1. He is so energetic.

Stan's blue eye stared into Kyle's green eyes. One of Kyle's foot was on his face keeping him at a distance. "Dammit Stan I said no" Kyle growled.

Stan had a hand on Kyle's lap keeping one leg down while his other leg down and flat on the bed. His other hand was placed on support, next to Kyle's hip. "Come on Kyle its been so long" Stan nagged. "Just the tip then"

Kyle glared using more energy to try and push Stan away but he seemed hell bound to be an ass. Or more like in his ass!

Kyle groaned. "Stan stop I am tired" Kyle bit his lip hard. Staring blankly at Kyle for a minute Stan slowly grinned at Kyle taking in Kyle's half buttoned shirt and expose pale chest. His eye lowered to Kyle's boxer briefs that expose a little more than expected because Stan had his head between his nose began bleeding.

"Please Kyle I'll even eat you out" Stan pleaded. Kyle froze and for a second Stan thought he had broken through Kyle's barrier until Kyle pushed at him harder.

"You fucking idiot I hate it when you mouth goes there" Kyle growled.

"But ky~" Stan pleaded in a whiney voice. "Fine be a jack ass" Stan pouted and moved away from Kyle who looked happier until Stan surprise attacked him and finally got laid or he raped Kyle. Which ever one was more attractive to their thought.

2. Kyle was forgiving.

Kyle was not pleased at all. He frowned when he saw Stan on the field in school. The football jock also known as his boyfriend not only butt raped him, going in 1. Dry and 2. Without preparing him. But the bastard deemed him fit to go 4 rounds easy.

"So Kyle aren't you going to run" Stan said as he took a seat beside his benched lover.

"Fuck you" Kyle growled angrily at his boyfriend. Shivering slightly due to the cold wind because he wore only a t-shirt and shorts. Feeling too stubborn to wear Stan's jackets and roll up the sleeves like he usually did.

"Do you want my jacket?" Stan asked. He had however already taken it off and had it round Kyle.

"Fuck you" Kyle didn't relinquish the jacket but at least he didn't punch Kyle in the face.

They sat together watching the other track team members run round the track. It wasn't so bad.

That is until...

"Stan" Kyle said breaking the silence with a soft tone.

"Yeah?" Stan replied. He was hoping Kyle would ask for a romantic night with him and Kyle plus a bed making what the sims will call hearts.

"If you try what you did yesterday on me again I will rip off your penis and feed it to you in you soup." Kyle voice was sweet and he had a smile in place but his eyes were dead serious.

3. Kyle had nice hair.

Stan stared through the bathroom at his redhead lover from his position on the bed. Kyle ran hand through his curly hair and frowned.

He started playing with the front hair. He looked more annoyed as he turned to Stan. "Dude didn't I fucking tell you not to get that shit in my hair!"

"Uhhhh..." Stan rose a brow and dodged a shampoo bottle that was thrown aiming for him. He rolled over to Kyle's side of the bed.

"I told you to stop fucking using my shampoo" Kyle glared at him. "The fuck, you used my special conditioner too?! How the fuck will I go to school with the jewfro you bastard?"

"With any consolation you look so adorable" Stan smiled trying to soothe Kyle's anger no such luck. Kyle went to school with his jewfro accompanied by his black eyed boyfriend.

4. Kyle has a nice ass.

"Dudes what are you staring at?" Stan asked as he suddenly cut through the crowd of guys. Kyle was bent over picking up papers. Kyle's amazing ass in the air moving around.

"Dude you are so fucking lucky" Kenny who stood beside him gawking at Kyle as he spoke. "do me a favour Stan please a threesome"

Stan's eyes narrowed and he growled angrily. His hand wrapped around Kenny's neck. "He. Is. Mine!" Stan threw Kenny at the now backed up crowd. The remaining scattered.

"Oh my God I killed Kenny" Stan announced in fake concern and worry. Kyle finally done picking up the papers turned around breathless.

"You bastard" Kyle smiled at Stan when the dark haired jock. Lifted him up to sit on his shoulder. "If you drop me Stan I will kill you."

"I love you Ky" Stan said before putting his boyfriend on the ground but not before kissing him.

"I know" Kyle wasn't looking when Stan turned and glared at what remained of the crowd stalking the kosher ass.

5. Kyle never gets jealous.

Kyle stared from the bleachers, he was staring at Stan as Wendy brushed a hand over his biceps. The head cheerleader had a crush once more on Stan. It irked him to no end.

"Stan your hands are so big" she flirted shamelessly using every excuse in the book to touch HIS boyfriend.

"Uhhh... Yeah..." Stan replied Wendy. He could feel Kyle's glare at him and he could feel Kyle's anger radiating off of him.

"So Stan I heard you are dating Kyle. It isn't true is it?" Wendy asked as she ran a finger down Stan's chest. He sat on the bench resting after the game waiting for Kyle to get him. People where already leaving and he sat there waiting for his congratulatory kiss from Kyle and his sweet kosher ass.

Stan caught her hand "Actually I am and Kyle wouldn't like you doing that to me" Stan said nervously.

"Why? If he is so insecure that he thinks he'd lose you by a little competition it is his problem Stan" Wendy leaned in to kiss him but she felt a hard tug on her hair that pulled her back.

Even as she screamed the pulling continued until she was far away from a nervous looking Stan. "Hi Wendy" Kyle greeted as he let go of her long black hair.

"What the fuck?" She screamed at Kyle and raised a hand to slap him.

"Don't fuck with me Wendy. You think you can try and steal my boyfriend?" Kyle smiled tilting his head to the side. Wendy was a little taller than him but he didn't let it bother him.

