Spike's still here. I wonder why. I'm sure that he has better things to do than baby-sit a Scooby. But he's here. Even though he's asleep. Huh.

Buffy and Willow left a little while ago, right before Spike came back. They were all "Poor Xander" and "What happened?" before moving straight on to what made them so late. Apparently the new Mr. Big likes ripping the heads off of puppies. Ew. Can certainly see why he/she/it comes first. Puppies of the world beware!

Could hear Spike growling in the background before he just gave up and left the room.


I felt safer with him here than with my friends, a Slayer and a Witch.


Anyways, they're gone and Spike's back and I can't sleep. Again. Maybe the nurse can find me some nice sleeping pills...except for the fact that I am apparently on some kind of suicide watch, yet another thing that my friends didn't seem to pick up on.

Which could be why Spike's still here.

And everything seems to be coming back to that fact.

I stretch and sit up, feeling slightly dizzy as my head tries to get used to not being against the pillow. I must have made some sort of noise cause the next thin I know, Spike is awake and next to me. Gotta love that vamp speed. And hearing. And whatnot.

"Xander? Why are you awake, pet?" Spike actually sounds concerned. And looks concerned. This is interesting.

"That's a very good question," I manage to slur out. Wow, the painkillers must be stronger than normal. "I wanna know why too."

At least, that's what I tried to say.

I don't think Spike completely understood it, but he seems to understand most. Or the gist of it, or something.

"Why don't I call the nurse, and she can give you something to sleep. You shouldn't be awake."

Wow...Spike is concerned....*very* interesting.

I sigh and lean back against the pillows. Spike takes that as a yes and goes to call the nurse.

And then he hovers.


This is certainly a new development.

Since when is Spike concerned?

Since when is....