A/N: This is story based on a concept thought up by the author Salus Gem. In her own work she had created a creature known as a Dragonette (a human with the ability to transform into a dragon) and a Dragonette Destined (their mates). I loved Salus Gem's concept so much, I thought I'd try an attempt at writing my own story based on these creatures, with her permission of course. The only thing which Salus Gem does not have which I will be including in my story is mpreg, which is a feature of all my stories so I'mn ot about to stop now!

Warnings: Mpreg, Slash, Creatures, Original Characters paired with main characters, violence, possible angst, D/s

Pairings: (Main) Harry/Theo/OMC/OFC/?

Disclaimer: Anything associated with Harry potter is not mine nor do I recieve payment for the production of this story. The known characters, places and familiar situations in this piece are a product of J K Rowling.

Prologue: An Introduction To The Rest Of Your Life

Harry drew a sharp breath in as he pushed open the curtain that separated him from what could possibly be, the end of his life.

He scraped a shaking hand through ruffled hair badly in need of a cut, his green eyes focused solely on the golden egg that lay like a taunting presence in the middle of what seemed to be an empty field.

But it couldn't possibly be an empty field. No, he could sense her. He could almost hear the shallow puffs of her breath as he took a step forward, and another…

And then, suddenly, there she was. Her head threw back in a triumphant roar as she watched him scatter back, his chest heaving as he stared emerald green eyes into her own golden ones. And she stared back.

Her every sense, every thought was directed at him, around him. Go on, she seemed to dare, her eyes unblinking as he whispered the words that would summon his broom to his side, try to take it.

Harry mounted his broom, his heart beating an insane rhythm against his chest as he took flight, and she followed. Each manoeuvre of his was countered by her, each swipe in the egg's direction easily stopped by a lazy flick of her tail or wing. For a bizarre moment, Harry believed she knew. She knew that this was no egg of hers. She knew that this was a trial for him. She knew his next steps were dependant on her and she relished it as much as a beater relished aiming a bludger at an opposing team. A sadistic enjoyment.

He shook the thoughts from his head as he was chased, his mind spitting fire that he could believe such nonsense, that a dragon would truly be advanced enough to know he rules of the Triwizard tournament. Such a thing would only serve to distract him.

He grasped the egg before the game had even really begun, raising it in the air like he would a snitch, grinning when an answering roar rose up from the crowds. This was where he belonged. He clutched the egg in triumphant hands, his green eyes sliding from where his friends sat in the booths to where the Horntail had landed, her golden eyes locked onto his once more.

Those yellow eyes bore into his own, causing his hands to slack, forcing his magic to the very surface of his skin until it began to itch, to shiver. Panicked, he tried to look away, to shut his eyes, but he was too far gone. Whatever pull the beast had had on him vanished as swiftly as it had come and left his vision dark, spotted and uneven, until he realised that he was falling into unconsciousness and he had dropped from his broom.


"He's waking up!"

"Is he, really? Madam Pomfrey said he'd be out for hours, magical exhaustion. Though how he went and did that to himself, I'll never know. You know, magical exhaustion happens when…"

"'Mione," Harry slurred as he awoke, his vision clearing as he tried to scowl up at the brunette from where he lay in what he presumed was a hospital bed, "I do not need a lecture right now."

"Don't need a lecture! Like bloody hell you don't! Frightened the life out of us, you did, Harry! What the bleedin' hell was all that about?"

Harry turned confused eyes on the redhead the sat on his other side, his slowly clearing vision taking in how pale Ron looked, so pale in fact that each of his freckles was standing out. "Are you talking to me again?"

For a moment Ron looked baffled, his mouth agape as he peered down at the smaller man, before he launched into speech. "Of course I bloody well am! After a stunt like that! 'Tis a wonder you survived on your own for so long, just wait 'till Mum hears about this. Merlin, Harry, as if I could ever abandon you, I was a right idiot I know, Mione's gone and told me but I did try warn you about the dragons, didn't I? Now about this egg…"

Harry let Ron prattle on, smiling softly as the redhead began to list off ideas, only for Hermione to shake her head and explain why, in detail, his idea would not work. Harry lay in the bed, content and willing to forget the strange occurrence that had landed him in the bed in the first place.


A week.

He had precisely a week until the next tournament and he had nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Harry groaned as he pushed books away from himself and crossed his arms before dropping his head against the table with a soft thump, thankful again for the freak occurrence of his magical exhaustion that had healed his vision beyond the need for glasses.

"Are you alright?"

The voice was soft, male but undeniably soft. Had it been any other voice, Harry would not have bothered to respond. This voice, however, was a voice that sparked against the inside of his skull and caused his head to snap up and his green eyes to land on the boy that stood not a foot away from him, a collection of books clutched in his slender arms.

Harry gazed at the snake crest for only a moment before his eyes darted to the stranger's face. He should know this boy, why should he know this boy?

"Theo" Harry said suddenly, frowning as he lingered on the honey-brown shade of Theodore Nott's hair a second longer than necessary. "You're Theo."

The brown eyed boy looked some place between amused and affronted, and settled in the end for a dainty sniff and a raised eyebrow. "I am well aware of who I am and had I known I was talking to Harry Potter, I wouldn't have bothered with the concern."

Harry couldn't help it; he grinned. The snotty attitude was so obviously a front that it bordered on hysterical. A mask. Why would a Slytherin need a mask to be mean? "I do believe you knew it was me all along, Theo."

The brunette shifted, his cheeks pinking under Harry's stare. With a small sneer he turned on his heel and left, darting one last, curious glance at Harry before exiting the Library. Harry stared at the place where he had vanished long after Hermione came down with her own study work, his head tilted as he tried to recall why he had never felt such an interest in such a shy presence before. Any Slytherin who offered concern instead of haughty remarks was a Slytherin he would gladly save.