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Chapter 10 - December 22nd


Santana rolls her eyes as her mother pulls her aside, to check the bandage on her head, for the seventh time in the last couple of hours. She knows that she is just worried about her though so she doesn't say anything about it, merely standing still and allowing her mother to peel the bandage back. She is, however, desperate to tell her mother to back off when the older woman begins checking her arm, it hurts like a bitch at the best of times...it's sheer agony when someone touches it.

"Ma, I'm fine," Santana eventually sighs. "Well, I'm not fine but there's nothing any of us can do about it right now, everyone is waiting for us," she grumbles.

"Okay, sorry," Maribel murmurs, knowing her daughter is right. She gestures for Santana to lead the way outside and follows after her. The rest of their group are huddled outside on the drive way, warily watching their surroundings. Sue isn't anywhere to be seen and that makes Maribel nervous, loose canons need to be watched.

"She's bringing the van around," Sam states, as though reading Maribel's mind.

"The van?"

"Yeah, it's kind small and there's only three seats but we'll all be able to squeeze into the back. It's one of those hippy vans," Sam says with a roll of his eyes. Santana shares an amused glance with Quinn, that's the last kind of vehicle they'd expect the cheerleading coach to have. Maribel shakes her head in disbelief and shoots her daughter a warning glare, she knows exactly what kind of joke is in her daughter's head, and it's not one that she wants to hear. Brittany moves to stand beside her and the woman soothingly rubs her back, she doesn't know what to say to the girl but she can still be there for her. She can't imagine how Brittany must be feeling, it had been hard for her to see the girl's mother as one of the infected so she knows that there are no words strong enough to describe how hard it had been for Brittany.

"Oh my god," Quinn mutters from her place next to her mother, the older Fabray leaning heavily against her. Maribel follows Quinn's gaze and rolls her eyes as she watches the brightly decorated van slowly roll towards them from the garage at the side of the house.

"Is that...a peace sign?" Dave asks in disbelief.

"Wow..." Sam breathes out, "It's...bright," he murmurs, the corner of his mouth quirking upwards in an amused smirk. Even Brittany manages a small smile, Puck doesn't...just continuing to stare at the ground, guilt in his eyes.

"My mom had one of them when I was a kid," Shelby states, "I was conceived in it," she adds to Maribel, ignoring the disgusted and embarrassed groan from Rachel.

"What are you idiots waiting for?" Sue calls out of the window, "get in." Quinn helps her mother into the front passenger seat and turns to Santana, motioning for her to take the other seat. They had agreed that the injured people would get the seats.

"I'm staying in the back with Britt," Santana murmurs, waving her off with her good hand.

"San..you're hurt," Brittany mumbles.

"I'm going in the back with you, I'll feel better with you," Santana replies firmly. She doesn't have to say that she's staying with Brittany to offer some comfort to her fiance, and be there for her, they all know. "Take the seat, Quinn," Santana states, "sit with your mom." Quinn casts an uncertain glance towards Maribel and the older Lopez nods, encouraging her to take the other seat.

"Today would be awesome, Sandbags!" Sue calls out the window, having not heard the conversation.

"She doesn't want the seat, she's going in the back to be with Brittany," Quinn tells Sue quietly as she climbs into the front and sits next to her mother.

"I don't really care," Sue shrugs, "Just get everyone in the back before I leave without them."


Santana groans in pain as the van takes a corner too quickly, her injured arm being jostled as it does and she curses under her breath in spanish. She has her head in Brittany's lap as her fiance leans against the the back of Sue's seat, and Brittany automatically strokes her hair in an attempt to soothe her; being careful not to touch the bandaged area at the top of Santana's head.

"Can't you drive a little more fucking carefully?!" Santana snaps, angrily thumping her good arm on the back of Sue's seat, it had been the third time in the last hour that Sue's driving had caused her some kind of pain.

"Santana, watch your language," Maribel scolds half heartedly, she too wishes Sue would try and be a little more careful when going around corners; they'd already been in one crash and that's more than enough for all of them.

"Calm yourself, melon chest, you were offered one of the seats," Sue retorts and Maribel glares in confused offence.

"What's with all the nicknames?" she asks Shelby quietly, hoping that teaching at the school for a few months would have given the woman some insight.

"Something to do with the surgery Santana got a while back," Shelby murmurs, not really interested in getting involved in that conversation. She doesn't exactly approve of the fact that Maribel would let her teenage daughter, who is still growing, change her body in such a way.

"What surgery?" Maribel asks, noticing that Santana suddenly finds the ceiling of van extremely interesting.

"The boob job," Shelby mutters, surprised to see Maribel's confusion deepen. "She didn't have a boob job?"

"No! There's no chance in hell I would have allowed that," Maribel immediately responds, turning to look over at her injured daughter, seeing the guilt and embarrassment written all over Santana's face.

