This is just a small oneshot from a scene in Hellsing OVA 9. Enjoy, I do not own, etc.

The smell of blood and sweat and sex fills the lavish room, permeating damp silk bedding and soft, bruised skin like a poison.


Trembling pale porcelain hands grip the slick blankets, silver cross still wrapped around a sprained, swollen wrist.

God...I did what I said...I didn't beg for mercy. I never begged for mercy. God...why did you stay silent? Am I not a valiant soul? Am I not worthy of thy aid?

Deep blue eyes filled with tears, body aching, heart aching. His backside was on fire, abused and destroyed, weeping crimson red over quivering, milky thighs.

My dear God...

The boy shook with what first seemed like quiet sobs. As they grew louder, however, it became clear that he was not crying. His voice continued its subtle crescendo, and he shook with mirthless laughter. His eyes were dead and lifeless.

Anger was fire in his veins, destroying everything he was. But, like the phoenix, something even more deadly and powerful rose from the ashes. He held onto this new, feeble strength, determined to nurture it until it grew to consume him.

So this was how it was going to be. God was going to shun him, ignore him, until he did something so incredible in His name that even God himself couldn't ignore him any longer. He would baptise the world in his enemies' blood, shouting God's name to the Heavens. He would make the slaughter his prayer, living each day to fight again. Prayer upon prayer upon glorious prayer, all for his bloodthirsty God.