The Past

Sherry just stood there looking at Claire holding the picture. She looked over at Leon and she could see he was pissed and confused why she had it also. Then her eyes fell on Jake he was just looking at her with a poker face. He showed no emotion. Sherry tried to get her thoughts together before speaking.

"Why the hell do you have that Sherry? Please tell you still don't have feelings for that asshole." Leon said as he looked at her anger showing in his face.

"No of course not! I just forgot I had it in there." Sherry said as she looked at all three of them.

"Sherry you know what he did you-"

"I know Claire drop it!" Sherry hissed as she walked over to Claire.

Sherry took the picture frame from her, she walked back into the kitchen and threw it in the trash hard. She was having such a great time why did Claire have to find that picture. She needed a drink and not soda, she walked over to the fridge and opened it. Sherry grabbed a beer she had quite a few left over from when Claire and Leon where here before. She popped the top off a took a long drink she put the table.

That's when she realized she messed up. She drove Jake here now how in the hell would he get to the hotel. She heard footsteps behind her she turned around to see Jake standing behind here. He looked at the beer then looked at her raising his eyebrow in question.

"Do you have anymore of those?" Jake asked as he leaned on the kitchen counter.

"Yea." Sherry turned around and grabbed a beer she handed it to Jake.

"So now what?" Jake asked as he popped the top off and took a drink.

Sherry was about to answer when Claire walked over to her. Jake looked at the two then went back into the living room with Leon.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to flip out like that." Claire said as she hugged Sherry.

"It's alright but honestly Claire you don't have to worry. I really did just forget about the damn picture." Sherry said with a smile.

"All right. You want to order pizza my treat?" Claire asked her with a smile.

"Yea let me go see what the guys want." Sherry said.

Sherry walked into the living room she saw Jake and Leon had put away the last box and were trying to find something on T.V. Leon looked over at her when he heard her walk in to the room. He stood up walked over and gave her hug then looked down at her.

"Sorry Sherry you know how I get when the damn guy is brought up." Leon said.

"Yeah I know." Sherry said as she looked at Leon.

Sherry eyes quickly went to Jake he still had a poker face on but she could see his jaw was locked. He looked back at the T.V flipping threw the channels. God if Leon gets mad what is Jake going to think.. How is he going to react? Sherry thought to herself.

"Alright Pizza what does everyone want?" Sherry asked.

"Anything is fine with me." Jake said as he kept switching channels.

"I want pineapple and ham." Claire said from the kitchen.

"I'm the only one that eats that with her." Leon said as he rolled his eyes.

"Hey Jake you fine sharing a meat lovers with me?" Sherry asked him.

"Yep." Jake said.

Jake heard Sherry walk back into the kitchen. Leon came to sit down beside him on the couch. Jake picked up his beer from the table and took a drink. Claire and Leon both knew who that guy was in the picture. Jake started putting pieces together. He figured it was an ex of Sherry's and he also figured the break up went very bad. He just wanted to find out what happened. He didn't like the idea of someone hurting her.

Sherry called in the pizza when she was done she walked back into the kitchen. She had her beer in her hand and another for Leon. Leon smiled as he took the drink from her. She sat down in the chair next to couch and curled her legs under her. She heard the pop of Leon's drink and looked over to see him chug half the beer. Claire walked into the living room with a beer in her hand as well. She looked at all of them drinking beer.

"Um.. Guys how is Jake supposed to get to the hotel if we are all drinking?" Claire asked as she looked at Sherry and Leon.

"Don't worry about it I can call a cab." Jake said as he took another drink of his beer.

"No I have a better idea." Claire said as she leaned against the wall with the beer in her hands.

"Oh yea what's that?" Jake asked as he looked at her.

"Stay the night here." Claire said then took another drink.

"Where would I sleep. There is one spare bedroom then the couch?" Jake asked Claire.

Claire shrugged her shoulders then said. "You could always sleep in the bed with Sherry."

Sherry was taking a drink as Claire said it. It shocked her so much it made her choke on the beer. She started coughing everyone looked at her. When she finally stopped she had a blush across her face.

"You ok?" Jake asked as he looked at her.

"Yes I'm fine." Sherry said as she looked at Claire.

"I was only kidding you know. Sherry and I can share the bed. You two can pick who gets the spare bed and who gets the couch." Claire said as she looked at the three of them.

"That's fine with me. If that ok with you and Leon." Sherry said as she looked at Leon and Jake.

"I want the spare bed. This couch is a pain in the ass to sleep on." Leon said as he took a drink of the beer.

"Fine with me." Jake said as he stood up.

