The Grass Type Drama

Professor Oak was sitting on his chair in the lab. His eyes had bags under them. It was visibly apparent that the professor hadn't slept for quite a while. Tracy didn't look any good either. He could be seen at the computer as he made phone calls every now and then to Sinnoh to contact a certain raven haired trainer. The lab and the Oak ranch was in chaos for the past few days.

There were considerably large number of Pokémon in the ranch. Some of them were the ones that trainers left in reserve when they caught extra Pokémon and also ...many wild Pokémon that migrate large distances found it comfortable to take a break there in the ranch and some never left. The total number of Pokémon could not be actually counted as the Pokémon came and went every day. But a rough survey by professor Oak and Tracy last year showed that there were at least 350 Pokémon on average at any point of time. While this gave Professor Oak and excellent opportunity to do some good research it had its own disadvantages.

Now the Oak ranch was not as big as prairie grass land...was it? Obviously not, the ranch, though it looked like it extended as far as the eye can see, was not as big to accommodate 350 Pokémon...It made the accommodation even more impossible as each type of Pokémon wanted a territory of their own. The water type hated the grass type that came to the lake to have some water. The grass type hated the flying type as they perched on their trees. A leader was always necessary to control the fights that happened between Pokémon. And that's where Bulbasaur came in. One of Ash's oldest Pokémon and faithful Pokémon. This happy Bulbasaur was respected throughout the ranch even by Charizard and Sceptile. The grass/poison type quickly became the professor's major helping hand and 24 hours partner.

The one thing that Bulbasaur hated was...evolving. The thought that his physical form would change completely always petrified Bulbasaur that he did all he could do with his power to stop from evolving. And that's how he stayed as successful Bulbasur even after all these years...small yet powerful. But the fate had something different stored for it.

A few days ago Cassidy and Butch the other team rocket trio attacked the Oak ranch to steal the reserve poke mon kept in the pokeballs. It was late night when the theft happened. All the Pokémon were sleeping peaceful when the rocket duo slipped past through the security systems and cut holes through the window glass that led to Pokémon storage room.

Not all Pokémon were asleep. Noctowl was enjoying the night's peaceful winds when he noticed the crooks moving past. She quickly alerted Bulbasaur who was sleeping under the same tree on which the Nocturnal Pokémon perched. Together Bulbasaur and Noctowl with her night vision tracked down the crooks and alerted the professor and Tracy including a few other Pokémon. The rocket duo was already well prepared for that as they got their Pokémon out...'A jiggilipuff?' thought everybody.

The whole ranch fell asleep as the rockets plugged in their sound proof ear plugs. But Bulbasaur was not gonna fall for that. They were stealing his master's Pokémon. He loved them as much as he did his master. It mustered up all its strength to follow the rockets. To his demise Cassidy and butch were already in their helicopter which they somehow hid in the field. The chopper lifted and took off. Bulbasaur's eyes widened when he saw this and prepared his best solar beam...but there was a was the middle of the night...Bulbasaur shot the beam but the strength was not enough for it to reach the already speeding away chopper. Bulbasaur knew that there was only one way to stop them. He had to do it. Ash was more important to it than its interests. It closed its eyes reluctantly expecting the worst and then after an unusually blinding light stood an Ivysaur. ''saaaur'' it said determinedly loosing all the effects of the slumber song as the blossomed flowered on its back shined brilliantly. Ivysaur let loose the beam. The midnight sky turned to the brightness of day momentarily as it let loose the blinding solar beam. Then there was a loud boom and a few hours later every thing was in its place...except Bulbasaur.

That's how Professor Oak sat on the couch looking sleepless continuously for the third day. In front of him sat a depressed Ivysaur. ''saaaaurrrr'' it groaned in sadness laying flat on its belly. Professor Oak was swinging between being sad for Ivysaur and being frightened by the endless fights and battles outside the lab for territory. Tracy replicated the feelings. Professor Oak's Dragonite did all it can to control the mob fights. But even that pseudo necessary needed some rest. It had rusted away under Oak's papering, barley having any training. But it did all it could to live up to its name.

Several Hours Later

''Oh...okay. Thank you'' said Tracy putting away the phone.

Oak looked at Tracy expectantly ''who was it? If it's the pizza tell him that it's not safe here anymore and ask him to air drop the package to the lab.''

Tracy sweat dropped ''Its not the pizza professor. It's a bit of good news for Ivysaur.'' he said ''Just now old Nurse Joy of Fennel Valley called.''

''You mean the same Nurse Joy that had multi personality disorder of being a feisty battler and a kind Nurse?'' asked Oak raising an eyebrow.

