As the day turned to night and the candles in the castle slowly were blown out Rosalind dressed in a simple snowy white gown, the full skirt and bodice lined with crystals that shimmered in the moonlight. Once she was dressed she made her way out to the garden stealthily so the night guards would not notice her. As she reached the maze Rosalind's footsteps quickened to get to her love faster.

Once she finally reached the fountain they had met at that afternoon she smiled. The rim of the fountain was covered in small candles and red rose petals graced the surface on the water in the fountain. Friar Lawrence stood before the entrance, Peter by his side along with his brother Frederick and his sister Viola on the opposite side, with a bouquet of red roses for her. Rosalind took a deep breath and looked at Peter, his ocean blue meeting her grass green eyes, and she knew she was ready to bind herself to him for eternity.

Cassio had been asleep in his chambers when one of his servants came banging on his door.

"Lord Cassio! Lord Cassio! Your Rosalind is not in bed. I saw her running off to the gardens and followed her and found her with Sir Peter! My lord must awaken at once!" Cassio nearly jumped out of his bed at the ruckus. His Rosalind could not marry Peter! He had not asked Cassio's permission and she was to be promised to another soon. He yanked the wooden door open and ran out to find Peter, sword in hand.

Peter had been wondering leisurely around the gardens with his brother celebrating his new union. The pair were about to go find the ladies when Lord Cassio appeared out of nowhere with a sword appearing very cross. Peter braced himself for a fight should it come down to it as Cassio came ever closer.

"What the devil is going on here?!" Cassio yelled at Peter, his anger on the verge of boiling over.

"My lord…" Peter went to explain, but the trio of men heard the castle crier, Benedick, came forward yelling.

"My lords! My lords! You must all report to the throne room at once! His highness the king discusses matters of war and you are all needed post haste!" Cassio glared at Peter and bellowed,

"Yes, let us see the king and let him know of your treachery!" and Cassio stormed off to the throne room with Peter and Frederick close behind.