Jake walked over into the kitchen. He threw his beer bottle in the trash. He couldn't believe Claire suggested he sleep in the same bed as Sherry. He wouldn't mind not at all. From Sherry's reaction it looked like it took her by surprise to. There was a knock at the door. He heard Claire yell that she would get it. He watched her run to the door and opened it the pizza guy was on the other side of the door. Claire handed him the money and he gave her the pizza's.

They ate the pizza and watched T.V. When that was done they sat around and talked for a while. Everyone was nice and relaxed well more than a little relaxed. Sherry only had one beer but Claire and Leon had a lot. Jake only drank two. It was 11 at night when Sherry looked up at the clock in here living room. They had been talking about the past mission and such right now they were on the topic of the hardest BOW that they fought.

"I have to say mine was the Tyrant." Claire said as she leaned back against the couch. She was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed.

"I have to say mine well um sorry Sherry but it was Simmons" Leon said as he took another drink of his beer.

"What about you guys?" Claire asked.

"Ustanak." Sherry and Jake said at the same time.

"Wow really. Jake you fought some many BOWs I didn't know that was the hardest one." Claire said.

"You should have seen this damn thing Claire. It was a pain in the ass." Leon said.

"You saw it to?" Claire asked as she looked at Leon.

"Saw it nothing. Helena and I help them fight the damn thing." Leon said as he finished his beer.

"Yea the fucker chased us half way around the damn world. It was hell killing that thing." Jake said.

"I don't know Jake you seemed to hold your ground pretty damn good there in the end." Sherry said with a slight smile.

"Yea, but if you recall you helped me out Super Girl." Jake said as he looked over at Sherry.

Sherry smiled at Jake remembering how she helped him when he was fighting hand to hand combat. She also remembered him helping her hold the gun steady and both of them pulling the trigger killing that damn thing once and for all. She could see that he was remembering to. Jake smiled his that crooked smile at her that she liked.

"Wow it's 11:20 already. Well I'm going to go a head and call it a night." Claire said as she stood up.

Sherry noticed her sway a little she stood up and took a hold of one of Claire's arms.

"Well I guess I'm calling it a night to. Come on Claire." Sherry said as she was walking back into the bedroom.

Sherry helped Claire back into the bedroom. She was a little tipsy not much but just enough. Sherry lent her a red tank top with blue sleeping shorts. Claire changed then slid into Sherry's bed. She changed into a white shirt with black sleeping pants. She cut the light off and slid into the bed. Her room had a blue hue to it due to the Christmas lights. She was about to close her eyes she Claire said her name.

"Yeah. What is it Claire?" Sherry asked.

"It's about Leon. I'm so in love with him Sherry. I just wish he would see it. I hate feeling invisible to him. I hate being just his friend. I want something more." Claire said.

"Have you told him how you feel Claire?" Sherry asked looked at Claire.

"No. I'm scared at what he will say or think." Claire said as she played with the sheet.

"You know what I think. I think you should tell him." Sherry said as she looked at Claire with a little smile.

"You know what you're right. Thanks Sherry." Claire said as she sat up and gave her a hug.

"No problem." Sherry said as she hugged her back.

Sherry watched Claire get out of bed and leave the room. She still couldn't sleep so she got out of bed wrapped a blanket around her and opened her balcony door. She stepped outside it was a warm night for December.

Jake was laying on the couch in just his sleeping pants with a blanket over his legs. He had one arm covering his eyes he couldn't get to sleep he always had problems falling asleep. He heard a door open he took his arm off his eyes then there was a slight knock on the door. "Leon it's Claire can I come in." He heard her say. He heard Leon mumble something which must have been a yes because he heard the door opened then close.

"I wonder what that's about?" Jake said in a low voice.

Jake didn't know how much time had went by but he still couldn't sleep. He threw the blanket off him and walked into the kitchen he opened the door. He saw their was two beers left. He grabbed them he was headed back over to the couch when a sound made him stop. He stood still and looked down the hall way. He heard it again it sounded like a low moan. No way are they.. Jake thought died when he heard it again but this time it was louder and it was Leon's name.

Jake couldn't believe it they were having sex or doing something in Sherry's spare bedroom. He heard another moan Jake shook his head and started walking towards the door to the balcony. "No way I'm listening to that for half the night or until its over" He said as he walked to the door. He opened the door and stepped out side. He was glad it was warm for a December night. He was also glad he the C-Virus kept him warm.

Jake shut the door and looked to his right. He saw Sherry standing there wrapped in a blanket looking deep in though. She didn't even hear him open or close the door. The wind blow her hair across her face a little and he smelled her scent she smelled like strawberries. He was trying to decide if he should go back in side when Sherry turned her head and looked at him.

"Oh Jake. Sorry I didn't see you or hear you. How long have you been standing there?" Sherry asked as she turned her whole body now.

