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Title: You, Me and India

Summary: Edward Cullen had never dreamed to see his brother's best friend Isabella Swan in India. What's in the store for them?

lvtwilight09~ /u/2372510/


Summary: All you are is mean…I bet you got pushed around. Somebody made you cold. But the cycle ends right now, because you can't lead me downthat road. Someday, I'll be, living in a big ol' city. Someday, I'll be, big enough so you can't hit me, and all you'll ever be is mean.

Kris Mkystich / Mkystich~ /u/2221262/

School Of Mischief

Summary: December Drabble War Entry - Having to maintain the family tradition, Bella starts her two year requirement at the prestigious CV Academy. To the outside world CVA seemed like a socialite high school where students ended up becoming governors, senators, CEOs, lawyers, and doctors, but the students knew there was more to the school then that.

Allienicole16~ /u/599165/allienicole16

Title: Walk of Shame

Summary: Bella does the same thing every Sunday morning. And every morning she always fights with the doorman, screams at the elevator to hurry the hell up and most importantly she ALWAYS sees that hot guy. Not this Sunday, things are about to change.

These three are participating but I don't have a summary for them, sorry: TwiLighT7242, MaxieMoose~ /u/2204623/,Mamasutra ~/u/1861264/?a=b

Cause I'm a freak that can't stand to have odd number of chapters so here's my first one to make it all even like!

Do Over

Chapter 1

"Masen, hurry your ass, we got it!" I jumped up from the nasty couch Jasper and Eric dragged in from the alley a few years ago. We'd been working for a week almost nonstop. It all started with one simple discussion, lots of pot and an episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. That dude can talk about turtle shit and Jasper would buy it. I had to admit, in the beginning I doubted it, but not now, not after all of our progress. I made my way over to the desk Eric, Tyler and Jasper sat at.

"Okay, where do you want me?" I agreed to be the guinea pig. I was the one that had things in my past I needed to change, or rather needed to change for other people. And by other people I mean Isabella. I needed to redirect her path, her destiny and going back in the past to alter events would do that.

E/N: A huge thanks to my team-it takes a village, don't judge- MaggieJMasen, Quiet Drabble and A Jasper For Me! I love you all with all of my heart and would send Rob to be under your tree if I could! Of course I'd be there to share in the fun with you, but you get the idea!