''Exactly'' confirmed Tracy ''And guess what, she is the new Nurse Joy of Jubeillife city. Apparently, Ash and company were there and he made quite a buzz in the city by his performance in the Pokémon contest there.'' Ivysaur perked up on hearing its trainers name and waked to Oak's side on the floor and looked curiously at Tracy. 'at least he's moving now' thought Tracy.

''Ash being a coördinator? That sure is something out of ordinary.'' said professor Oak imagining Ash in all sorts of outfits and weird poses. He then shook the thought off. ''Where is he now?'' asked Oak sternly.

''Luckily he is staying at the Pokémon centre with his friends for the night'' said Tracy ''Should I call him now. It's already midnight''

''Call him right away Tracy'' yelled Oak ''Before he leaves the centre. I can't deal with this mess anymore. We need his help. And bulba...I mean Ivysaur needs some rest too'' he said looking at the depressed grass type.

Tracy nodded then walked to the video phone followed by Oak and Ivysaur. He looked at the recent calls list in his phone and dialed the number of Jubillife Pokémon centre. After a few rings Nurse Joy answered.

''Oh Hi Tracy...'' she said letting out a slight yawn.

''Hello Nurse Joy...I was wondering if you could put Ash online. Its an emergency.'' said Tracy. She couldn't say no, especially after she looked at professor Oak's face.

''O...kay. Gimme a minute'' she said going out of the screen. Ash then appeared with a sleepy face followed by Brock. Well Brock was sleepy too but his squinted eyes concealed it very well.

''Hel... (yaaawn)..loooo professor Oak. What's the problem. Nurse Joy said it was an emergency.'' said Ash looking wearily.

''Heh...Ash sorry to disturb you at this hour...but we have a problem'' said Oak. Tracy then explained everything to Ash.

Ash sleep disappeared the moment he heard Bulbasaur's name. He looked sad. ''so Bulbasaur did it for me and other Pokémon ..huh. He is a great buddy. I wish it did not happen'' he said.

''Well, it's our mistake too. We weren't ready for such thing.'' said Oak.

''Where is he?'' asked Ash. Tracy then helped Ivysaur up to the screen. ''saaaaur'' it said sorrowfully.

''Ivysaur don't be sad. You will get used to it eventually'' said Ash ''what ever you may will be my best buddy. I promise''

''Saaaaur. Ivysaaar'' he still didn't look any better.

''Ivysaur...pack up. You are coming here'' said Ash in a cheerful tone ''We will have lots of fun.''

''Ivysaur. Ivy saur'' he nodded looking slightly better. It then sent its vines and got its pokeball out and vanished into red light before the screen.

"Ash what about the ranch'' asked Brock ''The Pokémon there need to be calmed down''

''No problem Brock. I'll send Sceptile. I don't think Bulbasaur is in good mood to do guardian stuff.'' he said taking out Sceptile's ball. "Sceptile i need your help'' he said throwing the ball.

''Sceptileeee'' it said looking at Ash.

''Sceptile there is a lot of disorder goin' on in the Oak ranch and I need you to set 'em right'' he said ''Gather your friends and take control of the ranch. I will call you as soon as i feel that you can come back.''

Sceptile looked reluctant but nodded eventually after he observed the seriousness in his master's voice.

''Good..'' he said and continued in an apologetical tone '' I know that you want to travel with me. But just this once. I promise that it won't be long before i call you back to the team.''

''Sceptileee'' it nodded firmly. Ash returned his loyal grass type and teleported it to the lab in exchange for Ivysaur.

''Professor I was wondering if you could send me some more of my team'' said Ash ''It will be a while before I catch new Pokémon so until then ill have a team''

''Just name 'em Ash'' said Oak.

''Lets see. I have Pikachu, Aipom, now Ivysaur and then Starley. So ill take a water type Corphish? Sceptile will need help. Okay then It would be Totodile and Cyndaquill.'' said Ash.

''Oaky'' said Tracy as he got the named balls and initiated the transfer. A lure ball and another fire type apricorn ball came through.

''Thanks Ash. I'll call you back when the situation is under control or you call me when Ivysaur feels okay...'' said Tracy ''good bye'' he cut the call.

The next day morning in Sinnoh.

The group got up early in the morning and got freshened up. The other night Zoey decided that she would hook up with the group for a while to help Dawn with her contests. Whether it was for Dawn's training or was it to stay close to Ash nobody would know.

They had an early and really good breakfast courtesy of Nurse Joy who was happy to see Ash again. Then they planned to stay at the centre the morning and train in the battlefield that was made indigenously by Nurse Joy.

''Thanks for lettin' us use the battle field Nurse Joy'' said Ash as he walked to the field.

''No problem Ash its good to see you train again. Brings back old memories'' she said. She then proceeded to remove her Nurse Joy ''and bad tastes...'' she said in a feisty tone ''I want another battle with my chansey'' she said determinedly.