"Just a few minutes. You want to be out here alone? If you do I can go back inside." Jake said as he looked at her.

"No it's fine I'm actually going to go back in." Sherry said as she was walking over to the door.

Sherry opened the door and was about to step inside when she heard Claire moan Leon's name really loud. Sherry just stood there she was shocked at first. She couldn't believe it they were actually doing stuff in her apartment. Then she realized they were having sex.. It meant they Leon had feelings for Claire also. Sherry had a slight smile on her face. She shook her head and closed the door not before another load moan could be heard though.

"Yea I was going to warn you about that." Jake said as he looked at Sherry. He stuck out his hand that held the two beer in it..

"It's fine.. I'm happy for them actually." Sherry said as she took the beer from Jake. She popped the top and took a sip.

"Really your not mad their screwing in your apartment right now?" Jake asked in disbelief.

"No Claire has been in love with Leon for years now. That's what me and her talked about tonight. I told her that she should tell him. So its kind of my fault anyway. So I really can't get mad." Sherry said with a smile as she took a drink from her beer.

"You know I have never been in love. The only person I have loved was my Mom." Jake said as he lead his arms on the balcony railing with the beer in his hands.

"I thought I was in love at one time. But it turns out that was all just a lie." Sherry said as she to leaned on the balcony looking at the city lights and listening to the city at night.

"Oh." Jake said as he glanced at her side ways. He wanted to know so bad but he didn't want to ask her to tell him. She would tell him when she is ready.

"The guy in the picture.. His name was Max Reed." Sherry said with a sigh.

"He was at the party last night wasn't he. The guy that stepped in front of you." Jake said as he looked at her.

"Yeah. He is a Doctor for the BSAA. That's why he was there last night." Sherry said as she took a drink.

"BSAA? How did you meet him?" Jake said as he looked at her.

"Well Leon and Claire were both gone for more than a month. Both on work assignments. I was kind of lonely you know, anyway one day at the coffee shop I was in a hurry and bumped into Max. I made him spill is coffee all over him and me. I told him I was so sorry. I bought him another one we talked for over an hour. He asked me if I would go out one a date with him. I agreed we went on our date and everything went great."

"We agreed to keep seeing each other. Claire and Leon came back we all went out after they both met him. They told me something was off.. That I shouldn't trust him. I thought they were just being over protective of me. You know since Max was my first actual really boyfriend. I should have listened to them. I know that now." Sherry said as she looked off into the city.

"What happened." Jake asked before he could stop himself. He didn't want to make her talk about it if it upset her.

"Well it was a great two months. Then he told me he loved him I was so shocked. He was the first guy to ever tell me that. I told him I loved him to then a few days later one thing lead to another and well I slept with him. I lost my virginity I couldn't believe it. That night I told him about my nightmare's and how I was afraid to go to sleep. He told me not to worry he would hold me all night, if I had a nightmare he would be there when I woke up." Sherry said her eyes glistened with tears.

Jake felt his heart get tight and pull at his chest. He knew what she was about to say before she even said it.

"I had a nightmare I woke up screaming.. I looked over and Max was gone. I tired calling him and he didn't answer. He didn't call me for a week I couldn't take it, so I went to his apartment. He was with another girl he told me he never loved him that it was all lies. He could never love some one as damaged as me. He said I was fucked up and no one would love me." Sherry said as the tears spilled from her eyes.

Jake couldn't take it anymore he put his beer down on the ground and stood up. He walked over and took Sherry's arm. He wrapped his arms around her little frame and held her close. He could feel the tears on his chest. It tore at his heart even more. How could someone be so fucked up and so mean to her. He wanted to beat the shit out of this Max guy for making her hurt like this. He leaned his head down and pressed a soft kiss on her hair.

"I'm so sorry Sherry." Jake said.

"It's ok I'm fine now Jake." Sherry said as she leaned back and looked up at him.

"I know but you shouldn't have had to go through that." Jake said.

"I know." Sherry sighed as she looked out at the city again.

"Now I know why Leon and Claire hate the fucker so much." Jake said as he dropped his arms from around her.

"Oh god I thought Leon was going to kill him. I showed up at Claires that night and Leon was just leaving. I practically had to drag him back in the apartment." Sherry said.

"Well the mother fucker better hope I don't see him again. God fucking help him if he says something mean or smart to you." Jake said in a angry voice as he took a sip from his beer.

Sherry thought this would happened that Jake would get mad and worked up. But she also knew a way to get him to calm down. She leaned back on the balcony and took a drink from her beer. She also took a deep breath before she started talking again.

"He really messed my up Jake. I was so depressed I hide it very well the only ones that knew were Leon and Claire. Claire was so worried about me but then something happened to me." Sherry said.