"Oh aren't we the little jealous hermaphodite." Wendy smirked at Kyle before laughing. " I had Stan round my little finger. He still wants me and not you"

"Really?" Kyle pulled out scissor. "Well I guess I'll just cut off that pretty black hair of yours. He is mine!" Kyle growled.

Wendy went home half bold, Stan had to pull a struggling Kyle back home.

6. Kyle likes me eating him out

"No" Kyle glared at Stan. "Stan I have told you so many fucking times that you shoving your tongue in there only succeeds in pissing me off." Kyle sighed feeling irritated, he wanted nothing more than for Stan to just stick it in.

Stan looked up from what he was doing to stare blankly at Kyle. "Kyle come on you can't say you don't enjoy me putting my mouth there" his eyes dropping to oogle Kyle every once in a while "fuck Kyle, just... please"

"I don't like it Stan, I get bored when you do it. I am sick of this if your aren't going to fuck me I want to go to bed" Kyle snapped as he held his legs open for Stan.

"But you have such a nice ass Kyle I like eating it out" Stan bit his lip hard as he looked down at Kyle's ass and licked his lips. "Fuck Kyle, can you fucking blame me when you have the nicest ass in the world?"

"Yes I can dammit, just fuck me and stop tongue fucking me" Kyle replied.

"Just two minutes, I'll be done soon then we can fuck" Stan licked his lips once more.

"For fuck's sake!"

7. Kyle doesn't have a period, hence no PMS.

"Stan I am not in the mood. My blood sugar is low and I am fucking tired dude." Kyle wore his glasses in bed. His bedside lamp was on as he read a book.

"But Kyle" Stan began.

"Ugh! Stan shut the fuck up and stop touching me" Kyle glared at Stan's hand that hung loosely on his wrist.

"Okay fine I'll stay on my side" Stan pouted and childishly crossed his arms over his chest.

Kyle didn't look amused but didn't say a word.

"But I notice you get like this every 15th of every month. Maybe you have a man cycle" Stan said as he looked to meet Kyle's eyes.

"How so?" Kyle asked calmly while seething inwardly.

"I mean like a girl PMSing but as a guy. You have a man cycle. On days like this you cannot be persuaded to have sex." Stan added.

"So you are saying I am a girl in other words?" Kyle asked.

"No I'm saying you are on your man cycle"

Stan slept on the couch for a month after that.

8. Kyle has pretty eyes.

Kyle pushed up his glasses up by a single finger. He stared at Kyle for a while just wondering how on earth he got so fucking lucky. He and kyle shared something so special, so fucking amazing...

"You are so hot KY" Stan said from where he sat on the couch next to Kyle.

"Thanks" Kyle replied with slightly flushed cheeks. He focused on his text book in hand ignoring Stan's gawking. Stan licked his lips, he wanted to kiss Kyle so badly.

"Ky" Stan nagged.

"What is it now?" Kyle asked. Stan suddenly thought of Wendy and compared. Kyle was way more pretty even though he had green eyes and not Wendy's bright blue.

"Blue eyes" Stan said still deep in thought.

"What do you mean by that Stan" Kyle shut his book. He gave Stan his full attention.

"No I mean green eyes Kyle" Stan gulped when he saw Stan take off his glasses.

"Who has blue eyes Stan?" Kyle asked.

"Me?" Stan scratched the back of Kyle's head.

"Stan!" Kyle yelled with tear filled eyes "You were thinking of Wendy again weren't you" Kyle stood up and walked back to the bedroom.

"Kyle no. I was just you know comparing you two and you are by far more beautiful than she hopes to ever be" Stan was shocked when Kyle left with his over-night duffle bag.

9. Kyle is jewish and speaks hebrew.

"You fucking fat tub of lard." Kyle growled as he burst through the door of the cafeteria and marched up to Cartman, the fat smirk on Cartman's face annoyed him more.

"Oh my kylie must be on her period" Cartman laughed. "What kylie? Got sand in your v-jay jay?"

"Dammit Cartman I don't have sand in my vigina fat ass" Kyle growled. As he squeezed his hands into fists.

"Oh that's right Stan licked it all out" Cartman laughed. Kyle pulled out a squeezed up piece of paper from his pocket.

He threw it at Cartman's fat head. "Oh so you did see the flyer" Cartman smirked as Kenny took the paper in hand and opened it up to reveal Kyle's head on a female's body. 'Call me' written in bold red letters.

"I had to tell the world the truth kahyle" Cartman smirked.

It was then Kyle blew his cool and attacked Cartman while cursing heavily in Hebrew.

Stan who grew impatient of waiting for Kenny to finish looking at the flyer snatched it. His eyes grew wide and he gasped. Kyle couldn't be a girl he was sure he had touched, sucked and rubbed Kyle's dick.

"No" Stan whispered.

"They'll get over it" Kenny said thinking Stan meant Kyle and Cartman fight or more like Kyle beating Cartman up.

"What do you mean?" Stan asked.

"Unresolved sexual tension" Kenny shrugged. He then proceeded to steal Cartman's food.

"What do you mean sexual tension?" Stan asked.

"Well they obviously want to fuck each other and until they do it will always end up like this." Kenny shrugged his shoulders as he ate up Cartman's food and got up to leave.

"That isn't possible Kyle would never cheat on me" Stan growled.

10. Kyle would never cheat on me.

"That isn't possible Kyle would never cheat on me" Stan growled. He turned to Kyle who was still straddling Cartman. Cartman held unto his hands so he couldn't move.

"jew" Cartman pressed his lips to Kyle's for a minute. Stan was shocked when Kyle kissed back just as hard and then the cafeteria was silent.

Kyle pulled away and wiped him mouth "eww you sick fuck" Kyle pulled away from Cartman and ran out of the room. Stan sat shocked, he felt his heart stop for a moment and his fists tighten.