Brock Zoey and Dawn who were on the side bench face faulted at the Nurse's actions

''Is she always like this?'' asked Zoey.

''Yep...she loves battling'' said Brock looking at the two girls ''This is one joy i will never forget.''

Dawn looked with sense of disgust.

There was a call from inside the centre and suddenly she became the all so nice joy as her Pokémon replicated that. They then sprinted away into the centre.

''Hey come on you guys I wanna introduce you to some of my old friends'' said Ash waving to the group.

''Old friends?'' looked Zoey in confusion.

''It its Pokémon'' said Brock.

Zoey couldn't help but smile 'he treats his Pokémon just like his friends, he is one of a kind'

''Come on out Ivysaur, Totodile, cyndaquill'' said Ash throwing the balls.

''Crocroo'' yelled Totodile jumping and biting Ash's head. Ash didn't look annoyed but pet the dile's head.

''Cyyyyynda'' said the Johto fire type looking at Ash.

''Saaaur ivy saur'' said Ivysaur looking really happy to see his trainer. Ash knelt and pet his head.

''Don't worry Ivysaur soon you'll be proud that you've evolved'' said Ash.

This got Dawn and Zoey confused. ''what do you mean by that Ash'' asked Zoey ''did he just evolve''

''Yep'' replied Ash ''what happened was...(explained the whole story)''

''So Ivysaur is like an ambassador at Oak ranch'' concluded Dawn.

''That's a lot of responsibility'' said Zoey.

''Well all my Pokémon are responsible'' he said confidently.

''Oh zip it Ash you look a lot handsome if you don't act so cocky.'' said Zoey. she stopped abruptly after she realised what she said.

''Huh?'' Ash stared at her blankly. Dawn giggled. '' think I'm handsome?'' he asked shyly

'' Ash...'' she said blushing furiously as Dawn and Brock broke out into laughter.

''How about you bring out your Sceptile and we have a rematch'' Zoey asked trying to change the topic.

''Well Zoey...I sent Sceptile back to professor Oak to gain control over the ranch. I thought I told you that'' said Ash.

''Oh Okay''

''But don't worry Ivysaur here is as good'' he said.

''Well then get ready for some serious battling'' she said determinedly as she took her spot on the field. ''Gallade curtain'' she said throwing a pokeball.

''Galladeeee'' its said getting ready for the battle.

''Ivysaur i choose you'' said Ash pointing to the battle field.

''Ivy saaaur'' it said lunging to the battle field.

Ash pulled out his Pokédex. ''lets see Ivysaur's moves''

''Ivysaur – level level 87. vine whip, razor leaf, leaf storm, synthesis, solar beam, leech seed, poison powder, sleep powder, sleep talk, frenzy plant, seed bomb

Abilities chlorophyll'' said dexter

''Thats a lot of moves'' said Dawn.

''Your Ivysaur must be really experienced'' said Zoey.

''Its because Ivysaur was a Bulbasaur for a long time he knows variety of moves'' said ash.

''But I don't understand one thing though'' said Brock gaining everyone's attention ''Dexter said Ivysaur was at level 87''

''Well he trains a lot, he practically battles all day controlling the ranch'' said Ash matter of factly.

''Well im not surprised Ash. But all i want to point out is that Ivysaur evolves into Venusaur at level 32''

''WHAT?'' yelled the group stunned.

''Is that true Ivysaur?'' asked Ash looking at him ''can you evolve into Venusaur?''

He just nodded. ''Ivysauu..r.''

''Well do you wanna evolve anytime soon?'' asked Ash ''i don't wanna force you but do you intend to evolve at all?''

Ivysaur thought for a while. And nodded again. It then looked at Pikachu.

Pikachu jumped from Ash's shoulder.

''Pika pika chu?'' (what is it Ivysaur)

''Saur saur ivy saaar. Ivy saaur?'' (well how may gym battles have you people completed?)

''Pikapi pikachu. Pikaaa chuu pika'' (none. We came just a few days ago although Ash did win a contest)

''Saaaue..Ivy sasaur?" (whats that?)

''Pikachuuu...cha pikkakachu pika'' (something about showing off and battling and Sceptile swept it off)

''Saur saaaur ivy saur...ivy ivy saaaur ivvy saur'' (I dunno what that big guy is doing now. Corphish also missed him very much.)

''Pika...cuuuu..pika...pikaaaachuuuuu pikaaaaaa. Pikachu pikachuuuu'' (Well im not worried Sceptile's been a lot powerful lately. He learnt dragon type moves and has been sweeping off stuff)

Pokespeech Begins-(A/N-Its annoying to write that pikasaur stuff)

''So am I lagging behind in the power department?'' asked Ivysaur

''Nope definitely not.'' said Pikachu ''you may be powerful than Sceptile. Hes powerful alright but got more speed and agility''

''There's the problem'' said Ivysaur ''that lizard is fast but I can't be. Now that my body is heavier'' said Ivysaur sadly.

