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Chapter Fifty One

Remus looked back on his life with a misery nobody could describe. He had slowly lost everybody he's ever cared about. Lily and James, then Sirius...Stefan and Cooper were killed in a tragic fire not long after. Mary had cut off all contact with him soon after Sirius was taken away; he didn't even know if she was alive or dead. Arya had passed away from cancer years before and when she'd died, Remus cried for a week, his only living link to his wife gone. The only joy he found in the world was in Harry, the last little piece of his friends, of his past, of a time when everything was much brighter. Sometimes he wondered if Harry would have been best friends with his own son; Xavier, the son he'd never known. Whenever that particular thought came around Remus would always sit down and cry. Cry with regret, pain, anger.

Everybody in the Order had guessed or had known that there had once been a woman in his life, but something terrible had happened to her. Nobody asked him, they didn't need to. The answers were as plain as the controlled tone of his voice or his precise, careful wording. He was constantly tottering on the edge of oblivion, almost falling so deep into the grief of his own heartache that he risked going insane.

Molly Weasley couldn't understand why Remus would not allow Tonks to get close to him, and at one stage, in front of a room full of order members he had told her it was because his heart was taken, that he was married and that the vows he took were still binding and even if he wanted to break them, he wouldn't. It seemed only then that everybody noticed he wore a ring on his left hand.

Standing on the battlefield, the final stand that would decide the fate of the world, Remus only felt numb. There was no pain and no anger, just a need to get to Greyback and kill him for what he'd done to Her. After hours of battling, cursing to the point that his voice broke and tore in his throat, Remus found the werewolf and consumed by the hate in his heart he killed the creature, feeling no remorse at all.

Remus turned around with a feeling of content settling in his chest. After eighteen years, he'd finally fulfilled his promise to his wife, to avenge her death. Now that this was done, Remus had closure, but no will to live, especially since he was now all alone.

He was alone.

As he ran along the corridors and saw a wall about to collapse on Fred Weasley, he threw himself in front of the red head, knocking the young man out of the way just as the rocks came tumbling down.

People often say that in the instance before Death claimed you, you see your life flash before your eyes. It was only half true because all Remus saw were the times when he felt most alive. When he'd first met his wife, when they'd kissed all those years ago, going to a party with his two best friends, every memory he'd ever smiled, laughed or loved in he saw and when Death came, he wasn't afraid. He merely hoped that he would be with those he loved again.

The last thing he saw in this life was the magical ceiling of Hogwarts that showed the stars and constellations in space millions of miles away, the stars glinting like diamonds before everything went dark.


Remus opened his eyes and immediately shut them, the light around him blinding him. Slowly, inch by inch, he let his eyelids flutter open, taking in the train station around him and the quiet, whimpering and bloody creatures around him. He frowned, wondering if there was anything he could do to help when something caught his eye. An archway had appeared and out of the light stepped a young woman with honey blonde hair, tanned skin and violet eyes. She was wearing a blue dress that she belted tightly at the waist and had her feet bare, a locket around her neck and a ring glinting on her finger. Standing next to her was a young man of around eighteen years old with brown hair, unblemished pale skin and the most astounding violet coloured eyes. The boy looked like Remus, but had his mothers eyes and mouth.

"Belle." Remus breathed, a lump in his throat. It was the first time since her death that he'd actually uttered the name and it felt wonderful and exotic on his tongue.

Belle smiled and nodded. Remus ran towards her and took her face in his hands, drinking her in, feasting on her features like a starving man does food. He saw every feature, every pore on her skin and even that damned piece of her hair that always fell in her eyes. He kissed her then, deeply, lovingly and with every ounce of passion he possessed. His arms wound around her waist and lifted her off the ground, pressing her up against him.

He remembered somebody – he couldn't remember who – asking him what colour love would be if it could been seen in a rainbow. Most people would have said red because it is the colour of passion, but Remus had blurted out violet. Violet because that was the exact shade of Belle's eyes, the one place that he'd seen his love returned.

When they separated, they were both out of breath and Remus tucked the wisp of hair that always fell in her eyes behind her ear. "I never thought I'd see you again, Belle." he whispered. He noticed that the backs of his hands looked younger and he somehow knew that he was his twenty year old self again, which was the last time he'd actually felt...alive.

"Nothing can keep us apart anymore, Remus. Not even Death." she murmured in a voice that sent shivers down Remus's spine because he had missed it so much. His eyes landed on the young man, who was smirking as he looked at his feet.


Belle grimaced. "Lily told you about what kind of condition I was in when I was killed, didn't she?"

Remus nodded.

"Well...this...this is Xavier. Our son."

Remus felt tears spring to his eyes. "Our son?" he asked and Belle nodded. At the sound of his name, Xavier looked up and smiled. He had his father's smile. Remus stared at him for a while before he pulled the man into a bone-crushing hug, almost weeping with joy. After a long while Remus stepped away and Xavier smirked a lopsided grin.

"Hi dad." he murmured and Remus grinned, wiping his wet cheeks.

"I'm sorry that you had to wait so long to have a family, Belle." he whispered.

Belle shook her head, "It doesn't matter. All that matters is that I love you, we're here and we have each other. Together forever and always."

Remus nodded, kissing his wife's lips. "I love you too, for longer than forever, my Belle."

Remus put an arm around Belle and he rested her head on his shoulder. Remus threw an arm around his son's shoulders and as one, the small family of three, turned, smiled, and walked through the arch and into the bright white light, ready to move On with nothing but each other and their love.

Their true, pure, Violet love.

The End.


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