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On June 12, 2020 Jai and Iris West were welcomed into the world. For Wally and Artemis it was one of the happiest days of their lives. Jai came first and his sister followed soon after. Jai looked more like his mother's sister and Irey was spitting image of her father. Both were happy and healthy, the best of siblings.

Looking back on this, remembering the moment she held both newborns in her arms, Artemis never thought it'd end up to be like this. It hurt that she had to watch it all happen, there was nothing she could do to stop it. The widow cried silently to herself as she turned off the news. She just couldn't bear to watch it anymore. Her very own flesh and blood fighting each other to the death, each on a different side of the law.

The archer didn't know what went wrong. She remembers the time when the twins loved each other; they used to be inseparable, the best of friends even. Now they were at each others throats, wanting to spill the blood of the other. It killed Artemis that there was nothing she could do about it but watch as her family slowly crumbled. If Wally were still alive the sight would probably kill him. Artemis died a little more inside every time she saw Flash and Zoom go at it on the news.

She still couldn't see how the twins were reduced to this. In a matter of months they went from the best of siblings to the worst of enemies. The archer blamed herself for this partially, she was the one who raised them, this was a sign of her failure. She wished she'd intervened when she could've, she should've seen the signs. No one could stop it now.

Artemis remembers fighting her sister when she was young, but never like this. Sure she and Jade were on opposite sides, but never in a billion years would they kill each other. They were sisters and deep down they cared about the other. There was a line neither of them would cross, unlike the twins.

Her family was in pieces. Wally was missing, had been for years. They all presumed he was dead. He was just another gravestone bearing the flash family name. Even if he was out there alive, somewhere, they needed closure. Their hearts were already as empty as his casket in the ground. Eventually Irey fell into her father's footsteps and Jaiā€¦fell into another's.

When the oldest West child disowned himself it devastated what was left of the disintegrating family. Out of all the speedsters, Irey and Jai were all that was left. Barry had perished more than a decade before. Wally then took up the mantle he succumbed to the same tragic fate as his predecessor a couple of years ago. For a short time Bart picked up the cowl, but like the others he fell too. Jay was still around, but he was too old to keep up so the responsibility fell into the twin's hands.

It was hard at first. Irey took over Central City and Jai protected Keystone. Impulse and Kid Flash worked perfectly together. Artemis thought they would always be like this, sadly she was mistaken. It was only a matter of time before it all went south.

For once things were going well. Crime was down in both cities. The family was slowly mending, the loss of Wally cut deep and when Bart went it opened old wounds. Artemis was proud of her children for how far they'd come. It was starting to look like all would be well. Then it happened and the West family shattered to pieces.

To this very day Artemis doesn't know what it was that exactly went wrong, her daughter still refuses to tell. Maybe it was for the best, or maybe the youngest West didn't know either. There was no way to tell. From the looks of it something in Jai just snapped.

At first Irey tried to fight it, begging and pleading her brother to stray from the path of darkness he'd chosen. She wasn't ready to accept it yet. That was before things spiraled out of control. When it all passed the point of no return.

Artemis remembers the fallout after Jai left; the memory will always be a fresh wound on her heart. It absolutely destroyed her seeing their battle. It was the first of many to come.

Kid Flash and Impulse faced each other in the middle of Keystone. Brother against sister, twin against twin, blood against blood. Forced out of retirement, the archer in her late 40's raced across rooftops trying to salvage what was left of her family. She felt so helpless as she saw her children destroying each other up ahead in the distance. Both evenly matched in speed and combat, neither could win. It was all escalating at the speed of sound, literally. Artemis's heart broke as she drew her bow taught, it hurt her that it had to come to this. The arrow landed between the warring siblings and exploded on impact, throwing both Irey and Jai back. It wasn't deadly or even harmful, but it was just what Artemis needed to intervene. As the cloud of dust dissipated Artemis appeared in front of the two. Tears streaked down her face, two arrows were notched in her bow, one pointing at each speedster.

The heartbroken mother was speechless as she stared at her frozen children. There were no words to even possibly describe the agony she was feeling, it was like she was being torn to bits slowly while being set on fire. The twins were silent too. It was the last moment of peace they would ever share. Soon after it all went to hell. That night words were said, relationships were broken and ties were permanently severed. Nothing would ever be the same again. Sometimes when something is shattered the pieces are too sharp to fit back together.

Irey finally condemned Jai. To her he was a lost cause; she would no longer fight to get him back. He wasn't her brother anymore, he was the enemy. After that night Impulse and Kid Flash were a thing of the past. Their costumes permanently hung up and each donned a new cowl. Things got even worse from there. The first battle may have been over but the war had barely begun.

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