It had been a month since I started visiting Alice on the weekend, most of the time was spent getting to know one another more, she'd show me the sketches she was working on and sometimes we'd play a game. She always beat me at chess, in fact I'd hazard a guess that she would win every game we played. The weekend would always end with a bike ride, Alice now had a pair of bike gloves, leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet with a dark tinted visor. During the month I had noticed just how much better, happier, healthier Alice was. Esme had commented on it too and thanked me for my input. It was no burden spending time with Alice Cullen, the more I got to know her the more I was drawn to her.

"How was your weekend Callie?" Josh asked on Monday morning while we were having lunch.

"Pretty good, went for a ride again." I said, barely able to contain the smile on my face as I remembered the feeling of Alice's arms around my waist.

"With your mystery woman I bet." Laurence said, high-5ing Josh as the blush spread across my cheeks. The boys had seen us once as I rode through town. I refused to tell them Alice's name so they had insisted on the moniker 'mystery woman'.

I was about to respond when the table went quiet, in fact the entire cafeteria became quiet. I turned to follow the line of sight of the other students. When I saw Ness walk into the cafeteria I understood the reaction of my fellow students, the jealousy and arousal that washed around the room like a wave. When Ness met my gaze as she walked over to her usual table, I smiled and waved to her. Behind her I noticed Emmett and Rosalie enter through the doors after her, Emmett with his trademark grin thrown my way and Rosalie, surprisingly a smile instead of a smirk. I was confused as to why I was being given a genuine smile, usually Rosalie was quiet aloof towards me during school.

I was expecting the chatter to rise up again yet the cafeteria stayed silent. Someone was coming into the cafeteria behind them. The anticipation that rippled throughout the student body was palpable and as I glanced a familiar set of golden eyes I understood why.

I was on my feet in an instant, my heart racing, adrenaline pumping, striding over towards the vision standing by the table talking to Ness. Just as I reached my destination she turned around, topaz eyes shining, a smile so beautiful it warmed my very soul, and without think I drew her into my embrace and spun her around.

"Alice" I whispered, holding her close as her laughter filled the air.