Ok, because I had a few requests I wrote a smutty sequel to the smutty original. Chock full of a sexy elf, bad/unexpected duet singing, a silly hat and Christmas cheer. I never tire of my OT3. Hope you don't either.

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

The TARDIS was oddly silent when I let myself back inside. I glanced around the console room and there was no Doctor in sight. That in itself wasn't unusual, he often darted off without us on what I liked to call sub-adventures. But today that was perfect, I wanted him out of the way. Taking the bag I'd brought I slipped into the wardrobe and changed into my costume. It fit perfectly and I glanced at myself in the mirror and grinned. Rory was due for a surprise and I was eager to give it to him.

I hurried down the TARDIS corridor, dashed into our bedroom and shut the door behind me.

The room was dimly lit but I could just make out a series of lumps beneath the blanket I perceived to be my husband.

"Rory, are you sleeping, baby? Then let me give you a wakeup call."

I walked up to the bed and started stroking the lumps.

"Remember how you said you wanted me to add some new costumes to our rotation? I've got something really special for you. I've been really naughty and need to be disciplined with your big, big candy cane. Ok...not the sexiest metaphor, but you get the idea. Pull down the covers baby and have a look."

I watched as the lump shifted and he peeled the covers away.

The Doctor blinked, opened his eyes and stared at me quizzically.

"Pond, what in the name of sanity are you wearing?" he asked reaching to turn on a light.

I glanced down at my outfit and suddenly wished for some sort of cover up. So, I was wearing an elf costume. A sexy elf costume. It was for a laugh and a surprise for Rory.

"It was..." I stammered. "It was a little Christmas spice. We like costumes and I-."

Rory peeked out from under the covers now, with a smile as wide as a Cheshire cat.

I felt as if it took me a good ten minutes to even speak again.

"Did you two have sex?" I blurted out.

"Mmmhmm, twice as a matter of fact because someone woke up and wanted a bit more." Rory said lazily.

"And I missed it!" I squeaked. "Well that isn't fair. How did you manage it Rory?" I was intensely curious. I had been trying to get the Doctor to join us forever and Rory manage it in an afternoon?

"Through lies and calumny." The Doctor said affectionately before capturing Rory's mouth in a kiss.

My mouth fell open.

The Doctor was kissing Rory.

Rory was kissing the Doctor.

They were kissing in our bed.

When they broke the kiss Rory was the first one to speak.

"Are there matching knickers?" he asked.

"What?" My mind wasn't functioning as swiftly as it should be and I felt more than a few steps behind.

"Your costume. Are there matching knickers?"

"Umm, yes as a matter of fact."

"May we see them?" The Doctor asked.

Oh help. They're a "we" now. This was too good to be true. Surely this was a dream, I'd tripped and fallen on that planet outside the TARDIS bumped my head and was now having the most pleasant and absurd hallucination.

"Amy? Knickers?"


The was a little bell on my elf hat, which was incidentally my favorite part of the outfit, and it jingled as I turned around and bent over to show them. Lifting up the little felt, fur trimmed skirt I showed them the print on my bottom.

"Naughty or Nice! Very clever, Amy. And which one are you?" Rory asked.

"I'd imagine, naughty." The Doctor said and I felt an unfamiliar but more than welcome hand on my arse. "Amy, your husband tricked me into bed. I've since forgiven him mostly because I have a generous spirit and he's a fantastic lover. But mid coitus we had a very interesting conversation about you and your many orchestrations to get us to this point."

"I haven't done anything." I protested and started to straighten up and turn around.

"No, no, stay like this. I like you like this."

I heard the sheets move as he presumably got out of bed and a moment later I felt him pressed behind me.


I felt the Doctor and the Doctor's penis pressed behind me.

The Doctor. And his penis.


Merry Christmas to me.

"You're naked aren't you?"

"Seven times out of ten that is the way people generally have sex."

"I think we should have sex!" I said suddenly.

Both men chuckled.

"We know, Amy. Now stand up, I might have you bend over later, but not at the moment."

I stood nervously and turned in his arms.

"You really are naked." I giggled.

"Pond, it's not polite to laugh at a man when he's exposed like this."

