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Chapter Eight Rose and Alice in New York

Rosalie Point of View

Six days later

I am here in New York and I with a girl named, Alice. We looked into our purses and we both found credit cards in our names and it read, Cullen, as our last names. It is the same last name on our driver licenses. We tried to use them in stores to buy clothing and get a hotel and it was declined. We only had five dollars in cash together. We started to run out of money. We are walking around Fifth Street and seeing all people walking on the sidewalks. We only remember a guy named, Harry that dropped us off to airport from, Italy. We were in a throne room with the three kings and every one was scary and they frighten us. It is like, we have no memory of who we are or where we came from. Alice and I had the same address on our driver's licenses. We both thought if, we would go to that address and we would find out who we are. We needed cash to buy clothes and we need somewhere to go to take a shower. Alice and I feed off of a couple of humans in, Central Park. We disposed the bodies in the pond after, we burned them.

We got lucky, came across, Johnny, and Jason, which are two male vampires. They have been helping us. We would go in and rob stores for cash. We usually, do it fast taking their cash from the cash registers. It is at vampire speed makes it, impossible for them to see us take the cash. Johnny decided to go to this convenience store on Ninety Eight Street. It is for another hit to get cash. So far, we have collect five thousand dollars. All of us walk into that store and there is a male and a female running the store. Johnny is feeling hungry and he decides to drain the male and he goes and bits down on his neck. Meanwhile, Jason, he takes the female and he drains her. Johnny spots two young boys; they must be at least thirteen at least. They appear to be twins looking identical to each other. Both of them have auburn hair that is cut short and they have brown eyes and they are cute. The boys look at the couple on the floor dead. They begin to cry and shout at us.

"What did you do to our parents?" One of the boys' asked. He takes a step forward to Johnny and he loses it and he slams the boy against, shelve on one of the aisles. The boy goes into a state of unconscious and the boy doesn't wake-up. I go over to him to check on him and his heart rate is weak and faint. And then, Johnny, he takes the other boy and he decides to try to kill him, with his bare hands. He picks up the boy and he squashes his body with his arms around the boy's body. I hear his bones crack under the pressure.

"Stop Johnny you are killing him. Don't do this?" I say to him and he drops his body and his body lands on the floor with a thud. Alice she tries to pry, Johnny off of the boy. Jason gets involved trying to help Alice with, Johnny tackling him.

"We have to kill them they are witnesses. " Johnny says to me and that is when, I decide to kill him. I don't know what it is but, my mother instincts are kicking in. I plan to change them and save their lives and raise these boys as my own.

Alice and Jason and I grabbed, Johnny, by the throat and we started to rip his limbs and tossed them across the room. We had one problem where are we to burn him. Alice went outside to see if there is a garbage dumpster. I picked up one of the boys gently and I started to bit down on his neck and hitting every major artery on his body and pushed my venom into his blood. I did the same to his other brother. And then they both begin to scream in pain. Where are we to go? I think it is best if we get out of New York period. I think that Canada is not too far for us to run too. There is lots of wilderness there where we could hide. Maybe we can find a log cabin that is abandon, somewhere to live in for the time being.

"You guys we need to get out of here and go to Canada. We need to leave New York now. Did you find a dumpster Alice?" I asked her and she looks at me.

"Yes I did but it is too full to place his body and the bodies of the male and the female. We are going to have to set a fire in the store. There is no other way." Alice says to me and I nod my head, yes in agreement. We begin to gather some things to start a fire and that is when some men came in with black cloaks into the store. We all halted and came to complete stop of doing what we were doing. We stared at the male vampires and a female vampire not knowing what to do next. I am scared of these vampires and they spell danger to all of us.