"The rumour was already going around, I just went along with it," Santana shrugs, glancing up at Brittany and rolling her eyes at the 'I told you so' expression on her face.

"I don't understand you at times, Santana," Maribel states with a furious shake of her head. "That means you can stop with the terrible names now," she adds firmly, directing her angry gaze at Sue, the other woman merely nodding silently. Santana sighs and closes her eyes, hoping that her mother actually has a chance to punish her for all the things she has found out about her recently because, at least then, it will mean they have made it through this alive. It doesn't help that her heart thumps rapidly in her chest every time she feels the van accelerate or turn; half convinced that they will crash again. As she slowly drifts off to sleep, Brittany gently stroking her cheek soothingly, Santana wonders what kind of life they'll have after this. She's have to be dumb to think that they'd be able to just pick up where they left off. Puck had lost his mother and sister, Brittany had lost her mother and most likely her father and sister too. Mike lost Tina, Sam and Dave have no idea where their families are or if they're okay. She's doesn't know if her dad is okay and Rachel has lost her fathers. How could they just continue with their lives after all of that? Will they ever find out what happened to the people that they haven't seen? Where will they finished school or will they even get the chance to finish school?

"Try not to think so much," Brittany murmurs to her, knowing by the frown on Santana's face that she is deep in thought. "Try and sleep, you're exhausted," Brittany whispers, leaning down to gently kiss Santana's brow. Even after all she has been through, and all she has seen, her main concern is Santana, and she knows that the concern is going both ways. She knows Santana almost as much as Santana knows Santana.


The van is quiet and dark. The sun had set a little while ago and so had everyone's hopes of getting there soon. It's clear to anyone who is still awake that Sue has no idea where they are. Not that she'd ever admit that out loud.

"I have no idea where I'm going." Apparently she would.

"Don't you think you should have mentioned that before now?" Puck snaps. "And why the hell are your lights off? Do you want us to crash?!" he demands.

"You're one to talk, Puckerman!" Sue shoots back and Noah instantly recoils. "Sorry," she adds softly.

"It's fine," Noah mutters, surprised that she had even apologised...she must mean it. "You're helping us, I shouldn't be yelling. I'm just, well I'm fucking terrified."

"The lights don't work, I'm surprised it can even drive...the van is so old," Sue admits.

"Well, we're not going to get much further without any lights," Puck states. "We should find somewhere to stop for the night," he adds, watching curiously as Quinn awkwardly climbs into the back, almost standing on Santana. She grimaces and clumsily crawls over to Puck, sending a nervous glance back at Santana, glad to see she is still fast asleep in Brittany's arms. Santana would have kicked her ass if she had stood on her injured arm, even if she is left handed, her right arm would still be able to do some damage.

"Go sit up front, help her navigate," Quinn whispers. Puck nods and carefully edges across the van, climbing into the front seat even more awkwardly than Quinn had.

"We need to find a motel or something. There can't be too many of the infected out here in the middle of nowhere, we should be able to take care of them pretty easily," Puck murmurs to Sue and the woman nods.

"Tell me if you see somewhere."


Mike freezes on the spot when he hears a soft thump, looking around the parking lot of the deserted, run down motel that they had found a few hours ago. He glances across at Karofsky, the bulky young man perching on the roof of the van that is parked as close to their motel room as possible. Dave nods, telling him that he had heard it too. Mike holds his breath when he hears it again, louder this time...closer. He signals to Dave that he's going to check it out, ignoring Dave's gestures for him not to. The last time he had ignored something like this, Tina had ended up trapped in the equipment shed at Mckinley. The memories of what had happened after that haunt his mind as he takes a shaky step forward, gripping one of their guns in his clammy hand.

"Mike!" He ignores Karofksy's furious hiss as he slowly walks forwards, realising that the noise is coming from one of the other rooms. His heart furiously pounds against his rib cage when he hears the noise again, moving a little quicker as he unclips the safety on his gun and holds the weapon out in front of him, preparing himself for what he might find. Mike swallows dryly and leans against the wall of the motel, edging closer to the window of the room as quietly as he can. He can imagine what Tina would be saying to him now. She would be berating him for being so stupid, for risking his life like this. He has to though. Tina has already died because he made a bad decision, he can't allow anyone else to be hurt because he is too scared to do something. He has to do this. Mike's hands shake as he places them on the wall to brace himself while peering into the dirty window. All he can see is the silhouette of a figure. Whoever, or whatever, it is stands still. They need to move so that Mike can work out by they're movements if they are one of the infected or not.

"Move, you asshole," Mike whispers to himself, "move." He tenses when he hears a sudden noise behind him, a show scuffing the ground. Something solid smacks against the base of his skull, his body crumpling beneath him, and his world going black.

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