Disclaimer! I do not own Pokémon. That happy right is Game Freak's.

Hello! My name is Kevin! I'm a trainer from Twinleaf town. This is my story.

(Kevin's POV)

I woke up groggily one morning in May. May 27th in fact. The day of my 10th birthday. I glanced at the clock to find it was 9:00 in the morning. I screamed "AAAAAAHHHHHHH! I'M LATE!" I pushed on my clothes and rushed out the door with my cheese sandwich in my hand. I went to meet my friend Barry. He looked super angry and had a scowl on his face. "You were supposed to be here one hour ago!" he yelled. "You're going to get fined big time!" I apologized to him and we went to get our starter Pokémon. "Oh yeah!" said Barry "I forgot my Poketch!" A Poketch is a watch that has many features on it. It can be a Pedometer, it can be a memo pad, and it can be a friendship checker. On Route 201 we saw Professor Rowan and his assistant, Dawn. "What are Pokémon to you?" He asked. Barry replied "friends!" while I said "family!" "You both have good answers." said Professor Rowan "Therefore, I will give both of you a Pokémon for your own Pokémon journey." Dawn opened Professor Rowan's briefcase and inside it were 3 Pokéballs. "1 of the balls contains Piplup, the water type penguin Pokémon; another of the balls contains Chimchar, the fire type chimp Pokémon, and the last one contains Turtwig, the grass type tiny leaf Pokémon. "I'm going to pick a random Pokéball and get whichever Pokémon is inside it!" I exclaimed. "Not me! I want Chimchar!" cried Barry. He reached into the brief case and picked out Chimchar. I picked the Pokéball on the right side of Chimchar and opened it up. In side it was a snoozing Turtwig. "Wake up!" I yelled, "Wake up!" After the 5th wake up, the Turtwig finally woke up. "What?" It asked in a groggy voice. Then the professor gave us a pokedex to identify our Pokémon. When I identified Turtwig, I found out that Turtwig had a Lax nature and it was a male and supposedly Highly Persistent. It was level 5 and knew Tackle and Withdraw. It liked Sour food and it had the ability Overgrow. "Why don't you young lads have a battle?" suggested Professor Rowan. "That's an excellent idea!" exclaimed Dawn "Having a battle is the best way to gain friendship and experience. Barry and I both agreed on the idea of having a Pokémon battle, so we sent out our Pokémon. I was clearly at a type disadvantage, but that didn't matter because his Chimchar didn't know any fire type moves. "Scratch!""Tackle!""Tail Whip!""Tackle!""Withdraw!""Scratch!""Withdraw!""Tail Whip!" At the end of the battle, I was victorious and Turtwig was very happy. "Would you like to give your Pokémon a name?" asked Professor Rowan. "I'd like to name Turtwig Tru." And so, on that day on there was a trainer with a Turtwig named Tru traveling in the land of Sinnoh.

Part 1 finished of chapter 1! 500 more words to go! This is based on my Nuzlocke run of Pokémon Platinum. I always choose Turtwig because he/she is resistant to the last gym when he/she evolves. Plus, I love that it evolves at Lv.32 and that it can learn Wood Hammer. Please review!