"I haven't even looked at you yet." I said unable to stop my giggles.

"Well...have a look." he said arching an eyebrow.

I did and immediately stopped laughing. He was nicely endowed, well shaped and straight as an arrow. And hard. Blimey, he was hard.

"Did you top Rory or...did he top you?" I swallowed.

"Both. But the first time he topped me. Does that excite you?"

"Yes." I said immediately.

"So, you purchased this costume for Rory. What were you going to do with it?"

"A little strip tease. It's just something I do for him sometimes."

"She's quite good at it, Doctor." Rory said from the bed.

"Really? May I watch?"

I thought about it for a moment. Stripping for my husband and the Doctor. If this was a dream I hope I didn't wake up before the really good parts. And if it was a dream, what was to be afraid of.

"Ok, but get back in bed, I find your nudity distracting."

He frowned in confusion.

"Distracting good or distracting bad."

"Good, very good, but still really distracting. Under the covers, now."

"Don't you need music?" Rory asked.

"Yeah, I had a song all picked out." I darted over to my bag and bent over to pull out my iPod. I heard the Doctor make an appreciative noise, presumably at seeing the knickers again and me in them and I blushed at being appraised so by him. Nervous. Nervous, why was I nervous when this was a fantasy come true?

Taking my iPod over to the player I cued up the song.

"Now...now don't laugh." I warned them.

"Amy, I can assure you, neither of us are in a laughing mood." Rory said.

The opening strains of Santa Baby started to play.

I didn't really have a plan and it was a bit more burlesque than stripping. A lot of bottom wiggling and teasing. I did take off the red skirt and wound up removing the little green top. I ended up with just my gloved hands covering my breasts, barefooted, clothed in only the knickers by the time the song ended.

They applauded and I noticed Rory had inched closer to the Doctor to kiss his neck.

"Amy, will you join us in bed?" The Doctor asked. "For a little Christmas fun."

I swallowed and nodded but didn't move.

"Would you take you hands down first so the Doctor can see your fantastic breasts?"

I observed them both and saw no judgement in their faces. I dropped my hands slowly, flushing at their attention. I saw the Doctor lick his lips as Rory beckoned to me.

I walked towards the bed and noted that I had their rapt attention.

"Knickers on or off?" I asked and then wondered why my voice was so soft.

"Off." Rory said. "In fact." he reached out to pull them down himself and I made a small noise of protest. "Too soon?" he asked.

'This is just... a lot to get used to in a short amount of time." I answered feeling foolish.

"Would you like me to look away, Amy?" the Doctor asked, sweetly. "I can if it makes you feel better."

"Umm, ok."

The Doctor shielded his eyes as Rory dispensed with my knickers. I pulled my gloves off my fingers and made to remove my cap causing the little bell to sound.

"Oh...uh...could you leave the hat on?" The Doctor said not removing his hand from his eyes.

"Really?" I said with a laugh.

"Well, lets not get rid of the costume all together. I like it."

"Whatever you say, Doctor. Now scoot over."

He did as I asked and I crawled between them and under the covers.

"Ok." I said and he took down his hand and looked at me.


"Hi." I answered back.

"So, here we are...in bed together."

Rory was looking at me with concern.

Are you, alright, Amy?"

"Is this too much, love. If it is I can leave." The Doctor volunteered. "I thought you might like us all together but I realize sometimes fantasies are best left in the mind. Or we could just lie in bed and hold one another

Oh no. Now he was talking about leaving. I didn't want that.

"Doctor, hold that thought for just a moment." I said before turning to face Rory.

"Are you sure you're ok with this?" I asked him.

He nodded and smiled.

"Yeah, I'm really ok with this. We've talked about it before, like I told the Doctor. We both care about him. We both love him. We're both attracted to him. This seems a natural evolution to our relationship, at least in my eyes. I'm not trying to make the Doctor over promise but, if I'm being honest, i like the idea of us sharing our bed with him. And he with us...if he has a bed, or a room for that matter."

Every word I'd ever longed to hear from Rory was pouring out of his mouth at the moment. Perhaps that's why it was so scary and lent so much credence to my head injury theory from earlier. I heard the Doctor to my side, breathing quietly, waiting patiently.

