Better Second Time Around

By: Vmih930

This is a new story my followers and this is about Bella and Caius a family/tragedy/Romance story. It will start off as family then it will led to a romance with Jasper and Bella and Carlisle. I like to thank my beta XoBellaItaliaoX for her help in this story and for taking time out to do this for me. I hope you will enjoy this story.

Make note: My mistakes are my own if you leave a constructive criticism please leave it in the PM box and not in the review box thank you very much.

This is Rated M- for mature adult sexual contents. You will notice in most of my stories I kept the foul language down to a minimum.

AN: To all the followers of the orginal story it has been changed. I am taking it to a new direction. You see I like Jasper and Carlisle and I thought why can Bella have them as their true mates. So I am combining their love story as one. Yes Carlisle and Jasper are straight dudes in this one. There will be no sex scenes with the two only with Bella getting it from both. I hope you will give this a chance for those who followed the first one for that story has been deleted. I thank all my followers.

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Author's POV-Bella side

This takes place after New Moon/ Eclipse my version. This is a two years later. But, the Cullen's never returned. Victoria never gave up getting her revenge against, Bella and the Cullen's. This sets up right after Bella graduated from Forks High School. Victoria killed Charlie, and Renee and Phil. It left Bella distraught over her parent's death. And, one year later, Victoria comes after her. There is a war with Victoria and her newborn army against, Bella and the tribe it turns far worse than imaginable, a few didn't survive. Jacob and Billy and Sam and Paul, they didn't make it. The only ones left in their tribe are Embry and Quail and Seth and Leah and Collin and Bradley. The tribe disowned Bella after; they seek medical attention for her. It left Bella alone and heartbroken.

Author's POV-Caius side of the Prologue

Every day he sits at his throne bitter about the world and humans. He is cold and callous and hard as nails. His life had no meaning what so ever. He rules with an iron fist and he takes no heart to the vampires who done wrong. He has done thousands of lethal punishments over and over again without batting an eye lash. He did have a heart before his change; he was a loving and caring man with a soul.

That was over many millenniums ago. He did have a beautiful life before he was turned. Caius had a wife and a daughter before he changed into a monster. His wife was a beautiful brunette with long wavy brown hair and a heart shape face and brown doe-like eyes.

His love for his wife, Agatha was his everything. His baby girl looked so much like her mother and her name is, Catrina, she was his apple of his eye. You see the Volturi received a new guard one year ago and she is a seer she is far better than Alice is with her gift. She is right on target with her visions and always come out with the same and definite ending. She has a gift for seeing someone's past like even as far as millenniums ago and futures. Her name is Abigail.

Abigail comes in the throne room and speaks to Caius and Aro and Marcus. Dora is in the throne room at the time as well. She talks to Caius about her vision. She tells him about his baby girl, Catrina. She is the great-grandmother by several generations to a Renee and Isabella Maria Swan. Isabella and her mother, Renee, are a part of him and his daughter Catrina. She tells him that they live in the USA.

His eyes open wide and he is in shock that his little girl continues to live in a part of this, Isabella Maria Swan and Renee. He suddenly realizes that he is also a great-grandfather too by many generations.

All the three kings are over joyed hearing the news. Dora is thrilled at the thought of having great-grand-daughters. She tells him that she will be back in four days and that she needs to search the past and the present to give him the details about his Renee and Isabella.

He patiently waits, for Abigail to get another vision about this Isabella Maria Swan and Renee. His cold dead heart melts and warms up for the first time in a millennium. He doesn't know the trauma Isabella had to endure in her life. Little does he know that Isabella and Renee his great-granddaughters by generations have suffered by his own kind?