White Sun Rising: Ron the True Fan Edition

Epilogue: White Sun Rising

Recap: It has been 26 months since Ichigo Kurosaki became a Substitute Shinigami and 17 months since he defeated Sosuke Aizen. Due to the price of the Saigo release, he remembers nothing of his time as a shinigami, being told he fell into a coma. His classmates know the truth, but they have been told not to tell him or even speak of it unless Ichigo regains his powers. Even his family refuses to speak of it. Other groups, however, have plans for the Captain of the 14th Division, including a lost Substitute.

'Do you want to save them?'

Ichigo opened his eyes, waking up from that damned dream.

The only reason he didn't say anything about it was the girl in it.

She was beautiful.

He wasn't the type to believe in horoscopes and shit like that, but he honestly thought the girl was his soul mate: that they were meant to be together.


Ichigo shut his window, making his idiot father crash into it.

If he kept it up, Isshin would be dead before he was 50. (AN: Although he's actually a LOT older)

He left his room, going through the motions of his life, not knowing he was being watched by his subordinates and by someone he didn't know.

His name was Ginjo Kujo, a former Substitute that couldn't be trusted, as he abused his powers too often, doing little to help the Soul Society.

Ichigo was the polar opposite: he rarely used them, and the Soul Society owed him their existence at least 7 times over.

Still, Ginjo had an unnaturally long life, even though they stripped him of his powers.

He watched his fellow Substitute head to his school.

"Anything from your contact, Jackie?"

"Just that he doesn't remember a damned thing. He SHOULD be easy to manipulate. But he did tell me there's a risk."

Ginjo hid behind a corner.

"When isn't there?"

"His Fullbring could make him remember. Then we'd be screwed."

"After we take it, that won't matter."

"It could also wake up his shinigami powers. THEN he would kill us all."

Ginjo scoffed.

"We'll deal with it when it happens. It's time to put our plan to work."

14th Division barracks

Yoruichi looked at Nemo.

"You've been manipulating Xcution the entire time."

"Captain Kurosaki brought me back from an abyss of hate and revenge. I will do anything to make sure his powers are awakened once more."

He closed his phone.

"Besides, as he knows I'm our expert on zanpakutō, Captain-General Yamamoto ordered me to do whatever I found necessary to preserve the lives of our commanding officers, ma'am."

"And you find this necessary?!"

He looked at her with his uncovered Hollow eye.

Ever since the Winter War, he hadn't bothered keeping his old mask on.

"It's the only way, ma'am. Otherwise, Lieutenant Kuchiki will remain comatose for the rest of the Captain's natural life."

Yoruichi shook her head.

"I hate that we have to do this. Can't one of us just stab him again to awaken his powers?"

"Only Lieutenant Kuchiki can do it and survive. If I did it, they and I would die. Same for anyone else."

"And Rukia can't wake up until Ichigo uses his powers."

"Catch-22. I hate those, too."

And so it begins.

Yes, Nemo is Jackie's contact. And he's screwing them over. As in canon, Yamamoto wants Ginjo dealt with, but in this he wants one of his captains back, as well.

You will not be seeing the sequel up until I get more information on the latest arc: Ichigo getting his zanpakutō back, the story of Isshin and Masaki meeting, the Ichigo-like Vasto Lorde, more information on the Vandenreich, that sort of thing.

I miss my archives. They made my work so much easier.

I'll see you next time on the sequel. Or the new story. Whichever comes first.

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