Epilogue: Life After Sam's Birth.

(Renesmee's POV)

"In third place, we have Katie Lawrence, then in second place we have Maddie Akhurst. Then in first place... It's Sam Black!" Exclaims the judge. I jump up and scream for joy. Then I snog Jacob and I get my camera ready. Sam walks up to the top place on the podium and receives the gold trophy the size of her head. She has a massive pearly white smile on her beautiful face. She then gets handed the microphone.

"Hello, I'm so glad I won! I'd like to thank my adoptive parents, Esme and Carlisle. Then my adoptive siblings, Alice, Jas, Emmett, Rose, Mina, Jordan, Bella, Edward, Jacob and Renesmee. I love them all so much!"

I start crying, my baby girl, up on the podium.

Loads has happened in these last 9 years. Sam has grown up beautifully and loves gymnastics. A lot. She looks 11 and a half when she's only 9. Sparks flew with Mina and Jordan. They got married when Sam was 2 months old, it was funny, I was her bridesmaid and I was holding Sam, the bridesbaby. When Sam was only 4 days old, we found out her power. She can control somebody's mind just by looking straight into their eyes. It's pretty scary really. Your mind goes black and then she shows you whatever she wants to show you. It's scared the fucking life out of me when she first did it. I was rocking her to sleep (yes, she sleeps) and she looked into my eyes and "showed" me her daddy. It was amazing. Our coven is now huge. I mean we're kind of joined with the Denali's. I mean, Jordan and Mina switch from coven and sometimes a few of us will stay with them, or a few of them will stay with us. It's mayhem really.

Sam goes to school, she's 9 but looks 11 and a half. It's quite good because we live in Kentucky at the moment and the school we all go to is huge and Sam is in the lowest year in the school, pretending to be 11. Here Mina, Jacob and me are the ones pretending to be 16, Bella, Edward, Jasper and Alice are pretending to be 17, and Rose, Jordan and Emmett are pretending to be 18.

My girl is... Drop dead gorgeous... Her flowing honey brown hair twirls down her back in loose waves to her waist, her chocolate brown eyes glisten in the sunlight, her lightly tanned olive skin is smooth and pure. She's a little smaller than an average 11 year old and she's very slender and skinny. Sam has grown up with supernaturals. She rides on her daddy all the time and she comes with us to hunt, since she quite enjoys animal blood. Carlisle has estimated she will live for a good few hundred years at least, but maybe not forever. That worries me and Jacob... But none of us are sure yet. We don't think she will phase into a wolf... But you never know.

Life is excellent and I wouldn't change a thing. I just hope the rest of our forever is exactly the same as it is right now.

*•*•*•THE END•*•*•*


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