"I'm still your husband and I hope I'll still come first in your heart but we're mature, consenting adults, he's our best mate and he's really, really sexy. I really want to see you with him. This time, I just want to watch."

He whispered the last part, his voice low and sensual and when I kissed Rory impulsively he returned the gesture with eagerness.

"I love you." I said to him.

"I love you too."

I gave him one last peck on the cheek before turning back to the Doctor. His eyes showed worry and uncertainty but I saw he was doing his best to hide it.

"So...have we come to some sort of accord?" he asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, you could say that." I said purposefully letting the blankets fall down to expose my breasts to him. Upon seeing them his eyes shifted from my face to my chest and then quickly back to my face again. "Tell me, Doctor, how did Rory get you here?"

"Umm..well forgery actually." he said clearing his throat. I noticed his fingers twitching at his side and realized how badly he wanted to touch me. Might be fun to make him wait.


"Yes, he left a note on my console, purporting to be from you. A Christmas list that you had written for him where the third item was to "have it off with the Doctor".

I was shocked and I think my mouth dropped open in response. So unlike Rory. He wasn't the schemer, I was the schemer but then again he'd gotten the results. I reached behind me and gave him a playful whack. "And you fell for it?"

"I didn't fall for anything." the Doctor huffed affecting an offended look. "I simply believed my mate. I didn't realize until the end that I'd been duped."

I brought my face close to his, my lips nearly touching his mouth but not quite.

"Or maybe you wanted to be duped."

"M- Maybe." he stammered.

"I've gotten to kiss you once, Doctor, just once. It was hot, it was hurried, it was exciting and I've been subsisting off of it for far too long. Kiss me."

"You're sure?"

"Never been surer." I said.

He pressed his lips to mine with tentative hunger and I mirrored him though it did take restraint. Rory's hand rested warmly and encouragingly on my thigh. He was getting off on this. He was getting off on seeing me with the Doctor!

"Pond..." One word, one breathless word filled with all the desire I'd ever wanted to hear from him. "May I please...?" he asked his hands hovering over my breast, not daring to touch me without tacit permission.

"Doctor, no more asking. I hereby give you complete permission to touch anything and everything you want tonight. Ok?"

"Ok." he said and one of his large hands gently eclipsed my breast. "You should touch me as well."

"Try and stop me." It didn't take him long before he'd inched his tongue into my mouth and I kept amending my internal dialogue as things got stranger and stranger.

That's the Doctor's tongue in my mouth.

Those are the Doctor's fingers rolling my nipple between them getting it hard.

That is the Doctor's voice getting me so wet and making me wish his hand, his, face, his fingers, his cock were between my thighs.

We snogged intensely as I was finally getting to kiss him the way I did in my dreams.

I grazed my nails over his nipples and felt his body shiver.

"Oh GOD, Rory!."

I pulled back and frowned the bell on cap jingling indignantly.

"No, I'm Amy, would you prefer, Rory?"

"Nonononono, I mean, Rory is-" The Doctor pointed a finger downwards at the same time Rory's muffled voice rang out.

"Rory is just trying to help things along." he supplied from parts unseen. "Don't pay me any mind."

I hadn't notice when he'd moved from my side and lifting the blankets I looked down just in time to watch him take nearly all of the Doctor into his mouth.

"I had no idea your husband was so talented."

"Is he good at it?" I asked.

"I think I'd be hard pressed to find anyone better." Then losing his train of though he added. "I think...I'd be...hard-"

I attacked his mouth with buoyed enthusiasm, Rory had inadvertently set off my competitive spirit.

I nibbled his bottom lip before pulling away again and to my delight he whined.

"No, please, Amy don't run."

"Not running, Doctor. I just need to conduct a wee interrogation. Tell me, why did it take sooooo long to get you into bed? Do you like playing hard to get."

He laughed and then gasped and then looked like he was struggling to remember what I had asked him as well as where and when he was. Rory was good. Time to up my seduction. I took the Doctors big hand, which until that moment had been plastered to my arse, in mine own. Not that I didn't like it there but he wasn't doing anything, he was just holding, not squeezing, not kneading, not spanking. I needed to jumpstart his brain.

