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Chapter one - the real you

Hermione walked to the Headmaster's office trying to figure out what the boys could have done to get her into trouble. She couldn't think of anything as she walked down the empty halls of Hogwarts. She had been pulled from Professor Snape's class, much to his announce, and told to go to the Headmaster's office by Professor McGonagall who left shortly after the left the class room. She soon arrived at the statue to the Headmaster's office and sighing she called out the password.

"lemon drops" She said then stepped on the steps that appeared in front of her and quickly climbed to the top and knocked on his door.

"Come in" He said.

When she opened the door she saw her parents, Dumbledore, and Sirius Black. "you wanted to see me Headmaster?"

"yes come sit" he said pointing to the only available seat. She sat down "well I think you parents should start"

Her mom and dad looked at her sad. "Hermione, we are not you real parents. Dumbledore gave you to use when you were a baby. He said that if people thought you were a muggle born then you would be safer." Her ad told her.

"Then who are my parents?" She asked confused she looked at Dumbledore but he didn't answer.

"You are my nieces Hermione. Bellatrix is you mother." Sirius said softly.

Hermione shot up "No it cant be," She felt tears in her eyes

"It is Hermione, Bellatrix gave you to Sirius to keep you safe. She knew that the dark lord had some plan for you. They made her suffer under the Curciatus because she would not say where you were. It caused her to become insane. It was the next day that Harry's parents were killed."Dumbledore said

"Why tell me now? Why not as soon as i entered Hogwarts?" She asked

"The dark lord knows you are alive now, He does not know where but he knows you live. You were not safe not knowing. We though we would never have to tell you but with the break out at Azkaban and the dark lord alive we though you should know. You will finish this year as any other. We do not know what will happen next year, but we will keep you safe. I promised Bellatrix." Sirius said

"Fine, but nothing changes. I'm still Hermione Granger and no one else find out." She said

"Fine, now you should return to class." Dumbledore said

"Sir" she said and walked out

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