"What happened to you?" Jake as he looked at her with a confused look on his face.

"Well like I said I hide my depression well. Simmons didn't even notice it. I was just doing paper work. Then I got a mission a chance to leave this state for a while. To get away and forget about Max."

"What was the mission" Jake asked.

Sherry watched him begin to take a drink of his beer before she decide to speak.

"Oh you know go to Edonia, tell some 20 year old that his blood was special and it was up to him to save the world. He almost caused us 50 million dollars but then at the end he had a change of heart and lowered his asking price to 50 bucks." Sherry said with a smile.

Jake stopped what he was doing he lowered his beer and looked at her with a confused look on his face.

"So I happened to you?" Jake asked slowly.

"Yea you happened to me. Jake that was a living hell for both of us. A lot of the time I didn't think we were going to make it out alive. But we did.. You saved me Jake if I hadn't had got that mission god knows where I would be right now. Being around you made me remember who I was. I'm a fighter Jake and a good person I don't need to take that shit from anyone. Thank you for that." Sherry said as she looked at Jake with a smile.

Jake was in total shock he didn't know what to do or say. She just told him that if she didn't get the mission to find him she didn't know where she would be. In truth he didn't know where he would be right now if he hadn't had met her.

"Well you already know that you saved me. I told you that day Sherry. So you're welcome." Jake said with a slight smile.

Sherry smiled then she yawed she didn't know what time it was but she was tired. She should get to bed soon and Claire and Leon should have been done by now right? She walked over and slowly opened the door. It was silence she turned to look at Jake.

"Oh um your going to have to come in this way. The door handle is broken on that side. I need to get it fixed." Sherry said.

"Oh ok." Jake said as he walked over to where Sherry was standing.

Sherry let Jake walk in her bedroom first then she followed. She unwrapped herself from the blanket it and yawed again. She walked over and sat down on her bed. She looked over at Jake in the blue hue she saw his naked chest and couldn't stop herself from eyes roaming over it. She looked and saw his board shoulders his lean muscular chest and stomach. There was a few new scares on his body from the last time she seen him in china. She looked up at his face and he had an eye brow raised. She began to blush when she had be caught staring at him.

"Sorry." Sherry said in a soft voice and looked away.

"Don't be, look all you like." Jake said with a cocky grin.

Sherry was about to say something but she yawed again.

"I hope I get a good nights sleep tonight. I feel so drained." Sherry said.

"The nightmare's are that bad?" Jake asked.

"Yea they are." Sherry said as she looked at him.

With that Jake nodded his head and walked out the room. Sherry was shocked and a little hurt at his sudden leaving. Was it something she said she crawled in bed she could feel the tears begin to prick her eyes when she heard foot steps then felt the bed shift. She looked over her shoulder to see Jake getting under the covers.

"What are you-" Sherry began but was cut off by Jake.

"Relax Super Girl it's not what your thinking. You said felt drained so." Jake paused and pulled her closer to him.

Sherry could feel his warm body up against her back he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her a little closer.

"I'm going to be here to fight off your nightmares.. If you wake up screaming I will be here holding you protecting you. I wont abandoned you I will be right here." Jake said.

"Jake you don't have-"

"Just go to sleep Sherry I've got you." Jake whispered as he tightened his hold on her waist.

Sherry smiled and moved her head to where she was looking forward again. She closed her eyes for the first time in years she felt safe in her bed. She felt at home with Jake's arm wrapped around her. She knew they were just friends but she couldn't help starting to feel a little something more for him. She had no idea the ex mercenary had a soft side to him. She did know that she was on of the few to see it. Sherry smiled her last thoughts were of how good he felt laying next to her with his arm around her holding her, protecting her.

Jake couldn't believe what she told him tonight. About what her ex had to done to her. How he promise he'd be there if she woke up from here nightmare. Only for here to wake screaming realizing he broke his promise then a week later his was screwing someone else. When she said she felt drained and she had slept in she didn't know how long because of the nightmares he didn't even think twice. He went threw the beer bottles in the trash in the kitchen the came back to hold her in his arms. Protecting her while she was awake hopefully he could do it while she was asleep. But if not then he would be here when she wakes up not like that asshole before. Jake couldn't help but feel at home and at ease with her in his arms. He felt finally at peace. It's been a long time since he felt that. He hasn't felt that since before his mother gotten sick.

She was so soft and she fit perfectly against him. He knew he was just friends with her but he couldn't stop the feelings that were starting to grow. He didn't think he would ever care about anyone else after his mother had died but Sherry changed that. She was finding her way into his heart and no matter how hard he tried to fight it. He could stop it. Then again Jake didn't really want to stop it.

He inhaled her strawberry sent and closed his eyes thinking again about how she fit perfectly against him and in his arms.

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