Chapter One: Celebration.

(Bella's POV)

"Happy Birthday Renesmee!" We all exclaim as she skips down the stairs and sees her birthday surprise. Alice did the decorations (Of course...) but we all helped a tad.

Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Jacob, Seth, Leah, Charlie, Sue and I were all here today on the 11th Of September to celebrate my daughter's 1st Birthday.

Renesmee was beautiful; even though she turned 1 today, she looked almost 5. Her Bronze wispy hair flowed in a twirl down her back, her luscious brown eyes look delighted to see her party.

But today was also sad.

Today we were telling little Nessie that we were moving away from Forks... I have dreaded this moment for 3 months.

"Oh! Thank you!" Nessie exclaims and soon she runs into my arms, so I twirl her around with great happiness. Once I gently put her down, she goes over to the other members of her family in the room.

Firstly Alice. "The decorations are exquisite Aunty Alice!"
"it's all for you little Nessie!"

The decorations are marvellous if I must admit; Alice has transformed the living room on the second floor into a dance club. There is disco lights, all different colours-Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Emerald, Buttercup, Crimson and Sky-then there is a large space of glossy black floor where we lights shine brightly. Then there is a massive pile of neatly wrapped presents.

Esme. "Grandma Esme! I love the decorations! Thank you so much!"
"No Nessie, Thank you! By the way... The blue present is from someone special..."

I'm not even sure who that one is from... But I can't wait to find out, I think sarcastically...

After the other greetings to our other guests...
"Family picture!" Alice trills.
Half of us groan. Including me. I hate pictures but today is an exception. It's Nessie's birthday.

After the grim photo, it's presents...

Nessie receives a ruby necklace from Rose and Emmet, a £50 voucher for her favourite toy shop from Charlie and Sue, a small wooden woven bracelet from Seth and Leah, a full set of EVERYTHING make-up related from Alice and Jaz, 3 tickets to see a ballet in Chicago from Carlisle and Esme, a new winter fur coat from Jacob, the blue present was actually a vine bracelet from Zafrina, our friend from the Amazon who helped us beat the Voltori, and finally 4 plane tickets from Edward and I.

Renesmee is confused when she looks at the tickets.
"What are these?" as she stares at the writing, everybody bites their bottom lips. Soon enough, she looks up with tiny tears in her eyes. "We are going to Brazil."