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Clint Barton x Higurashi Kagome

"Well, isn't this a surprise?"

Blue eyes snapped open, yet the built body she was leaning up against didn't tense at the very familiar voice, 'Don't answer and maybe he'll go away on his own.' Kagome thought, but already knew it was a lost cause.

"Katniss and Legolas getting all cozy now?" Tony Stark smirked, eyeing the master and apprentice that were sitting on a bench in the archery range, obviously taking a break from their training session, "But I can't say I didn't see this coming."

Kagome was about to answer with a retort, but she was surprised when Hawkeye simply wrapped a muscular arm around her shoulders and pulled her in closer to his body, "Don't need you eye-fucking my apprentice now, Stark."

"Is the hawk protecting his chick?" Tony grinned perversely and Kagome threw him a glare, "Don't worry now, I have no intention of stealing the baby from the nest."

"Call me a 'baby' again and I'll shoot you where you stand, Stark," Kagome called out with irritation, "Why are you here? I highly doubt you suddenly want to learn the art of archery."

"Does Natasha approve?" Tony ignored her question, causing her to twitch in annoyance, "I don't want the cute chick to be sniped down from her aerie."

"Natasha is more likely to shoot you down, Stark," Hawkeye lazily answered, smirking when Tony looked a little alarmed at the information, "Of course she's okay with it."

Kagome let a breath, feeling her body relax against Barton's and simply ignored Tony's presence. She knew he had a purpose in coming down to the archery range other just to throw some lewd comments at her.

"Another mission," Tony finally said after Hawkeye stared at him with a raised brow, asking the silent question, "Don't have the details yet, so don't ask."

"Sorry to say training is over, Higurashi," Clint said, leaning down to place a kiss on her forehead while Tony looked on in interest, "It's time to put your skills to the test," He smirked at the cute flush on her face.

'I don't think I'll ever get used to it,' Kagome thought, thinking back to the morning's horoscope that morning, grabbing her bow along with Hawkeye, 'Those horoscopes are better than fortune tellers!'

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