It was a normal day, for you at least. Work, friends, screaming about animes, and nonsense. Or so you thought...

"Excuse me?" a voice called behind you.

"Hm?" you said, turning around on your heels. To your surprise, you saw a boy with blonde hair, a brown streak in the middle, it was sort of a...lightning bolt shape. He wore a simple black hoodie with a purple Aquarius sign, blue and black striped pants, and blue and purple shoes. Then there were the glasses. 'Oh, great...' you thought.

"Oh, sorry to bother. I wwas just wwondering wwere the gym is..." he said.

"Right down the hall, to your left. Are you new here?" you said, being captain obvious.

"Yeah, the name's Eridan. Eridan Ampora. And your...?"


"Alright, _. Thanks for the directions. See ya, later."

You found his stutter completely and utterly ADORABLE. Geez, you just met the guy, and your falling for him. You made a mental note to mentally slap yourself.

A few months later, Eridan and you had become good friends. You had invited him over, which he gladly accepted. Your stomach felt weird...wait, was this what butterflies felt like? Ugh, you hated being so awkward. But ya know, we've all got flaws. You snapped out of talking to yourself when you heard a knock on the door. You raced down the stairs, destined to beat your parents to the door. You flug open the door, and wrapped your arms around him.

"ERI!" you squealed.

"Wwoah, _, calm down!" he said, playfully messing up your hair.

"Well, I haven't seen since yesterday, and that's a hell of a long time!" you said, giggling.

"Totally." he managed to get out cutely, as your were literally dragging him upstairs.

"Welcome to my domain." you pronounced as you jumped on your bed. To your surprise, Eridan jumped right on top of you, but making sure not to hurt you.

"E-Eri..." you whispered, hiding your face.

You blushed a deep red. You quickly moved to the corner of your bed.

"Oh...I'm sorry..." Eridan said quietly, looking to the floor.

You fumbled with your nails as a distraction."I-It's fine...Well...The whole reason I invited you over is beca-" you were cut off by soft lips pressing against yours. You let out a soft squeal, and quickly returned the kiss. The kiss lasted about 5 minutes, before both of you pulled away.

"I know." he whispered, brushing the hair off your face.

You just cuddled against him. "I love you, forever..." you whispered.

"Forevver." he whispered in your ear and kissed your forehead.

You could of possibly just stayed like that...forever.