I loved his hands. Loved to watch them caress the console, loved to watch those long, graceful fingers wiggle about as he was excitedly explaining something.

"I think I'm being lost somewhere in the mix here, Doctor." I said plating a few kissed on his palm.

"Not at all, Amy. Time Lord, remember. I can read the basecode of the universe. I can reverse the orbit of a planet. I think I can handle two lovers at once." The entire sentence came out in a strained rush, most of the words lost against my neck as he worked on giving me a hickey.

Lovers. I was his lover. Or I was going to be. I guess I can't exactly be a lover until we've...made love.

"Can you, Doctor? Or do you just like to boast? Maybe I should just take care of myself." I teased.

I dropped his hand and took my middle finger and ran it slowly across my barely parted lips. I repeated the action maintaining eye contact with him. He squirmed and gasped a few times as Rory was still hard at work but I had his attention now. I let my tongue peak, ever so slightly between my lips, wet and pink it coated my finger and I then worked the wetness all across my lips. I pulled my finger away and held it as focus point for him to see before slowly letting it slink beneath the blankets. I spread my thighs, sighing at the initial contact of my own hand.

The Doctors eyes went wide and hungry.

"Are you touching yourself, Amelia?"

I gave him the softest of smiles before answering.

"I'm doing everything you just saw up here, down there." I said.

The Doctor was panting now and I felt his warm breath on my skin just before his mouth claimed my nipple. I moaned then for the first time in his presence relieved that I was going to be able to let go and just enjoy this.

"Please, Amy. Please let me. I can pleasure you. I have wanted to for ages." He mumbled this against my skin, still planting kisses and licks to my breast.

"Ok," I said after a moment of making him wait. "I'll give you a chance. But let me get your fingers nice and wet because I'm really, really sensitive and I need the most delicate of touches."

He raised his hand to my face stroking my cheek before lowering his fingers to trace across my lips. I parted them and accepted one then two inside before beginning to suck on them with hopefully the same enthusiasm Rory was displaying. His eyes went a bit dreamy the lids growing heavy as he watched me. He gasped suddenly. I didn't know what it is that Rory did but he apparently loved it. Not to be outdone I removed my hand from between my legs and painted his lips with my wetness.

His eyes shot open and he looked at me in pleasant shock.

I released his hand and pulled my fingers away saying, "Lick your lips."

He did so and groaned.

"Please, Amy, more, please."

"You know what to do."

The Doctor removed his hand from mine placing it between my thighs. He paused, perhaps wanting to savor the moment before continuing. He had such large, strong, masculine hands but his touch was soft, studied and careful.

I put one of my hands on his wrist to hold him in place while giving him my digits to suck on. We fell into an easy silence punctuated only by our moans and the distinctive sound of Rory slurping the Doctor's cock. I was too engaged in what his hand was doing so I barely noticed when the slurping ceased.

"Nonono, Rory please don't stop! I can come and recover, really really quickly. Please just let me finish."

Rory's voice smug and sure came from beneath the blankets.

"It isn't about what you can do, love. It's about teaching you patience. Making you wait because I asked it of you. So you're going to lay there, hard and slick and blue balled. You're going to slowly edge yourself down from a 10 to about a 7 and you're not going to touch yourself, alright?"

The Doctor made a sound of both supreme irritation and admiration at having been bested.

"Fine, fine whatever you say, Rory." He paused for a beat as the blankets shifted and I too waited. The Doctor's hand hadn't stilled at all and I found myself grinding about his fingers wishing he'd stick one deep inside me. "What are you going to do?" he pressed my husband.

"Me? Oh, I'm going to bring my wife to a 10."

I felt Rory bat the Doctors hand away as he settled himself between my thighs and started licking.

"Oh my GOD, Rory!" I flailed a bit, trying to regain my bearings. The Doctor turned onto his side, pulling me close. I felt his erection pressing into my hip.

"May I see?" he asked and I nodded swiftly in reply.

My knees were bent, heels digging into the mattress and the Doctor lifted the blankets to have a look. Rory's face was buried firmly between my thighs, he cast his eyes upwards at us, giving me in particular a wink before sucking lightly on my clit.

"Is he good, love?" The Doctor queried, his voice low and teasing in my ear.

