Cassio gazed forward as he watched his dazzling daughter Rosalind take her afternoon stroll through the back rose gardens. She was the spitting image of the very flower for which she was named with her rosy cheeks, blood red lips, creamy skin and hair blacker than a raven's feathers. She was the fairest maiden he had seen since his friend Desdemona and there would be none more beautiful than either of them. After Cassio up took his new post as general he declared his love and married Bianca. Shortly thereafter the pair had Rosalind and three years later Bianca perished bringing Cassio's son into the world, Toby, but he also passed away less than a year later of illness. Now Rosalind was all Cassio had left and he kept his prized possession close at hand. Cassio loved his daughter with all his heart and wanted to be there for her, from her first steps to her wedding day, which was fast approaching.

At eighteen years old she had been eligible for marriage for several years, but Cassio had been very picky with her suitors, claiming no one would ever be good enough for his angel. So to find better options Cassio accepted the position of lord and the pair had moved to live in the king's court. After two years there Cassio had found much more promising prospects for his daughter to wed and now he had to choose which would be the best suited for his lovely lady. So to see which of the young men she fancied Cassio had decided to invite both of the candidates to the court to see which was better for his son-in-law; Lord Revelin or Lord Claudio.

Cassio rose from his perch in his armchair by the window and began walking casually towards the gardens to introduce his daughter to her possible fiancé.