''Well then, you can forget about speed and improve your endurance and attack power'' said Pikachu.

''Then I will have to evolve into Venusaur'' said Ivysaur frowning.

Pikachu looked surprised. '' don't have to'' said Pikachu ''Its always your wish'' said pikachu ''Ash never forces''

'''s no use staying in this form...I need to get back into battling. Thanks for the insights Pikachu.'' said Ivysaur smiling.

''No problemo old buddy...'' said Pikachu smiling as he got back up on Ash's shoulder ''By the way its nice to have you back on the team''

Pokespeech Ends

Ash, Brock, Dawn, and Zoey looked at the two Pokémon conversing interestingly.

''What did you speak Pikachu?'' asked Ash curiously.

''Pikapi pikaaaaaa chu'' (Long story Ash. Just ignore)

But Gallade who was watching all this knew exactly what they talked about and also that the group was up to a big surprise. At the same time it didn't look so happy too. 'Powerful than that Sceptile lizard. I need to stay on guard' Gallade thought.

The surroundings brightened up as Ivysaur shone with brilliant Light. " are evolving?'' said Ash looking stunned.

''It looks like Ivysaur thought it was useless to stay in that form and it might as well evolve into Venusaur.''

Ivysaur's blossomed bud opened up as it evolved into its larger form. ''venusaaaaarrrrrrr...'' it roared.

''Wow a Venusaur'' exclaimed Dawn opening her Pokédex.

''Venusaur, the final form of the Bulbasaur. This Seed Pokémon Soaks up the sun's rays as a source of energy.'' chirped the female voice of Dawn's Pokédex.

''Any new moves?'' Ash asked dexter pointing to Venusaur

''Take down, petal dance, hyper beam, giga impact, Giga Drain, Earthquake, sunny day.'' said dexter.

''See Venusaur, you could only use these attacks after you evolved.'' said Ash ''are you feelin' good about yourself now?''

''Venusaaaur...venusaaaur'' it said rubbing to Ash's cheeks. He grew up so much that now he was able to reach Ash's face very easily.

''Oh stooooooop it venusaaarrr.'' said Ash laughing and rubbing its face.

Zoey was too much mesmerised by that Pokémon trainer affection that she almost forgot about the battle until ''Gallade..gallllaaaaee'' called Gallade tapping her shoulder.

''Oh ...I forgot...Ash do you wanna battle or do you wanna spend some more time with Venusaur?'' she asked.

''Veeeenusaaar'' it said walking to the field.

''That answers it'' said Ash determinedly ''One on one?''

''Sure'' agreed Zoey ''And this time i'll play wisely, so do not underestimate me''

''This is a one on one match between Ash and Zoey. Begin.''

"Gallade use psychic'' she commanded. Gallade's eyes glowed white and Venusaur's body was slightly lifted up. Just as Gallade was about to throw Venusaur off.

''Razor leaf'' yelled Ash. Two enormous blade like leaves rifted the land apart as they flew towards a shocked Gallade. They hit him with full force as he was thrown against a tree.

''Wow that was some power'' exclaimed Dawn.

''Gallade are you okay'' asked Zoey worried. 'Gallade' it said composing itself. 'Venusaur is really powerful Pokémon' thought Zoey 'but its slow I need to use that to my advantage'

''Gallade close in with quick attack and use brick break'' said Zoey. Gallade disappeared and reappeared in front of Venusaur. Then hit with a powerful brick break on its head. Venusaur wailed in pain due to that attack. Gallade, on the other hand, took off and reached a safe distance.

''Venusaur are you alright?'' asked Ash worried. Venusaur nodded and composed himself.

''Venusaur use razor leaf again'' said Ash. This time Zoey was ready.

''Gallade Jump forward and dodge between them.'' Galade harmlessly jumped from between the razor leaves. ''Gallade psycho cut'' Gallade's arms then shone green as several crescent rings slashed their way towards Venusaur making a critical hit. Gallade then jumped back to Zoey's side.

'This is bad' thought Ash as he saw Venusaur take several hits. Venusaur was now panting but this nothing he couldn't take 'if it keeps up Venusaur is toast' thought Ash.

'Even after those hits Venusaur is still standing' thought Zoey in disbelief.

''Gallade psycho cut again'' she yelled as green rings shot out again.

''Counter with leaf storm'' said Ash. Numerous leaves appeared and took over the psycho cut as if it were nothing and made their way towards Gallade.

''Gallade use slash and defend'' she said. Gallade powered up slash and tried its best to cut through leaves and protect itself.