"Very good. Doctor."


"Put your hands on me."

"Where, darling?"

"Anywhere, I don't care just touch me!"

Both he and Rory sniggered and moments later the Doctor's hands were skating over my breasts.

"There should be some sort of term for being just as good at cunnilingus as one is at fellatio." he said in his Doctor way. "Some sort of sexual version of being ambidextrous. perhaps I'll have to invent a word." He pinched my nipples lightly, just enough to give me a little twinge of pain but not enough to really hurt. They rose to hardened peaks and just as it became too much he put his lips there to soothe them.


"Yes, Amelia?"

"Can I take this hat off now, the pins are digging into my skull."

"No, no, I like the hat! You're a sexy Christmas Elf, you said so yourself."

"When I imagined role playing with you I didn't picture this." I said reaching up to readjust my pins.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow.

"You've thought about role playing with me, have you?"

Rory was hard at work and I put an encouraging hand on his head. It was getting harder to divide my attention between the two of them. Rory was taking his time, teasing me, surging forward and backing off.

"Sit forward for a minute, dear. I'll support you from behind."

The Doctor maneuvered behind me and I found myself leaning back against his solid form. His erection pressed insistently against me. He put both his hands to my breasts, cupping them gently.

"Now, tell me again about role playing?"

I blushed and Rory's ministrations made me yelp and moan.

"Not going to tell me, eh? Well I'll get it out of you sooner or later." He nuzzled my neck and I rubbed his thigh happily. "Ok, then I have another question."

"You have a lot of questions Doctor...Rory, please...please put your finger inside me...please!"

He answered me with a negative, "Mmmmm." And I sighed impatiently.

"May I continue?" the Doctor said with mock indignation.


"Rory mentioned that you and he were trying something and that is why you had lube. Can you tell me what you were attempting?"

I giggled softly. This was perfect. This was the perfect, perfect day. Rory between my thighs, the Doctor hard and eager, fondling me from behind. This is Christmas.

"I'm sorry what?" I asked.

"Do you always have this much trouble concentrating? Since I know now just how wet you can get I'll make a deduction. Were you attempting anal sex with him via some sort of toy or...or was he attempting anal penetration with you?"

The fact that he knew was thrilling to me and I felt goosebumps rise up on my skin.

"Both." I whispered. "We were trying both. You said you topped Rory, right?"

"I did." he said before pausing. "Was that something you alone wanted to share with him? If so I'm sorry, I didn't realize-"

"It's fine, Doctor. I'm glad, I mean I wish I could have seen it happen. "

He had resumed touching me, one hand still massaging my breast the other making small, warm circles on my stomach.

"Well then we'll just have to do it again for your benefit."

"Did he like it?"

"Oh Amy, he loved it. Did you always know he liked blokes as well."

"I can't...I can't talk...anymore...Doctor."

I started to work my hips againts Rory, trying to follow and anticipate his tongue. I was so, so close and I just wanted him to stop playing around and let me come.

"Rory? Rory you're not going to let her come either are you? Because that wouldn't be fair." the Doctor whined.

"Bugger fair." I said breathlessly and the Doctor tweaked one of my nipples in reponse. The feeling was perfect and set off all sort of excited, warm nerve endings across my body and I arched a little away from Rory.

"I didn't mean fair as in I hadn't come yet, I meant fair as in I want to be the first to make you come tonight. He gets to do it all the time." The Doctor tilted my chin towards him. As if he could see what Rory was doing his tongue played against mine the way Rory's played against my clit. "It's my turn." he said finishing his sentence from before that at this point I barely remembered.

Sensing we were both ready, Rory backed off and joined us above the blankets.

We looked at him expectantly.

"I think you're both really primed now. I want to see you together. I just want to watch."

Rory's eyes were shining and he looked so incredibly eager. He helped me off the Doctor's frame and onto my knees. He kissed me deeply for moment before turning me around to face our new lover. The Doctor had readjusted his position. He had propped himself up on several pillows. His legs had fallen open a bit and he was lazily stroking his cock and looking at me like a predator at his prey.

"Rory, the Doctor has an erection." I said almost disbelieving.

