Author's Note: Hi everyone, this story is really special because it is firstly, my comeback in writing fan fiction. Secondly, this story combines Titanic and Twilight (Two of my many favorite things). And thirdly, this story is a special tribute to everyone who perished a hundred years ago on the RMS Titanic's maiden voyage.

**I wrote this story as a one-shot initially because of my awful habit to get tired of a story and give up on it before it is complete but I got poor response. So, I decided to delete the story and repost it in chapters. I worked too hard on this.

Basically, this story is about how Edward and Bella, who come from completely different social statuses, find each other on the Titanic and fall in love despite everything that is attempting to pull them apart. (All Human)

DISCLAIMER: Obviously I don't own Twilight or the basic storyline that is found in James Cameron's 'Titanic'. I have no idea what I own in this story but I obviously own something since I wrote it.

Edward's Point Of View

I stood in front of my suitcase and put my precious sketchbook between my clothes so it would not get damaged. I still could not believe where we were going in a matter of hours. Even though I had never consciously acknowledged it, it was a dream come true. Our family never had much money but we never considered ourselves poor. We had food on our table, a roof over our head, clothes on our backs and most of all, we had each other. We all considered that to be enough. At nineteen, I would do odd jobs around my hometown. I would mow lawns one day, manage the general store the next and help the post office to carry mail once a week. With my income and my father's, who worked as cook in a pub, we managed well enough. But we did just have enough to get by with. I had never been out of my hometown. We just never had the money to do so. And it honestly had never bothered me much until three weeks ago when the possibility of traveling became a reality.

My father was a gambler. He was not addicted, but once a week, he would head to the bar and drink and gamble a little. I did not think highly of this and neither did my mother, until one day.

I remembered it well. I was sitting at the kitchen table sketching my mother, Elizabeth, as she cooked dinner. My father, Edward Senior, burst into the house and yelled for us to come. Dropping everything to see what the matter was, my mother and I ran to him thinking the worst.

"I was at the bar this evening. And I was gambling with some of my friends. And i finally struck us some gold!" My father exclaimed.

"What did you win?" My mother asked cautiously. And she had every right to be suspicious. Men bet everything from their teeth to their daughters.

He rummaged in his briefcase and pulled out a wad of bills. "SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!" He yelled in utter elation.

My mother and I shared similar stunned expressions. We rejoiced and celebrated as a family. My father had brought home wine and we drank with our dinner. A rare treat. The three of us were drunk and happy by the end of the meal. As I fell asleep that night, I wondered what this would mean. We would be able to live better now.

The next morning, we discussed what we would do with the money. Of course, Father surprised us by saying that he wanted to spend the money on something for leisure. My mother and I protested against his decision saying that we could use the money to improve our standards of living but my father was firm.

Two days later, my father came home excitedly again saying that he had just purchased three Third Class passenger tickets for a new luxury cruise liner's maiden voyage. We were going on the RMS Titanic.

Closing my suitcase, I went outside to where my parents were loading my neighbor's car. He had promised to drive us to the dock since we did not own a car. It was one of the few times I had ever ridden in a car and I still felt extremely excited despite my age.

Arriving at the docks was something else completely. The second I laid eyes on the huge ship, I knew my father was right about spending the money on luxury. There were so many people around. Families come to bid their loved ones goodbye, passengers and people just there to see Titanic set sail. There was a hype in the air and all around us was noise. We went through all the basic health checks and ticket verifications and finally, finally we were allowed to step aboard the grand and luxurious ship. The RMS Titanic.

Isabella's Point Of View

I was dressed in my best dress and I was standing in the foyer waiting for my maid, Alice to come downstairs. Father and Mother were giving last minute instructions to the staff and Stefan, our driver, was bringing the car out. Our bags were in the front hall and we were almost ready to leave. My father, one of the people who helped design and plan the ship, had been invited to sail on the RMS Titanic for its maiden voyage and he had decided that he would take us all. We were going to be in the First-Class of course and we had some staff coming along as well. Alice, Rosalie and Kate had been chosen to accompany us.

I spotted Alice coming down the steps just as the doorbell rang. I heard Emmett, our butler, answer the door. A few words were exchanged and then I saw Jacob Black come running into the foyer.

"Jacob!" I exclaimed.

"Hey Bella." he said as he pulled me into a bear hug that lifted me off my feet.

"Jake. My dress." I warned him gently. He chuckled and then released me. Jacob was the son of one of my father's colleagues and we had been the best of friends since we were toddlers.

"I thought you weren't coming?" I asked.

"I had to see my best friend one more time."

"Jake, I'm going away for a month. Not forever." I reminded him. He just smiled. Just then, my parents walked in. They greeted Jacob warmly. They knew we were close friends but I also knew that they had plans for us to get married one day. I knew that they were disappointed that we were not dating yet but I had no intention of dating Jacob, much less marrying him. He was too close a friend.

I heard the door open and then heard Emmett and Stefan bringing our bags to the car. We would be leaving soon.

"We shall just go and check that the right bags go into the car. You two should say goodbye now. We leave in ten minutes." my mother said before taking my father's arm and leading him out. I was glad for the privacy that they were giving us.

"Well, I'll see you in a month then." I tried to sound as cheerful as I could. I was going to miss Jacob terribly. He was the only one who could get me out of this fancy 'princess' world so that I could be a normal girl when everything got to be too much.

"Oh Bells, I'm going to miss you." he sighed as he enveloped me in another hug.

"I love you." I murmured against his chest. I felt him kiss the top of my head before whispering back,

"I love you too Bells." He gently pulled out of the hug as Emmett came in to tell me that it was time to leave.

I sat in the car and with my parents. Jacob was standing in the driveway waving. I waved back as enthusiastically as I could as Stefan drove us further away from home and closer to the magnificent Titanic.

When I first saw Titanic at the dock in all it's glory, I was speechless. It was so beautiful and majestic. Stefan drove us closer to the ship where we would be able to go straight to all the first class passengers.

Once there, I followed my parents as we went to the special first-class entrance. My father saw one of his colleagues and he stopped to introduce us and to talk to him. After a few minutes, we bade him goodbye and then presented our tickets to be verified before we stepped into the glorious and beautiful RMS Titanic.