''Perfect...Venusaur use frenzy plant.'' yelled Ash. 'venusaaaaa...ur' yelled Venusaur as many large roots came out from entire field and restrained Gallade.

'Oh no' thought Zoey ''Gallade try to cut through the roots'' Gallade tried its best to powered up its sword like arms but they shut down every time it did.

''Sunny day and then solar beam'' said Ash. The sun shone brightly as Venusaur charged up for solar beam. Then it let loose a blinding bam of energy. Before Zoey could do anything down fell Gallade unconscious.

''Gallade is unable to battle so Venusaur wins, this match goes to Ash'' said Brock.

Zoey didn't look so sad as she had beeb expecting this. ''Hey Zoey nice match'' said Ash.

''Well thanks Ash but I want to suggest something.'' she said ''Venusaur is obviously very powerful, but the problem you are much compatible with speedy and agile Pokémon in your battles. You need to work on making strategies fighting with slow Pokémon like Venusaur who live on endurance.''

Ash took in what she said and looked to Venusaur he then looked back and nodded ''I'll keep that in mind, thank you Zoey''

Oak ranch

Sceptile stood at the entrance to the lab and looked at the mess.

Slowly a few of his friends approached Swellow, Corphish, Noctowl.

''So what's the problem.'' Asked Sceptile calmly.

Swellow started. ''We were fighting the other night against butch and cassidy'' she said. ''Then we all fell a sleep...later we knew that Bulbasaur had to evolve into Ivysaur to save us from the thieves''

''Yah after his evolution Ivysaur didn't feel really good and he stood down from doing anything.'' continued Corphish ''you know how stubborn he is about his evolution''

Sceptile raised an eyebrow folding its hands ''you're tellin me. When do you plan on evolving''

Corphish turned red and looked away. ''its not like I didn't try''

''Well that's his lazy ass problem. Nothing in comparison to what Bulbasaur's was.'' said Swellow ''Anyway bulba...hmm...Ivysaur did that for us and now he's not feeling well so he stopped controlling the farm'' she said.

''And its getting all chaotic'' said Corphish flailing its claws. ''The central lake that houses many water Pokémon is getting over populated by the Pokémon already present there and now added to that, new Pokémon have come both from trainers and from the wild. So it's basically a lake fight.''

Then Noctowl flew in. ''Good morning Sceptile'' she said.

''Good morning'' replied Sceptile ''Although I don't really know if a morning is good for you''

''It doesn't make any difference'' she said wearily ''fights continue all night. I really think that if the lake problem were to be solved then 90% of the problem would be solved.''

''The old goat(Oak) has let in a lot of wild Pokémon'' pointed Corphish ''wWhy don't we drive them away? Now that we have Sceptile's fire power.''

''That's not the way to solve it.'' said Sceptile sternly ''Ash respects the old goat's decisions so should we.'' said Sceptile.

''If you say so'' said Swellow wearily ''but we need to find a solution fast or else...''

''Alright first lets stop the fights. Then we can think what's next'' interrupted Noctowl. She was really the calmer type and was more into stopping the fights first than finding a solution.

''Yes ma'am'' said Sceptile sarcastically ''Alright let's give em' a scare...'' said Sceptile stretching and warming up. ''Meanwhile Corphish I want you to survey the land for any underground shallow water...can you do that?''

''What do you want that?'' Corphish asked ''Thats not gonna help''

''Jus...just do it man ill tell ya later.'' said Sceptile as Corphish nodded and walked away ''And you for any baby Pokémon and secure them...i'm goin to the lake'' the two birds flew away as Sceptile lunged into the ranch towards the lake.

There was the lake, surrounded by many Pokémon. On the ground many hop pip, skip loom, Bellosom, Vilepume, Gloom, Oddish and Sandshrew were separated into two groups. The were landing random attacks and glaring daggers at each other. Then suddenly a fight erupted as every Pokémon looked like it was engulfed in a sand storm.

The water habitat wasn't better either. The many variety of water type Magikarp, Starmie, Staryu, Seaking, Seal, Goldeen. They were both fighting with each other and with the Pokémon on the land.

Then suddenly Sceptile felt a gust of wind as a large orange dragon landed in front of him. ''Im glad that you decided to show up.'' said Dragonite ''What the hell happened to Bulbasaur. The Pokémon listen only to him''

''Well i'm here to both change that and give Ivysaur some rest.'' said Sceptile.

''Whoa that guy evolved?'' asked Dragonite in shock.

Sceptile raised his eyebrow ''You need to come out of your pokeball more often'' said Sceptile ''anyway that's a long story...power up your hyper beam...we are going for the broke''

The sky lit up as Sceptile powered up for solar beam. Dragonite looked shocked at the amount of energy Sceptile was collecting.

''Noooooo. That much energy can destroy the ranch'' yelled Dragonite.