"Yeah, it's lovely isn't it? It feels even better." He patted my bottom to encourage me forward. "She likes to ride, Doctor, is that ok?"

"That sounds wonderful." he said motioning to me. "Whenever you're ready, love."

I moved forward on the bed until I was straddling him. He held himself upright for me and I took his hand for balance.

"Slow, Amy, go slow." he advised and I tried to keep his words in mind as I sank down upon his cock.

It felt so good, so thick, but Rory had done his job too well and the Doctor's first thrust upwards sent me spinning off into an orgasmic free fall. My body shook atop his as he placed lose but guiding hands on my hips. My voice, lilting and moaning joined with the jingle of of the bell of my silly hat and it sounded a little like it was accompanying me in song.

When I opened my eyes and looked at the Doctor I noticed that he still had his closed, his face a mask of concentration.

"Wait, Amy...you're going to make him come. Sit still."

"I'm sorry." I said breathlessly. "I really hadn't meant to, at least not so soon."

"Never, ever apologize for that." The Doctor said his voice strained. "Just give me moment."

In the meantime Rory started snogging me again, a pleasant distraction from wanting to grind on the Doctor.

After a minute or so the Doctor gave me a little tap on the bottom.

"Ok, love, I'm ready now."

I started slowly, rising and falling on his hard member and he met me with full thrusts.

Oh he was handsome, so incredibly attractive and I'd wanted this and needed this for so long. The Doctor's focus, his eye contact, his smooth, unhurried movements.

"Amy...you're so tight."

I gave him a squeeze and little corkscrew turn of my hips and he hissed in reply.

I didn't know when I'd become the one in charge but I was enjoying it. I put my palms on his chest for leverage alternating between long strokes and short quick ones. I liked to keep him guessing, never knowing how I was going to please him next.

"Ohhhh...Amy, AmyAmyAmy..." His voice was cracked as he repeated my name over and over again.

"I told you she was good, mate." Rory said a touch of pride in his voice.

I leaned forward. I wanted more of him. I wanted all of him. Feeling inspired I took his hands off my hips and forced them behind his head. He looked surprised but allowed it and I could tell he was getting even more turned on.

"Are you going to come, Doctor?"

"Not yet."

"Oh, you don't think so?" I teased.

I'm not sure how he managed it, but one second I was above him, riding that Time Lord cock to my hearts content and the next I was on my back, my wrists held in his grip.

"No," he said with a dangerous grin. "I don't think so."

"Ooohh, Doctor. You like it a bit rough."

He considered that for a moment before restarting his pace.

"No, not rough, just, every now and then, forceful. I let you have a bit of power and when you started to get too greedy, I took it back."

I gave him my most sincere mock offended face.

"You're a right arrogant bastard, you know that?"

He only smiled in return, his hair flopping with each thrust. Control or no control I could tell that he was getting close.

I'd sort of lost track of Rory in this whole experience and I took my eyes off the Doctor for a few seconds to locate him. He was at our side, watching both of us closely, stroking his cock, no doubt trying to time his orgasm with our own.

I hadn't expected for today to wind up being the most erotic experience of my life but here it was. Sex with the Doctor while my husband watched! And sure this at the top of the list but it wasn't the whole list. What about sex with Rory while the Doctor watched? Or getting to watch them both together? Or getting to have them both at the same time? In the shower? In the TARDIS swimming pool we've yet to find? In the Doctor's bed. Oooh! Does the Doctor have a bed, a nice big bed with like space-sheets and-

"Pond, what are space-sheets?"

"Space sheets?" I asked absently. He'd finally let go of my wrists and I was able to stroke his handsome face.

"Yes...you were thinking so loudly I couldn't help but hear."

"Ohhh ohhh Doctor don't stop! Please don't stop...almost there."

He started moving faster and I put a hand on each of his arse cheeks trying to hold him deeper inside me.

"Naughty Pond." he said with a grin. "Ready?"

"Yeah." I breathed.



"You too, Rory."

"Already there, Doctor." Rory said and I heard the tell tale sounds of him giving in to his own orgasm.

"Rory! Doctor!" I called out.

I yanked him down by the ears so that we could kiss as we came. He moaned into my mouth and I gasped into his as he emptied inside me.

