I was vaguely aware of someone calling my name in the dark.


Scratch that, some Angel was calling my name. It felt familiar like I've heard it before.

The voice sounded far away and yet also quite close, like in the calm stillness of the night where a whispered word could be heard a mile away.


Smooth, rich, velvety, the voice called to me. I fought the slumber that was trying to pull me back under, to take me away from the Angel. As I stifled a yawn the scent of Vanilla and Honeysuckle enveloped me, filling my every sense, causing my head to swim.


A cool breeze passed over my lips as I inhaled deeply, air rushing into my lungs filling my every pore making my head spin and my eyes flutter open. My breath caught in my chest as my eyes widened in surprise.

"Callie..." the Angel who was leaning over my bed whispered.

The Angel bathed in the moonlight was hovering above me on the bed, hands placed firmly on the mattress either side of my shoulders, her face and lips mere inches from my own. Her pale skin was almost luminescent, her short black hair framed her face perfectly and her eyes pitch black, but somehow swirling with unseen fire.

I breathed in the intoxicating air that surrounded me. I should be startled – scared even at the presence of this person in my room who was calling my name softly and moving ever so slowly closer to me. However instead I was calm though my heart did betray me as my eyes flicked upwards to the Angel's.

"Callie..." the Angel whispered again and I felt a familiar pull surge forward causing me to raise myself up on my elbows almost completely closing the gap between us.

Just as our lips were about to connect, realisation flooded my foggy mind.

"Alice..." I breathed

I shot upright in bed, unsure in that moment if it had been a dream or not, searching the darkness of my bedroom for any sign of my dream angel, startled momentarily by the wafting curtain I walked over and pulled down the open window, where a faint scent of Vanilla and Honeysuckle enveloped me. Shaking this memory, this dream, from my mind I climbed back into bed. While I know that the first occurrence had definitely been a dream something about this one seemed more tangible, more real, yet I was at a complete loss to even explain why.

Sleep evaded me for the rest of the morning and I found myself in front of my computer, staring at the blank screen with a cup of hot coffee in my hand pondering the anomalies I've encountered. However, 'psychic' and 'fast moving' punched into a search engine lead to an onslaught of websites for internet connections and psychics which definitely was not what I was looking for, so I turned off the computer and got ready for school.

There was something about starting the day off riding my Ducati that always had me looking forward to the day ahead, the adrenaline cycling through my system long after the engine was switched off could sustain a happy mood for almost an entire school day.

"You spent the weekend at the Cullen's?" Amanda asked, a look of shock showing clearly on her face.

It was lunch time and I was sitting with Josh and his friends once again. I had found myself easily assimilated into there group

"Yes, well partially, I mean Ness and I worked on our report for History." I said, looking around the table unsure why I suddenly felt in the middle of an inquisition. I briefly looked behind me, frowning at the empty table the Cullen children sat at.

"They must be hiking." Josie said quietly "whenever we have sunny weather, because it's so rare, Dr and Mrs Cullen pull them from school and take them hiking or camping. I wish my father would do that."

There was no jealousy in her voice, simply wistfulness. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the rest of the table. From what I had managed to piece together so far Ness, Rosalie and Emmett kept to themselves while at school, almost as if there was some division between them and the remainder of the student body. Of course division comes from both sides and, as I thought again about the empty table, I couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't only the Cullen's who were aloof, but the rest of the school also.