegas, had several seasons of nagalets. She went into heat every other year. "Yes, tell me about everything! How is Canada? I know you said it is cold, but is it really as cold as they say? Who is your caretaker? Do you have nagalets? Who is your mate?"

"Well, let's see," began Matthew. "Canada is wonderful. From what I hear, it is not cold in my country but it is freezing in my country. Howeverm my enclosure is heated much like your own cozy place," repeated the taller. "My caretaker is a wonderful but quiet man named Berwald. I have three nagalets at the moment. They are all male Alphas and their scales are red like mine. My mate is a beautiful naga named Katyusha. She is from the country of Ukraine. The children do not have names due to an old Ukraine tradition that Katyusha keeps but personally the doctors are calling them Tom, Garth, and Roger."

"Wow!" Alfred looked down to his flat stomach. "That is wonderful. Do you think that I will have many children the first time around?" The blue naga's voice was high pitched and hopeful.

"I think you will have at the most four eggs, Alfred. Most first time mothers do not have that many eggs. Even the oldest mothers usually only birth about seven eggs at the most," explained the older naga. "I am sure that you will have many strong sons. Toris tells me that he has a very good track record for being so young."

Nodding, Alfred sighed in happiness. "I know. Hopefully, we won't loose a nagalet. I would be devastated."

Matthew reached over and rubbed the younger's back. "I can only hope but Alfred, you know about our kind. You will at least loose a few. Even Arthur has lost some. It cannot be helped, that is the nature of being a naga. Only the strong will survive; Omegas are strong in their own way." He gazed around the area. Alfred had a large enclosure. He had at least a good twenty oak trees, a few large sunning rocks, a large pool of water to drink from, and a small cave for private moments.

"Yeah, yeah," pouted Alfred. His natural instinct as an Omega said that all of his children would survive, but logic dictated otherwise.

"So, tell me about you time here in America."

Alfred chuckled, "Its awesome here. Land of the free and all the jazz. You met my caretaker already. Currently I am being monitored by Yao Wang, and Kiku Honda is my breeding specialist. Live here is great, I eat three meals a day, one snack, and I have lots of fun things to do. Sometimes I read when Toris gets me a book and glasses. Other times Toris will let me play on his iPhone. I exercise daily and I even get to meet the other Omegas here twice a week. Other than that, I do what normal nagas do I guess. Primp myself and practice several skills I have, like making things out of what I can find here. Toris gives me a project every two weeks. They are great fun!"

Matthew nodded. It seemed almost identical to the schedule that he had back in Canada. Only, he prefered to practice rough housing with the Alphas and keeping his fighting up to par. "I see, sounds great to me."

"Should we go to sleep brother? The night is late and we need to get up early tomorrow." The lights in Alfred's enclosure mirrored then sun so at the current time, the lights were set to the dim of dusk.

Confused the red-scaled male tilted his head. "We have to get up early tomorrow? Why?" Matthew wasn't aware of any plans the his younger brother had. "I do not have to leave until tomorrow night, might I remind you. Why must you get up early?"

The America blushed, his face becoming red. "I-I, well... Everyday I go and give myself a very extensive look over and clean. I found that the humans here have better tools for me to clean myself than what comes naturally." The blush increased. "I want to look good for Arthur, so I go every morning. Toris had to convince the staff here to be left alone and do it myself. He was the one that taught me how to use all the objects. You should come with me and find out how much fun it can be!" The smaller's tone was happy and excited. He could share the time with the other and get to spend extra time with Matthew. "Would you like to come?"

Matthew gave it a bit of thought. He did not hate humans but he mistrusted them. No nagas had ever been treated as equals of a human. He was worried that the humans were simply making fun of his younger brother and mistreating him. "Yes, I will come. Do you have a nest around here, Alfred?"

"No, I simply turn up the heat on this rock and curl up in the corner where it is slightly elevated," explained Alfred. "Here, watch." He slithered over to a control pad that was under a ledge. "I turn it up and the rock heats up." True to his knowledge, the heating rock changed from a rather medium warmth to a hot yet cozy temperature. "There, that should be good for tonight." Twisting over to look at his brother, he asked, "Would you like to curl up together?"

The Canadian sighed, "I am afraid that it would be a bad idea. Arthur might be able to scent me after I leave. He would sense another Alpha and would feel threatened, as if someone was trying to take his mate." Purple orbs looked around, and eventually found a good nesting spot. "I will sleep there," stated the older, pointing at the spot in the rock that looked comfortable. "Help me make a nest?"

"Okay, and sure." Alfred moved to the nearest tree and ripped the vines off. Setting them at the base of the tree, he could make out Matthew doing it to the other trees in the area. Once the vies were harvested, next came the leaves to fill the nest. "I actually have some birds living in the trees. I don't eat them so I have bird feathers everywhere. You could find some of their feathers on the ground by that pond of water."

"Okay! I got them. Do we have enough?" A voice called from far away.

"Yes!" Alfred yelled back, after taking a good look at the leaves and vines they created. "This should be fine!" He quickly moved the pile closer to the rock for Matthew to arrange.

The older came back with a armful of leaves, feathers, and vines. Matthew thanked the smaller before quickly creating his nest. The vines outlined the nest while the leaves and feathers gave it a cushion. "Thank you, brother," stated Matthew as he continued to work on his nest.

Alfred watched with curiosity. Most Omegas didn't make the nest, that was the job of the Alphas. His mother had never taught him how to make one, so it was interesting how the older assembled the nest. Realizing he was staring at the other, Alfred hurried over to his sleeping corner and curled up into a position that saved body heat from leaving. Sapphire orbs peeked out behind closed eyelids to see that Matthew had settled into his nest already and was gazing at him. "Looks good," Alfred closed his eyes fully. "Good night, Matthew."

The other naga copied Alfred and smiled, "Good night, Alfred."

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