He relaxed a little against me, his frame pressing down against mine, not heavy but delightfully pleasant. I stroked his back as his breathing settled.

"I told Rory," he began, whispering in my ear. "I want you to know as well. I love you, Pond. You humans don't seem to pick up very well on cues so just in case you didn't know, I wanted you to hear me say it."

"Always wrapping a compliment in an insult aren't you, Doctor?" I laughed. "I love you, too."

"I know." he said smugly. He kissed and then in a smooth move rolled off of me drawing me into his arms. "Because I pay attention. It is nice to hear. Rory, come here, darling."

Rory gladly came up along the other side of the Doctor and he put his arm around my husband as well.

"Did you both have a good time?" Rory asked us.

"Really good time, it will be even better when we it's all three of us together!" I piped up.

Both boys looked at each other and then at me.

"Already making plans for us, Ponds?"

"Oh, I've got lots of plans. Lot's of positions I want to get the two of you into. So are we a couple now?" I asked. Rory looked a little surprised. I knew he thought it was too much, too soon but I hated beating around the bush.

"Well...a couple usually refers to two." The Doctor answered.

I pinched his nipple in response and he yelped.

"Wrong answer, classic Doctor diversion tactic. Try again. Do you want this to happen again, on a regular basis where we all have sex and express affection for one another."

"I...yes...yes, Amy I would like that." He stammered and blushed but he too seemed relieved to have it out of the way.

"Good." I said with a contented smile. "You see, Rory? Now we don't have to have some intense conversation later tonight about what this all means."

Rory placed a kiss on the Doctors chest and the Doctor pulled him closer.

"My wife does know how to get things sorted doesn't she?"

"She does, indeed."

We fell into an easy silence as we settled against one another. After a few minutes I noticed the Doctor staring at me.

"You're looking at my hat."

"I really like it. May I try it on?"

"You're going to steal my cap!" I protested.

"I'll give it back, probably." he said in what I knew was a total lie.

"You can see it on one condition."

"What's that?"

I cleared my throat dramatically.

"Maybe it's much too early in the game..." I started to sing.

"Oh no, Pond, no."

Rory, always on board joined in for the song.

"But we thought we'd ask you just the same." he said taking the next lyric.

"Oh, now it's a duet."

"What are you doing New Years, New Years Eveeeeeeeee?"

"Please stop singing."

"But in case we stand one little chance."

"I'll be going now."

"Here comes the jackpot question in advance."

"In some cultures terrible singing is considered a crime."

"What are you doing, New Years, New Years Eveeeeeeee?"

We then started to bombard him with kisses until he began laughing.

"Alright, alright, New Years Eve. It's a date." he chuckled before looking down sheepishly. "You two can always have me for a song."

"Thank you, Doctor."

"Now, give me my hat." he said making quick work of the pins and snatching it gleefully off my head. He settled it on top of his own giving his head a little shake to make the bell jingle. "It's an elf hat, I wear elf hats now. Elf hats are cool."

"I don't know about you, but I could do with a long, hot shower." Rory said with a stretch but his posture and slowing breathing made it pretty clear to me he had no intention of moving. The Doctor didn't look very eager to leave bed either.

"Are you two nodding off?" I asked.

"I'm spent, Pond. You both exhausted me. Nap with us." He requested, giving me a kiss.

"Alright, Doctor. And may I just say, whatever you got me for Christmas, you can officially return it. This just checked off about 90% of the things on my list. "

"Ok, Pond." he said sleepily.

"You know she's absolutely lying, Doctor and if she doesn't have something to open on Christmas morning she'll scream bloody murder?" Rory said.

"Of course, Rory."

I resented the accusation but I let it pass mostly because it was true.

"If you're good, if you're very, very good..." The Doctor continued. "I'll tell you what's on my Christmas list."

"Am I on it?" Rory asked.

"Of course."

"Am I on it?" I asked.

"Yes, Amy, you both have your own chapters."

I pulled the blankets up over all of us and made myself comfortable in the crook of his arm.


"Yes, Amy?" he was already half asleep.

"You look ridiculous in my hat."

He grinned and rubbed my arm affectionately.

"Happy Christmas to you too."