''Don't not for the ranch'' said Sceptile clenching his body. ''Keep distance...or may be...HEY DRAGONITE USE OUTRAGE'' yelled Sceptile.

''WHAT?! THAT'S NONSENSE'' yelled Dragonite.

''USE OUTRAGE'' yelled Sceptile ''I'll take care of the aftermath''

Dragonite looked reluctant but nodded and closed his eyes. Then it opened its eyes. They were bright red. Sceptile could see that Dragonite looked really pissed off 'thats a good outrage' thought Sceptile except i'd have to put up with that.

'Time for the big boom' thought Sceptile as he absorbed all the energy that he collected by the solar beam. His body then turned on with green flames 'over grow activated' thought Sceptile.

Dragonite who was now out of his mind and out of control took to the air and roared loudly. His eyes looked red with anger. The loud roar caught every Pokémon's attention. Then the field was bombarded with hyper beam as Dragonite went on a rampage. Many trees fell and the Pokémon stopped their fights as they scattered for cover. As instructed Swellow and Noctowl had already displaced baby birds and animals.

Dragonite showed no mercy as he shot our his hyper beam. Well, no one could blame him. They never saw the goat's Dragonite so mad and powerful.

Sceptile powered up his own hyper beam ''Hey hotshot, here!'' he yelled as he fired a devastating hyper beam at Sceptile. The blast was so furious that every Pokémon was startled to see an attack launch from the ground. It even lit up the sky. Sceptile did this on purpose. He purposefully missed Dragonite to both show his power to Pokémon and also to gain Dragonite's attention. Dragonite looked pissed beyond all reasons as he glared at Sceptile. Then he dived for the forest Pokémon at incredible speed. Sceptile was no less in that department as he jumped and leapt at the same speed if not greater as he absorbed a lot of energy from the sun.

Dragonite kept attacking Sceptile with dragon breath and hyper beam. Sceptile dodged them all with his super agility. Dragonite only became more furious. Sceptile paused momentarily and jumped into the air. He then released a powerful dragon breath blinding Dragonite momentarily and then swiftly followed it with dragon pulse. The camouflage served its purpose as Dragonite was hit square on his chest. Dragonite was hit to the ground hard but it was nothing to him.

In a fraction of a second he recovered and took it back to the air. He charged up his own dragon pulse and fire it at Sceptile. To Sceptile's horror the pulse was much fast than he calculated and was hit on his back. It yelled as it was hit to a tree. The bruises vanished immediately as his body was healed from the energy that he stored in his bulbs. In turn the bulbs dimmed a little and started to recharge again. Scetpile picked up its pace and charged Dragonite with a series of his powerful leaf blade.

Dragonite responded with aerial aces. Sceptile hit the ground hard from the super effective attacks. Sceptile recovered instantly as he got his body healed again from the bulbs. Sceptile's over grow powered up as he charged a dragon rage. The orb of greenish-yellow thundering energy was so large that it increased twice Sceptile's own size as it travelled towards Dragonite. The Dragonite underestimating the attack used protect to defend. The shield broke and a large boom occurred. After a few minutes the smoke cleared as Sceptile looked the ground for the dragon on the ground. To his horror he heard a roar from the sky. Dragonite was still levitating in the air.

''That kind of endurance...oh wow'' exclaimed Sceptile. ''Guess i'll have to use my new attack after all to bring him down''

The other Pokémon looked aghast as the two super powers collided. Dragonite turned orange as he looked up to the sky.

''Oh no not that attack...not here'' yelled Sceptile as he saw Dragonite power up for draco meteor.

Sceptile then used sunny day and absorbed as much power as he could. Dragonite, on the other hand, launched the most powerful dragon type attack. The large orb travelled from its mouth to the sky to unusually large height and burst into hundred's of meteors. The meteorite travelled to the ground threatening to destroy the ranch.

All the Pokémon scrambled yelling as they found nowhere for cover. Sceptile hand not expected this attack. He powered up his protect and struggled to increase its size. He then hit the ground with his hands as frenzy plants erupted. He caught to those and transferred his power to the ground below. The protect dome left Sceptile and covered the whole ranch. The meteors hit the green dome and blasted. Sceptile kept channeling energy through frenzy plant to the ground till the last meteorite blasted. Then he left the roots as his eyes glowed green. The dome of the protect vanished as the roots raced upto the sky capturing Dragonite by its legs.

Sceptile then stopped overgrow as he jumped on to the roots and reached for Dragonite. He powered his fist up as it glowed white. Sceptile then proceeded to Dragonite and jumped over him ''ice punch'' he yelled hitting the back of Dragonite with its ice punch that was powerful that usual. Dragonite then fainted as it fell to the ground from a large height. Sceptile's eyes glowed green again as he commanded the frenzy plant. The roots softened as held the falling Dragonite and placed it on the ground.