Demetri Point of View

Our masters sent us to New York to kill, Rosalie, and Alice, Cullen. We have an assignment to kill this Johnny and Jason the nomads that are with them. Abigail seen in her vision what took place before it happened? Apparently, they are robbing stores and that will expose our existence. They killed the owners of the store and Rosalie Cullen she changed two males that are the age of thirteen. That is against the law which is written in our laws. Aro changed Jane and Alec before, town people burned them thinking they are witches. That is not the case they are gifted. I have Felix and Emmett and Jane with me on this assignment. Jane and Emmett got back last night from the states doing errands for Carlisle and Jasper and Isabella. What Carlisle and Jasper do not know? Our kings decided to not to punish, Carlisle, for his transgressions, for not changing, Isabella sooner than, later. If she was changed at the time, Victoria, and her newborns came after, her and Isabella was fully trained in battle. She would have knowledge to take down Victoria and the newborns. It would have prevented the deaths of her friends that are in the tribe. Many would have lived including her parents. Carlisle and his coven are responsible for their deaths. That is why we have laws that are written to protect us but, them which are human too. Caius just wants Isabella around for a while to get to know her. Carlisle will work for us as a consultant and with our village hospital that we own. We came across the street that Abigail told us where to go. We hear with our vampire hearing, Rosalie, and she is talking to Alice. There is mayhem inside the store. We entered into the store and we are seeing the scene of the crime. I do see a vampire dismantled parts, lying on the floor and that of a male vampire. I do see Rosalie and Alice and they are in shock seeing all of us stand before, them. It appears two dead bodies on the floor one a male and the other female. I see Rosalie going over towards the two boys and she is protecting them while, they are screaming their lungs out in pain. They are changing. There is one thing about changing someone of that age. Their brains are still developing and growing and when they do wake-up it will take years, for them to learn everything again. It was that way with, Jane, and Alec, being change at fourteen. It took twenty years before, they could literately function again. It is like they woke-up as a newborn baby much like, a toddler. We all are going to have to work with the identical twin boys to come up to a level that they should be. Jane and Alec are a thousand years old and their brains are stuck as a fourteen to eighteen old in maturity level. They are smart and they did get college degrees but their maturity level is that of a teenager. They will be forever stuck in that mode as well as these twin boys. I was changed in my twenties and it does make a difference how I turned out after, I woke up from the change.

"Jane work you magic on Rosalie." I say to her and she gets a twinkle in her eye and she works her magic and she sends a dose of her pain to Rosalie and you can hear screams in agony and she falls on the floor and she is in a fetal position.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Rosalie asked and other culprit's eyes widen in fear of, Jane's power.

"I tell you why you broke the laws changing two thirteen year olds for one and second for exposing us. The Volturi doesn't give second chances you moron. Felix destroys her now." Felix he goes towards her and he rips her head off of her body in no time. Alice eyes widen in fear and she is about to escape and she starts to run. Emmett noticed that she is about to escape and he has her in a choke hold. I go towards Alice and begin to rip her arms off and she screams out in agony. Jane is summiting shocks of pain to Jason before, he tries to escape us. Felix goes and assists her and both of them dismantle the vampire in no time.

"Let's clean up the scene and start a fire here. We need to take the boys with us under our master orders." Felix says to us and we begin to clean-up the crime scene. Jane and Emmett picked-up the two boys and held them in their arms. Felix and I started the fire in the store. We all fled the scene and ran at vampire speed to a waiting car nearby. We all got into the car and Felix drove us to airport. We got inside of the Volturi jet. Felix helped strapped the boys in on the sofa and he buckled them up for safety.

"I feel so sorry for these two boys losing their parents and going through the change much too earlier in life. Who is going to be the parents to these boys? It is a mess Emmett and they are going to miss their real parents." Jane says to us and she is right.

"I don't know babe I am pretty sure the kings will figure it out." Emmett says to her and he kisses Jane on her lips. They make a great couple and they are always laughing. My cell phone is ringing and it is Abigail.

"Abigail is calling me and I wonder what now." I say to the crowd in general. Felix is flying the plane.

"Jane asked a question who will be the boy's parents. When they wake-up they will run away and the others in the room with the boys at the time they will chase after them. They will see our Princess Isabella and Leah walking down the hall and they are talking to each other. They will take notice of Isabella and they will call her momma with their first words they speak. She will become the boy's mother. Isabella will remind them of their real mother who looks somewhat like, their real mother. The boy's mother does have same color auburn hair like, Isabella's. I am not going to say anything to our kings about it nor will you. If any of you do I will take the X-box in the entertainment room and destroy it and the HDTV movie screen out. It is a surprise for our Princess and she wants to be a parent. Carlisle and Jasper will make great fathers to the two boys. You got it!" Abigail says to us and she means what she says. It sounds like from the background noise that she is calling from the market square center. We usually go there to make a private call when; we don't want others, listening in our conversations.

"We got it Abigail and we wouldn't want to put up with your rife. Gee sometimes you can be downright scary girl." I say to her and she hangs up on the call and we looked at each other.