All the Pokémon looked in horror as Sceptile walked past them throwing a menacing glare 'those was a nice least they will now know that there is someone here to burn them to cinders if they didn't obey orders.' thought Sceptile as he walked to Dragonite.

He then lifted the dragon and sped off to the lab and beyond the vision of other Pokémon. "Sceptileeeee'' it said placing Dragonite under a tree.

Sceptile used synthesis as he touched Dragonite. After several minutes Dragonite stir up.

''Whoa...what a nightmare.'' said Dragonite.

'' i never knew you've learnt draco meteor'' said Sceptile ''you didnt even teach me''

''Heyy grass type, shut up'' said Dragonite ''i've thought you enough dragon types moves already. This one i learnt new and you have to be a genuine dragon to learn it.''

Sceptile just huffed ''i can learn it'' said Sceptile.

''Zip it not even your pal Charizard can'' said Dragonite ''so what about the ranch. I pretty much forgot every thing after outrage. And why did you ask me to.''

''Well, for two...actually three first to show off my power to the Pokémon and make them listen to me and secondly to make you look like villain''

"WHAT?'' yelled Dragonite.

''Yep and third and the result they will now listen to you due to fear. That will be useful for you when I've left'' said Sceptile snickering.

Dragonite looked furious. '' your ass lizard...i may release a draco meteor at you''

Sceptile waved him off. ''Later perhaps in a good battle. But for now i have things to attend to. So please shut your self in the lab as you always do keep away from the Pokémon till im gone''

back with the Pokémon.

Back at the lake Swellow and Noctowl had collected all the baby Pokémon as asked by Sceptile his during the battle. The other Pokémon thanked the two birds for their help and praised them for their bravery.

''The lizard planned all this...didnt he?'' asked Noctowl in murmur to Swellow as they enjoyed the compliments and praises.

''I don't know'' said Swellow ''i really don't know. What goes in his mind.''

''Never expected Dragonite to fight Sceptile like that.'' said Corphish ''he is almost like a great teacher to Sceptile.''

The devil appeared during the talk. Sceptile walked to the crowd of Pokémon. 'they all look afraid and shitless...perfect'

Sceptile then walked to the centre of the group. He looked at all the Pokémon as they slightly backed away in fear. '' hey its Ash's Sceptile'' said ones of Gary's Rhyhorn.

''Yah...he is'' said Gary's Nidoqueen ''i recognise him from the last time Ash came. He was really a kind hearted trainer''

The other Pokémon stopped shivering after they heard Rhyhorn and Nidoqueen's words.

Sceptile took the opportunity ''The ranch is now safe'' he yelled ''I've put down Dragonite''

The Pokémon yelled their names in joy as they recognised their hero. Many Pokémon went up to Sceptile and lifted him into the air.

''hip hip hooray'' ''hip hip hooray'' ''hip hip hooray'' yelled the Pokémon in unison bouncing Sceptile into the air.

'I could get used to this' thought Sceptile.

Corphish rolled his eyes ''i bet he planned all that and made Dragonite use outrage'' he said in a whisper to Noctowl and Swellow.

They just nodded. ''that lizard i say is far more intelligent than i thought'' said Noctowl.

Sceptile then got down and faced all Pokémon.

''Do you know why Dragonite attack at all?'' asked Sceptile to all Pokémon.

''Yah why did he attack us. He was professor's Pokemon right?'' asked a Bellosom.

''Yes he is.'' replied Sceptile ''Dragonite couldnt see you fight and tried to ask you many time not to. But he became very angry when you people stated to fight over territory on professor's land. He was also angry that you forgot all that your leader Ivysaur told you back before you left. Its shows your disrespect for your leader Bulbasaur.''

''We don't disrespect him'' said an oddish ''he is really a good leader. Where is he any way.''

''He is really tired after the fight with the grunts so he was sent for a vacation.'' said Sceptile ''and not following any thing he taught you is only showing disrespect whether you agree or not.'' he said sternly.

''We are sorry'' said the grass and water Pokémon.

''Its Okay. I'll be leaving after a few days so tell me your problem and ill help'' said Sceptile.

''WHAT?'' yelled the group in unison. ''who will save us from Dragonite?'' asked an Oddish.

Sceptile looked at the small Pokémon with soft eyes ''don't worry kid. Dragonite uncle just got into outrage when every body was misbehaving. He doesn't remember anything that happened. He will not attack again unless your moms and dads mis behave'' said Sceptile to the baby Pokémon. Though Sceptile looked at the kid Pokémon while saying that, the other Pokémon listened too.

The baby Pokémon looked at the adult ones with stern eyes. Surprisingly the adult ones backed away nodding vigorously.

''So tell me your problem and why you are fighting?'' asked Sceptile bringing them back to discussion.

''Well the lake gets over crowded...'' a Politode was about to begun when Sceptile interrupted.

''So will everybody stop fighting if there were a new lake?'' asked Sceptile.

The other Pokémon looked in shock.

'That's why he asked me to search for water' thought Corphish.

The Pokémon looked at him disbelief, but nodded eventually.

''Cosphish'' Sceptile looked at the crab fish Pokémon.

Corphish nodded and walked to an open place at a considerable distance away from the lab.

''So there is water here?'' asked Sceptile.

''Yup...a lot just have to dig for a few days and we will reac...'' Corphish couldn't complete as he was lifted and thrown away ''heyyyyy''

''Keep your distance'' said Sceptile as he charged and absorbed humongous amounts of energy from the sun. The other Pokémon backed away and stared at the forest Pokémon in awe.

''Noctowl, Swellow come here'' asked Sceptile and the two birds flew to his side. ''Lift me into the air by my hands.''

''Do you think its safe?'' asked Swellow.

''Ill be fine'' assured Sceptile ''just do it''

the two flying types took a hand each of Sceptile by their talons and lifted him off ground to a large altitude.

''Dude you are heavy'' said Noctowl struggling as Sceptile aimed at the ground below and fired a powerful dragon pulse. The repulse jolted Sceptile and the two flying type up. ''never mind that'' said Noctowl.

''Hold tight'' said Sceptile as he fired multiple dragon pulse and dragon rage on to the ground. The ground shook with tremors as the planned spot cratered haeavily on impact with dragon pulse and dragon rage. Soon there was a large and deep crater the size of a big lake and water started oozing up at random places.

''Oh wow...wish i could do that'' said Swellow wide eye.

''Hold still ladies'' said Sceptile as Swellow's grip loosened ''im not interested to get wet''

Sceptile then sent bursts of hyper beam at the edges of the lake to level to level the ground. ''Take me down'' he said. The two birds then landed Sceptile on the lakes bank.

''But there is less water'' said a Gyarados looking the work.

''Well there is still a very thin layer left'' said Sceptile looking at the geyser like fountains that were growing in number as they spoke ''perhaps you can help me by bringing your friends and using dig on the remaining layer.''

The atrocious Pokémon nodded signalling the other Gyarados to come. Then they jumped in to the lake and dug out the separation layer. Water oozed up and filled the entire lake with fresh water.

''Its beautiful'' said a Lapras ''and its really large.''

''We really need to thank you'' said the Pokémon gathering round Sceptile ''we cannot repay you for this help'' many said.

''Well, you can thank me by respecting your leader Ivysaur...i'll bet hes a Venusaur now...any way your leader will return after a few days...please show him some loyalty. And also respect Dragonite. Remember you are staying on its master's land and he means no harm. I'll ask Dragonite to stay out longer so that he can keep an eye on thieves.''

The Pokémon nodded vigorously.

''And one more thing'' said Sceptile ''never leave every thing on the leader. A good member of a family will always be responsible and help its leader. Do you know how bad Bulbasaur felt when he evolved in to an Ivysaur? And he did all that for you. I too lived in a large group back when i was in Hoenn when i was a tree co. And our family lived for centuries and is still you know why?...its because we looked after each other'' said Sceptile.

The 350 Pokémon that gathered there looked among themselves nodding. ''You must take responsibility and guard the lab and Pokémon against thieves.'' said Sceptile.

The mob got nodded and cheered for Sceptile as they shook hands among themselves. The grass Pokémon shook hands with the water Pokémon.

'That's that' thought Sceptile tiredly as he turned around away from the Pokémon. He then came face to face with his three buddies

Noctowl, Swellow and Corphish looked at the lizard smiling. A hint of admiration on their face.

''What?'' asked Sceptile in confusion.

''The professor, the drawing book guy and the badass dragon tried for many days to calm the situation.'' said Swellow.

''And you did it in one day?'' said Noctowl.

'' I just did what Ash asked me to.'' said Sceptile ''he asked me to collect forces and control the ranch..and here it's done''

Corphish clapped its claws uncontrollably. The other three looked at the crab fish Pokémon in confusion.

''Guys I'm feelin' funny'' said Corphish quivering.

Then to everyone's surprise Corphish began to glow bright. In a few moments in place of Corphish stood...''crawdaunt'' said the rogue Pokémon.

'''ve evolved...lucky dog'' said Sceptile congratulating the newly evolved dark/water type.

''Finally'' said Crawdaunt in a sore voice ''I've been feeling weird for the past few days''

''Ash is up for a great surprise'' said Swellow smiling.

''Aaachuuu'' sneezed Ash somewhere near the route to Oreburgh city.